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My Transfiguration Experience - Oliver Bob Lagumen

The Unexpected Change - My transfiguration experience (July 13, 1998)
When I was 16 my Father and Mother broke. It touched me very deeply. I was the eldest son but I could not relate to how both of them felt about the situation but I was the most affected of the 3 siblings.

During those days until the age 17, my mom did her best to send me to college to enroll bachelor of Music. The age 16, 17 and 18 were my most intimate days of fellowship with the Lord.

During those years I weep a lot, (had suicidal tendencies as the effect of the broken home), pray a lot and sing to the Lord a lot. There was no one at my side to comfort me with the heartaches. When I reached 18, my dramatic experiences with the Lord began.

I was baptized In the Holy Ghost on my mother's birthday while I was walking on the road from my mother's house towards my uncle's farm (where we use to call it - a place of ministry, though it was Babylon then).

My mother had to ask me to quit school so I stopped because she could not afford the tuition fees anymore. But I started to find my joy in the Lord.

He comforted me from all of my sorrows and sadness. At times, I would see amazing bright lights in the stary nights of heaven while I was praying in the midst of the night.

At another time, I got my first laughter in the Spirit and litterally in stead of stopping me from laughing I felt him hold my side as a father would kid his child that I laughed because it did even hurt my ribs, but I couldnt cease from my great laughter in the Spirit to know that THIS IS THE VERY GOD. In those Days I addressed Jesus as My Father, Lord and God.

This was February 1998. And on July 12, 1998, after days of seeking for wisdom, knowledge and the face of the Lord, even the fear of the Lord with fasting and prayer, I went further to tarry one unexpected night. I prayed for the whole evening, but my prayer was just over my head. I felt like the heavens were like brass and my prayer did not pass the roof top.

I went out the door and walked about 200 meters about 3:00+ or 4:00 in the dawn. There, I cried to the Lord and said, "I am a man of sorrows and aquinted with grief". I am an outcast of the earth, earthly - a scum of the earth. Then I picked up a handful of soil and I threw it away.

Then with that I said, "I AM AN OUTCAST" but Lord in the Midst of this, if I found favor before your sight, please let me hear your voice just this once and then no more for the rest of my life. It would be my greater joy if I know that you are there always at my side.

I told him, "Lord, I know you are watching the world and the whole universe, you never sleep all day and all night but you are watching all of us from heaven. I know Im not the only person in the planet, and neither am I the only creature in the whole universe, but I know that you love me and that you will never forsake me in as much as you have watched every little thing in the universe and give attention to them. Therefore I pray that you will reveal yourself to me. I ask that you will focus on me just this time Lord, Just for a very short time. Just let me hear your voice and it would be enough for me."

Then immediately I could feel a presence so cool, so loving, so close yet invisible. I tried hard to cry but I couldn't cry any longer. Then I could understand his words where I hear no words. I find myself talking but now with a difference because I was made to talk by the directive power of his presence. I find that this is the Lord who even dictates my conscious being what to think and what to talk : ).

So I tried to align my thoughts to THIS PERSON WHOSE PRESENCE IS EVERYWHERE who knows even the inward parts of myself and nothing is hidden from him from my past and at this present time. I felt that this God knows me more than I do. And his presence was everwhere I went that would never let me go. Then he asked me, "What is it that you called me for?" Why did you call for me? I said, Lord, I cant believe it, you are here? You cant be here, this cant be you. But Lord you are here. Lord..., but... I have many problems. He told me to innumerate, and I tried to count with my fingers and none of them came to my remembrance. And then I laughed and said, "You just took them away". How can I count?

And then he laughed at me saying: "I took them all from you because this is what I want you to be". I want you to be happy. I want you to always think of me and to always have faith. And then he asked me, "do you know how much I love you?" I remembered Moses and the big guys whom I admired as well as the prophets and the apostles in Bible days (and I think, could I be counted in that love among them?). Then I said, how much do you love me Lord? And who are you Lord?

He told me: I died on the cross for you. Can you measure the depths of the sea? I said no Lord (and at that moment he showed me the sea). Deeper than that is my Love for you. Can you measure the extent of heaven above? (then he showed me a glimpse of its heights), I said no Lord, he said, higher than that is my Love for you. Can you measure how wide is the universe? (And he showed me a glimpse of the endless universe) I said no Lord, he told me wider than that is my love for you. In all of these questions, he showed me a glimpse of them all - the universe, the sea, and the physical heaven.

