Wednesday 19 September 2012

Elaine Waterfield on her second stay in Suna Kenya

Chris Welch talks to Elaine Waterfield about her second stay of several months in Suna Kenya.
They are talking in Chris Welch's house in the UK. (September 19th 2012)
In this second period there have been many stupendous breakthroughs in people's lives.
When God breaks through with Africans....He really breaks through! Listen to this.....and be blessed.
 Cherry Silcox on Facebook
23 July
Cherry Silcox
Everyone!!! look at Elaine Waterfields' profile!!! This is a WOMAN on her OWN doing the WORK of THE LORD in DARKEST AFRICA!!!! she needs YOUR help so she can help the desperate people she ministers to!!


If you are in the UK send money to

Elaine Waterfield

sort code 20 49 11

acc no 73486850

* VIA CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES (UK registered charity 1028509)

If outside the UK and you have a Paypal Account (And if you haven't it's really easy to sign up)
1.Log In to Your Account
2.Press The Second Tab - Send Money email put
4.Put amount in your local money
5. Choose Personal Tab (it's NOT a Purchase) and click on GIFTS. This is a lower rate.

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