Tuesday 14 February 2012

Martin Luther King and many other Facebook subjects

  • One of the reasons everyone will fall for the antichrist is because he has already prepared the way. He has used men to create a spiritual vacuum in the West lasting for 200 years. Apart from Martin Luther King's speech, nobody in the West has ever heard Spirit speech, unless they are already in living churches. So having been in leftbrain boxes for all this time, when a spiritual man speaks from his centre, and without any ability to discern anymore what is of God and what is another deity, everyone will be swept up....not least Jews who are still awaiting a Messiah. This is how Stalin took Russia,Hitler Germany,and some antichrist the whole Earth.
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      • Chris Welch Tell you what....for 12 years of my life I was a Methodist,then at 12 and being quite a science fiction buff,I became an atheist. About 10 minutes into Billy Graham I became a Christian. What does that tell you about Methodist churches, atheism ,and Spirit speech? (preaching)
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      • Chris Welch Can you now understand why Rothschild has prevented you ever hearing it?
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  • Unbelieving churchmen, believing evangelicals and charismatics all make the same mistake. They speak Christian things, which are only spiritually discerned into schools, thinking that is evangelism, without doing a thing about the whole system.The whole system is geared spiritually to close schoolchildren off from ever finding the truth, by locking them in their leftbrains and by endlessly rehearsing so called "facts" like the Crusades and Northern ireland, both of which were organised by Luciferians masking as Christians. The first as Templars, the second by controlling the religious Lodges on both sides to stir up hatred.
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  • Why did Rothschild ban preaching from schools? Because the true Divine Seed is communicated through the "folly of preaching". Preaching is using the same surface words as everyone else, but lacing them with Spirit. To an unbeliever who is totally spiritually deaf this is emotion. But emotion can be as dead spiritually as any kind of speech. What isnt preaching is the leftbrain shuffling of parameters that compares one spiritual death with another as in religious studies.
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  • Christianity is a game of Simon says. If someone says anything but it hasn't got the Name of Jesus underlining it, we dont go with it. Where it gets tricky is places like Anglican churches where they "say" it is the Name of Jesus yet disobey everything Jesus says. We don't go with that. Why did an intelligent nation like Germany go with Hitler?Because Hitler used the "comforting authoritarial voice". Unless you're trained in Simon says, you obey, just as everyone today takes the Rothschild BBC as the authoritarial voice when it banishes true Christianity from the airwaves.
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  • Monsanto post below is not at first glance what you think it is...It is a huge list where you can look up everymajor companies links to every one else, and you will begin to understand what individual company members do not know. There are very few who pull everybody's strings.
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  • Chris Welch shared a Page: Abolishing the Federal Reserve.

    Our mission is for this country to once again enjoy unbridled success and prosperity, by utilizing the power of the people to band together and Abolish The Fed!
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  • Real footage of Rothschild estate with the new Temple of Apollo

    Never before seen footage of the Rothchild estate where there is a building designed by the same architect who designed the glass pyramid at the Lovre in Par...
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  • www.youtube.com
    What every priest, pope and pastor doesn't want you to know! www.searchingtogether.org
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  • In what ways are Anglicanism a cult?It is largely "owned " by Freemasonry. It baptises people before they change direction,robbing them of the chance of a believing baptism. It never promotes new birth/passing from death to Life/ receiving of Christ as Lord and Saviour as a one time act as real as one would a marriage ceremony. It never expects the baptism of the Holy Spirit following such a transaction,because cont

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      • Chris Welch there is no such transaction. Its services are not scriptural. They are run by one man who is a salaried hireling, and not by "all those who have a gift to bring by the Holy Spirit". No one ever grows in the Spirit, although some grow in knowledge. Because no one grows in the Spirit, there is no knowledge of three stages of Christian growth as in 1 John 2:12. Instead of obeying scripture,they like King Saul and his "sacrifice" don't just do nothing, but they establish the equivalent of a "sacrifice" by inventing a fairly scriptural liturgy which is a ritual with which to please God. They even include in this ritual the very Spirit template that was given by which people mature in the faith when they have spiritual revelation, namely the Lord's Prayer which is said or lipsynched by rote.
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      • Chris Welch This, as Samuel said to Saul is not what God wants at all. He demands obedience not some kind of substitued sacrifice in its place.
        In Christ there are no priests or vicars as "office", only a Kingdom of priests, which is only activated by a person choosing Jesus as their Lord, and receiving the actual anointing oil of Christ's own priesthood in the baptism in the Spirit. Each ministry that is given by Christ works IN THE CONTEXT of the whole Body building itself by that which every joint supplies. Cults depend on pyramid shapes to maintain themselves. In Anglicanism the pyramid is run by the "elected, freemasonry appointed" Archbishop.In Catholicism, the Pope figurehead is appointed direct through a Freemasonry Cabal in Rome.The True Church has its own Head which is Christ, with whom every believer has to do "from the least to the greatest". The Anglicans call this idealistic, but unless Christ runs things nothing ever happens anyway.
        A UK example of real history is this:

