Tuesday 18 September 2012

The Strong Delusion is Here - but you need the Light to even see it.

Craig Smith : It's here now

Chris Welch : The great hurdle was Christianity. It was too big a jump to go straight to Luciferianism, so Christianity had to be switched off first. The way it was done was very clever. It all started with Rene Descartes who said "I think therefore I am". Two things wrong with that. 1. I am ,whether I think or not. cf. someone with Alzheimers has only lost some parts of his brain.2. Related to that, Descartes's belief was "singlesided"...he couldn't put it into 20th century jargon, but what he meant was "I have a leftbrain frontal cortex, therefore I am." And the whole of our learning pretty well, other than a nod or two in the direction of art, music and religion, has been if I can't approach this in step by step format thinking...I clearly don't exist.

Now Luciferians know we are more than thinking machines, but they don't want anyone else knowing, because they might become troublesome adversaries, rather than willing pawns in their game to use us to make THEM extremely rich and powerful.

Christianity is THE MOST DANGEROUS FORCE, for it says that every individual can become free in themselves through Jesus. The secular gospel says you can only be free through the right political framework...WITH US managing it all.
The danger of Christianity was first perceived in modern times when Luther said "You don't have to go THROUGH anybody. You are a priest in your own right!" This had Huuuuge repercussions as it was, politically,educationally, spiritually. And just the power of the phrase "the just shall live by faith" drove a Reformation in every area of European life.
Well imagine the trouble that Galations 2:20 will cause. We are saying THE KEY...is Jesus Himself living our whole life AS US.
Luciferians last hope, is that having switched off most of the population from ever being able to perceive anything in the spirit..."since , hey, we all live from reason as our final arbiter, don't we Mr Dawkins?"...they have created a people who are DEPENDANT on ideas....ideas that they are told are factual and totally correct. Ever bothering with "faith in God" is utterly old-fashioned.
Except that while they have conditioned people into living this way...we now are accepting godless delusion wholesale. We have to pay them 20% plus of our wages to produce atom bombs and drones, and secret weapons for controlling the world. We have to kill innocent beings, by first telling ourselves they are things...they are foetuses, in other words abortion. Various other "scientific" proofs are given why we have to give up our young at 3 to be indoctrinated by the State, of why 7 and 8 years olds must be bombarded with discos, and sexualised, and told all the facts of life and many more, of why we have to have "bipartite " races for government every four years or so, in case someone actually thinks up a genuine sort of politics which would remove administration out of the hands of the Elite.
It's all been enormously clever. But for one thing. As best as the Elite try to drug us down with lies, and switch off the greater part of our brains, and never use our full potential, the Word says this....
"We hunger and thirst for righteousness."
"We drink at cisterns which hold no water."
"We are desperate to drink from the Water of Life."
It is the real cry of the human heart.
"I cry out for Living water...THEREFORE I AM."

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