And then I said to him, Lord, I can't still believe that this is you. Please take off this unbelief from me. And he knew what I was thinking, and so He told me: "Can the Devil talk to you like this?" Does he have power to do like this kind of fellowship with you? Then I remembered: "The hills melt down as wax at the presence of the Lord". But I did not know what I was talking about. And then I said, please forgive me of my sins Lord Jesus. And then He told me: "As far as from the east is from the west, so have I removed your transgressions from you. And I have forgiven you from your sins. You are clean through the words that I have spoken to you.

So I said to him: "Lord, this is my greatest problem, please take this CARNAL MIND FROM ME." I know you have power to do this. He never answered me at that. And he seemed silent for a moment. (And I could not yet recall what exactly he did tell me at this moment). But there was this great comfort especially when I would like to ask more and more questions they are most readily answered. And then the most amazing thing was the clear remembrance of scripture and especially THE EXPERIENCE OF KNOWING WHAT HE IS ABOUT TO SPEAK AND TO KNOW HOW THAT HE KNOWS WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO SPEAK BEFORE HE OR I COULD EVER FOLLOW TO DISCUSS IN WORDS. I could hear his thoughts in the same way that he hears mine that to speak by the lips becomes a matter of choice because OUR MINDS CAN COMMUNICATE MORE CLEARLY AND MORE UNDERSTANDABLE THAN THE WORDS IN OUR LIPS.

And a greater joy seized me. And I told him, Lord I must go leave now and sleep. I need to rest.

Then the Lord told me, are you sure you want to leave me now? I said, yes Lord. I know you'll gonna be there for me everytime I need you. I believe it. Are you happy then about this? I said, Yes! Is this because you can tell people about this? I said "YES"! So are you happy about this? I said Yes! I feel how that even this Lord was so humble and I was playing a bit with my a little human pride and "WE BOTH KNOW THIS". But I sensed that there was something he had in mind REGARDLESS OF THIS which he has never told me but I can only think that it had to be something greater and very important for him.

Then he told me in what seemed like a very sad tone: "I have something I want to tell you. There are yet so many things I need to discuss with you". But of course, if you wanted to leave, I could bless you and be there beside you and yes you can always call for me and I will answer you. I will bless you and comfort you in times of your troubles and in your time of need. Then I said to Him, Lord I really must go now, I feel sleepy. Its almost day. I must now go. Then he told me, "I still have so many things to show you". But I was already walking towards the house where I was staying (which was the one we used for fellowship) but The Lord stayed behind me. Although He was invisible, I knew he stayed behind me.

Then I heard him within my spirit saying: "Call unto me and I will answer thee, and show thee Great and Mighty things which thou knowest not".

And for the last time I heard the Holy Ghost talk to me saying: "DO YOU REMEMBER THE DIVINE APPOINTMENT?" I said, Yes Lord, I remember. Then I stopped walking and He said, "THIS IS YOUR DIVINE APPOINTMENT!" And I said to myself, if this is the Divine Appointment, I must not miss this. This was the one I read about in Derek Prince's Book on the foundational series. This is the Lord. This is my Divine Appointment! The Spirit bore witness with me that I should not miss this time. So Like John on Patmos who heard the trumpet Voice of God behind himself and turned to see the voice, I TURNED TO MEET MY LORD AND MY GOD.

And having turned, I WAS CHANGED in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, (IN A FLASH) I saw myself clothed in white raiment, shining with brilliance and glory that even my skin was shining with radiance of beauty and I was walking as A NEW MAN with NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and NATURE. I had a beautiful body and travelled at the speed of thought disappearing from once place and appearing in another. And I ran and shouted: "I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE I BELIEVE!" AND EVERYTIME I SHOUT those words, my voice became bigger and bigger, more mature in tone each time they were spoken.

