Thursday 13 September 2012

Ambition as a godly force.

Ambition? Just reading a bit of CT Studd,Cricketer and Pioneer by Norman P Grubb. He was meticulous,nay scientific in his ambition to be the best cricketer.He was the best all-round cricketer and he and his brothers featured inscribed on the very first urn that held the ashes. We "get" what we go for. When I was 13 I was zapped by the Holy Spirit and took the zap into school, preaching to the whole school. But I could see there was something fundamentally wrong in our 2 level message, that didn't relate to scripture...and the "shelving" of the 3rd feast until after we die or Jesus comes back, rendering Christianity effectively useless on earth, was to me an abomination to the Name that is higher than any other Name.

 Out of my heat, in 85 the Spirit birthed the song "How You bless our lives" and the words "I want to lift your Name even higher." That's been my ambition and God is answering it. The song got into UK Songbooks.

It little matters to me, (as it didn't with CT Studd when he boldly proclaimed over Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade in Congo that it was for the world though only he and a handful were there), that so few understand the things I say.

 A few do. 

A few understand that Jesus is big enough to make His Life work here and now. The others as Paul used to say, are commended because they at least preach Jesus. 

But I preach a Jesus that not only saves, and secondly anoints with power,but thirdly according to Galations 2:20 comes to LIVE OUR LIFE as us NOW. And if that means I have few friends on Earth, then so be it...for this really is the foundation that St Paul was preaching, and it is backed up by the Lord with the Melchizedek order seeming to follow me wherever I go. 

The Name 
that is higher 
than any other Name

When I am in a meeting I expect the Melchizedek order to be there, and if it isn't, Havant Church,Emsworth Church,the Nugues in Normandy,the Franke's in Germany,Exeter University Christian Union who were to make me its President,The President's school in Kenya,my own school and our Amersham Baptist Church (now New Life) can all testify that I will punch holes in religious roofs until the Presence falls. (And when Simon the religious man invited Jesus back to his house, there were so many people ,some friends broke a hole in his roof to let their crippled friend down at the feet of Jesus) .

Ambition breaks through.

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