Monday 20 February 2012

More on the 3rd level

What is Third level Christianity?
 It is the third and final stage of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ in your form. Your spirit has been saved. Your spirit has grown and bust out into your soul. "As you received Christ as Lord so now walk in Him." "As He is ,so are we in the world". It is Ephesians 6. The reality of Chapters 1-3 have been worked out in your environment chapters 4 and 5, now you're "fully awake", risen from the dead, and you are going into action. Thirdlevel Christianity spells the end of the devil's rule on earth. 
It is another order of Christianity.
It is the Order of Melchizedek with fully grown legs. 
It is the full message of the Cross to bring the obedience of faith to nations. 

It is nation-sized Christianity.

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