Then immediately, SCALES FELL FROM MY EYES, and I COULD SEE BY THE SPIRIT side by side with the things that I see in the flesh but the things of the flesh becomes less important and my attention shifted to that of the things of God and of the things that matters to God. I touched one of the tress, but I could still touch the tree - IT WAS A YOUNG TREE. And it was a proof that I was still in the flesh. But there was an inner personal force and power and energy greater that seemed to draw my attention (WITH NO SPOKEN WORD) but there was an invitation TO COME IN And it caught my attention again!

And I shouted once more but with a new word saying: "THIS IS THE OPEN DOOR! THIS IS THE OPEN DOOR!" And I was amazed that I could now talk in English in perfect vocabulary where I could hardly do or even think before. But I also remembered my younger brother sleeping at home. But my attention was caught by THE VOICE with no spoken words.

And there was an inner call to enter. And I had not sensed any difficulty to respond to that VOICE WITHIN ME THAT CALLS ME TO COME (But there were no words that can be heard with my natural ears) but There was only AN Irresistible FORCE AND POWER calling me Nearer and I shouted to my brother and told him in the Spirit: "BROTHER, I WILL COME BACK TO YOU, I PROMISE TO RETURN TO YOU, BUT I MUST NOW MEET MY FATHER".

And as soon as I entered in through that INVISIBLE PORTAL IN THE SPIRIT my voice became more mature and mature than the first, more BASS IN TONE THAN THE FIRST - A voice which I have never at any time in my life has ever heard or which can be produced anywhere in the earth. AND AS SOON AS I HAVE CENTERED MY ATTENTION TO HIM WHO WAS CALLING ME, HE WAS THERE ALL AROUND ME AND WITHIN ME AND I SAID: "F-A-T-H-E-R I'M H-O-M-E"! I heard those words coming from my lips so effortless, with THE GREATEST EMOTION AND EXPRESSION OF INTIMACY LIKE I NEVER FELT AND EXPRESSED BEFORE.


I saw glory within myself and without myself which I could not describe in words. And my voice turned to be "LIKE" THE TONE OF THE FATHER'S VOICE and it was as the sound of many waters and I felt so much Love and So much Loved with a kind of Love that is ETERNAL LOVE!

Then I saw many things that happened to myself which mostly I could not remember but one of them was that I SAW MYSELF WEARING THE MANY CROWNS OF A KING IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD and the clearest remembrance I can remember was that I was THE SON OF GOD - as The Only Begotten of the Father, Full of Grace and Truth and Power and So much One with God, So much One with The Father. There was no personage of the Father Nor the Need for the Voice of the Father for He was within me and I was within Him and HIS VOICE WAS WITHIN ME.

There was Power and Great Glory indescribable which I saw within and witout myself. The Mind of That Son, The Vision of that Son, The POWER OF THAT SON and ALL OF THE SON was WITHIN MYSELF! I could feel my presense was everywhere my thoughts would reach or think, whose boundary is only THE REALM OF THE FATHER. Whenever I think of a place, I was at that place. There was nothing which are at the reach of my thoughts that I was not there. I could sense that I have multiple minds all active within me (as strange as it may seem) yet interconnected at the same time. And I felt that I was more than and bigger than my visible glorious expression of the body. I felt, heard and seen myself because I WAS OVER MY BODY IN THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT AS GOD's SON AND WAS ONE WITH THE FATHER WHO WAS WITHIN MY SPIRIT BUT ALSO OVER MY SPIRIT. As the Father is Pleased to reveal Himself to the Son, The Son sees the Father IN THE SPIRIT, and as the Father wills to HIDE HIMSELF FROM THE SON EVEN IN THIS REALM OF THE SPIRIT, THE SON CAN DO NOTHING ON HIS OWN BUT FULLFILL THAT WILL OF THE FATHER IN GREAT JOY AND A GREAT SENSE OF PURPOSE!


I REALIZED HOW BIG AND HOW GREAT THE FATHER WAS! I knew there was A REALM WITHIN HIMSELF AS HIMSELF WHICH WAS SO GREAT AND HE SHOWED ME (WITH NO WORDS) BUT ONLY THE TRANSFERENCE OF HIS MIND INTO MY MIND HOW THAT I WAS BEGOTTEN BY HIM IN THE BEGINNING AND WAS ALWAYS AT HIS SIDE. It was a perfect fellowship and communion with him and I can only glorify HIS NAME. And there was also what seemed like sparks of light going all around my body as a part of my body and so much indiscribable but VERY ACTIVE ENERGY ALL OVER ME. You could feel that you were a LIVING ELECTRICITY WITH ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY IN THE REALM OF THE SON! I can only term it Glory. The colors I can remember are blue, and colors of that which seemed like fire, a blend of Gold and/or yellow and white and many things I can not now remember or describe.