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      • Chris Welch In the 60s there were a small number of evangelicals and fewer charismatic,or Spirit-filled evangelical/denominational people. God sovereignly appointed that Jean Darnall prophecy and raise up a "Festival of Light" lighting all the beacons throughout the country. In the following years God sovereignly brought multitudes to Himself, through existing believers or direct through the pressures of atomic war and strikes and dispute hardships. He sovereignly brought teachers to proclaim the truths of how He wanted His churches run and how those churches were to operate so people would grow at maximum speed. The Light and clarity of this keeps coming even now into the 21st Century.
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      • Chris Welch Most towns throughout Britain have one or two levels of living Church though the wineskins continually change, as to now be almost unrecognisable. This has happened in just 40 years with Christ running things, going from several thousand people to the current hundreds of thousands or millions in these newer templates. The archbishop pyramid, Alpha Courses and teaching about Baptism in the Spirit exluded, has by contrast dwindled hugely in number and been largely portrayed in the media as negative issues to do with Land sales, stocks and share losses,female ministries and sexual orientation. Absolutely without question, without holding any socalled "idealised" view God has shown so clearly that running His own Church His way works, running a cultish human attempt of church not only doesn't work numerically, but brings huge disgrace to the Name of Christ in any nation.
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  • Isaiah 65:1 (Cathy Rheeder) Shows God's bizarre way of working:I was ready to be found by those who didn't seek Me. Jews thought they were well Godded,and God let's Himself be found by pagans,us. Now Christians think they are well Godded, and God's letting Himself be found by more pagans still!! Outrageous! Yes,grace really is!!!

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  • If Anglicanism was really Christianity, and most people love Jesus or the "idea of a being like Jesus", then all of Britain would be Christian after 2000 years. There's your proof right there.

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  • You do all realise you have as much absolute choice in our relation to God as we do crossing the road. There's more or less only one way to do it. Avoid oncoming cars! But the love of God and not the Luciferian version of God which is "Love Me or burn in hell"...His love takes us by the hand in a "safe" universe and says I want you to find out for yourself in a place where you only need to die once..

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      • Chris Welch When the devil went his own way, there was ONLY one Death and it was permanent. This is now called the second death. One Man has tasted death for us so we don't have to...but we still need to learn first hand how to cross the road and that there is Only ONE LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE. Lucifer in his fake portrayal of God and his friendly suggestions wants instead to make us walk out in front of a lorry!
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      • Audrey Chantel Goosen Still need to learn to cross the road. . I like that. .
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      • Chris Welch ‎:-)
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  • When you read Ulysses by James Joyce again,knowing He was not referring to normal Jews, but Caballist Jews, you will now notice how many references are made to their operations. Caballist Jews make sure that any reference to their evil activities are deemed "antiSemitic " by diving for cover amongst normal Jews. But the Bible already frames them thousands of years ahead with"apostate"(Daniel) and "those who say cont.

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      • Chris Welch ‎....Cont. they are Jews but are not. (Revelation). The Holy Spirit means what He writes through man even if theologians scrabble around trying to change it all.
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  • The online anger at denominational and independent churches at the religious abuse perpetrated is incredible. The devil loves this ofcourse, because this was only his religious wing,it diverts people's gaze from the enormity of his whole rape of mankind through"humanism" which is really run by Luciferians who aren't humanist at all

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  • Recognising how much lifetime you have wasted in Anglicanism must be as hard as families now realising they have lost people in useless battles set up between nations by the Illuminati. Orwell couldn't be too clear in his day so his references in 1984 were oblique. But now with "specs" on we can understand what he really meant.