Then I could recall speaking: "FATHER RIGHTEOUS ARE YOUR JUDGEMENTS... AND VERY SIMPLE WORDS LIKE: "BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE HUMBLE AND KIND..., RIGHTEOUS BEYOND COMPARE OMNIPOTENT..., LONG SUFFERING FATHER". And many mysteries (which were not mysteries then) but which mysteries (or simply my inability to remember) I can not now recall. Though I know that was the Holiest of All, I was still further Coming into the Reality of The Realm of THE ULTIMATE POWER OF GOD - HIGHER THAN MYSELF WHO WAS THE MANIFESTATION OR EXPRESSION OF THE POWER AND LIFE AND THE REALITY OF THE SON. I could sense that there was even grander waiting in the purpose of God and Within Himself than who or what I am and I knew that it was THE FATHER.

And though I knew I was eternal and have existed from the beginning before time and have seen how that I was there with him when He Created the universe by the Word of His power. And that we were together at the time of its creation THERE WAS SOMETHING OF HIMSELF THAT MADE ME APPRECIATE HIMSELF SO MUCH THAT IT IS EVEN MORE IRRESISTIBLE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, EVEN MORE IRRESISTIBLE THAN THE REALM OF THE SON, AND THAT REALM IS THE REALM OF THE FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD OF THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD HIMSELF AT THE LEVELS HE CHOOSE TO MANIFEST THAT REALM TO HIS SON. But then suddenly, this realm was opend to me, there was a portal totally incomprehensable to the Son. A portal of Total Union and PERFECT ONENESS OF LIFE and it seemed to mean NO RETURN TO THE FORMER STATE. [And at this writing, my conviction is that THIS IS THE REALM IN HIMSELF TOGETHER WITH ALL THE SAINSTS AND THE SONS OF GOD FROM AGE TO AGE OR EVEN ALL OF THE AGES WHICH IS: "GOD-ALL-IN-ALL" AND that it is only a matter of willingness TO BE SWALLOWED UP OF THIS LIFE IN UNION WITH THE PLEASURE OF THE FATHER'S OWN WILL that we can be given entrance to this great COLLECTIVE REALM OF THE DEITY which is the ORIGIN OF ALL ENERGY, SPIRIT AND MATTER AND ALL CREATION.]

And then all of a sudden, I was reminded of the earth, and for this joy that I have seen within Myself and HIGHER THAN MYSELF for the GREATER GLORY THAT AWAITS - EVEN THE GLORY WHICH IS THAT OF THE FATHER, I PLEADED HIM at the REMEMBRANCE OF THE EARTH SAYING, FATHER, SHOW ME BACK THE VEIL TOWARDS THE EARTH. [And we all know that THE VEIL WAS HIS OWN FLESH - EVEN THE FLESH OF THE SON OF MAN!] I suddenly realized while on earth, how great and how glorious and how high was that power and force and might and energy and strength of the Living God where I was lifted up by the COUNSEL AND PLEASURE OF HIS OWN WILL alone compared to the STATE OF THE EARTH where even the purpose of why I came back or had to come back I could not recall but at this [present time I could not even truly believe 100% wither or not I am a part of this great ministry of the Sons of God but could only sense that at least perhaps this is the will of God that I came down from heaven in order to come back to heaven that just as JESUS SAID, so it might be true for each and everyone: "I GO UNTO THE FATHER". To let it come true or not, only depends on the Father and The Father ALONE! But that ALSO, GOD WILL BRING FORTH HIS MANY SONS UNTO GLORY BY THE MERE SPEAKING OF THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST IN UNION WITH THE HEADSHIP OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST in this life or in the afterlife BECAUE IT IS MY DEEPEST FAITH THAT EVEN THE SONS OF GOD SHALL ALL COME INTO THE UNITY OF THE HEADSHIP OF THE SON OF GOD - EVEN THE HEADSHIP OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST].