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      • Chris Welch Oh What a Lovely War was also oblique, anything more would not have been permitted. But whether war or religion it is one of the hardest things to do, like rape, face up to abuse.
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      • Chris Welch Religion is the devil's Christian mask. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Living Lord Jesus Christ.
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  • Anglicanism is constructed so that nothing ever changes spiritually. All the hours of wasted effort by paid vicars without realising the very system they are working in resembles trying to fill a bath with the plug still out. Anglicanism is designed NOT TO EVER WORK, where it does, people are cutting corners by obeying the Bible, like getting filled with the Spirit or changing the ministry patterns scripturally.

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  • ‎(Obviously excluding Spirit-filled people here )The reason Anglicans cannot move in the supernatural like the Bible says they are supposed to is because they never nor are encouraged to create the "hearing mechanism" in this verse :Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God. It is impossible to do any Biblical stuff without an "intact hearing mechanism".

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  • The Bible's one weird book. Primarily it's about making a switch of inner seeing but when you start out you haven't even got the inner mechanism to do the switch,so the teaching or Word has to create one in you first."Faith comes by hearing or the "hearing mechanism" but hearing has to come by the Word"

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      • Carol Lucas Winkler If i understand you...and i doubt that i do. Lol!
        I believe the spoken word, or the word God speaks to us is the true word.
        But it must line up with what is already written. Paul said if anyone brings you another gospel not to receive it. We aren't suppose to take an angel of light's word over the gospel.

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      • Chris Welch
        Summat like that!!! Thing is Jesus is still alive and talking. DNA is a fantastic picture to us modern people. The tiniest foetal pole right up to the oldest living person when full grown has the same DNA right through. The Bible's real clever.It has heaven's DNA right through it, which is why the apocryphal books didn't quite make it...well some are stupid...but some are amazingly close. So it's heaven's DNA we are looking for, because Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem doesn't cut it nowadays...Macdonalds has no donkey rail. The Bible is a record of God living His life through key individuals according to the unfolding plan of God. By the Spirit as we read the Bible,Jesus(don't know how He does it quite) He extracts the Kingdom DNA for us and translates it into our 21st century life. Minus donkey rails!

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  • ‎"LOVE"

    What every priest, pope and pastor doesn't want you to know! www.searchingtogether.org

  • Evangelicals do you realise,while you are clobbering the New Age you are smashing the radio as well as the devil's radio programme. Has it not occurred to you that a lot of Jesus parables are about creating this space where the Kingdom is to develop in your soul? That indeed you are not called to stand in the thoroughfare of your brain heaping up proud lists of scriptures and prayers like Gentiles do,but ....cont

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      • Chris Welch instead take them into your inner room and meet with your Dad there in secret. Have you not heard the scripture Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God? If faith came by the Word of God evangelical church services would be really exciting and not just lecture halls. The Word of God has to create this "inner hearing space first", then when it is built we operate in faith as we hear God speak.
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  • You gotta see this Whitney and her mum duetting
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  • http://networkedblogs.com/tROpQ
    the hidden eye of mystery | briancoatneydotcom: 'via Blog this'
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  • A lot of you will like this. And, like meeting in a cafe space like we do with Andre, it's a great lowkey way to start. That's what has happened on facebook. 40 years ago hungry people were doing that in addition to their own churches on Sunday nights...then an apostle passed through on his holidays.He said "Are you a fellowship, or the Church?" So Emsworth was born.God doesn't really do fellowships anymore than Abraham had just a half-sister called Sarah. We ARE Church or we aren't.

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      • Chris Welch that's probably the biggest problem with Full GospelBusinessman's International. It is a fellowship of businessmen who draw in other men, but they are not the same as the Church . For a start, they're all businessmen!
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  • We discover that who we really are in that open space is like-unto-Him, and our compatibility with God is found not only in our academic union, but a living Oneness (Two open hearts, His and yours, connected in Love) Colin Lagerwall
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  • As we are almost there with Rihanna,Madonna and Lady Gaga having a visual altar, where one of them lies on their back and has sex while a child is slaughtered and the rest of the Black Mass is said, do you think there will ever be a point where men and lesbians say..."Enough of this, put your vagina away....I am worshipping Jesus here!" or do you think the pull will always remain? Jus' wonderin'. Nudged by Alina Gabriela
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