And immediately, For a reason that He alone knows, I was lowered back as a human being gradually. It lasted about 20 minutes before the Glory was taken off from my body like a garment that was taken up and you could feel how heavy was its weight but you were enabled to carry such heavy weight of glory until it was gradually taken off from the sole of my feet to the top of my head.

But yet after that I felt THE OVERWHELMING JOY AND SO GREAT EMOTION that I could shout it so loud but because the day was breaking and for the sake of the Neighbors that might hear me, I controlled my voice. But I really did praise HIM FOR THE GREAT GLORY OF JOY THAT FILLS MY HEART. I loved it all. The last thing that was taken from me was the PERFECT VOCABULARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE MYSTERIES OF GOD AND THE AUDIBLE MASCULINE VOCAL SOUND OF THE NEW MAN - Even the Son of Man.

I said before it was taken, and I knew we had an agreement which even that agreement I could hardly remember. But it was a promise of that MAN JESUS CHRIST - THE GLORY WHICH I PUT ON and this man that I am [WHERE THE BORDERLINE OF CONSCIOUS SEPARATION OR LOWERING DOWN IN VIBRATION WAS OBVIOUSLY TAKING PLACE]. It was like something on the concern of overcoming (because you could think multiple things and multiple thoughts at the same time). But if I could remember well what was the last statements I've said which he confirmed, it was something like this: Lord, If my people/brethren and parents/mother and "kins" in the flesh will see me or hear me in this, they will not be convinced that it is I myself because of this power and mind and voice. Please take this from me and restore it back to me at a later time (where there is an opportunity).

And immediately, it was all taken from me and while I spoke in Englesh in the Spirit, I found myself talking in Cebuano in my hearing and I could hardly understand or speak again the English words I just spoke and could even hardly remember the things I just experienced. He took some of the most wonderful recallection of it, but just left within me some evidence that I have indeed seen THE GLORY OF THE LORD within myself and in my outer body.

But I went on with Joy to my mother's house, for I was walking on the Road and it was now around 5:00 in the morning. I waited for around 3 months (or three weeks [I could not remember it well due to short memory]) before telling it to anyone. The first one I told about it was my brother, then my mother. and then relatives and the church.

That time, I wanted to start to write about the experience but I had no vocabulary of the English language nor did I possess any writing skills. I was afraid to mispell my words but more than that, I could not find the words to express or describe the experience in a more understandable way and also found it too many to recall and to write down what I just witnessed and experienced within myself in the Reality of the Realm of the Son of God.

So far dear sister Sharon Healey, Mike Parsons Sr. with  Marrissa Parsons,  Cyril Mcalpin, Andre through Sledge Embassy, Gerri Bolton, Patrick Parisi, Susan Driver Slay, Chris Welch, Cindy Ledford and all of you who are my BEST OF THE BEST OF FRIENDS IN FB, even to my dear sister and mother Sharon Tucker and brother Griff Thompson, this was my experience which influenced me a lot as to why I am all the more convinced about THE POWER OF SONSHIP and the Manifestation of the Sons of God and THE DESTINIY AND MYSTERY OF GOD HIMSELF THAT AWAITS ALL OF US WHICH IS ALL-IN-ALL!

I hope that at least this will give all of you courage in your walk in God seeing that the Day of The Lord is fast approaching dispensationally for mankind. Let us therefore encourage one another to walk in Love, and to comfort each and everyone with this hope.

For he is the rewarder of all them that deligently seek Him. And please pray that the Lord will comfort me from my infirmities and sorrows and that much courage and GRACE with The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation from the Almighty Father will BE GRANTED TO ALL OF US FOR OUR  BUILDING UP INTO THE UNITY OF THE FAITH AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD INTO A PERFECT MANHOOD OF THE HEAD AND BODY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY AND DISPENSATIONALLY.

May this serve as a testimony for the true overcomers in the churches and among the company of the Sons of God.

Know that you are always in my heart together with All saints and especially, Brother Mike Parsons who is a very close friend and a true FB BROTHER but also A HEAVENLY BROTHER.

I declare blessing from Him who sits on the Throne and from the Lamb by the Revelation of His Life through the Unveiling of Jesus Christ with Much Grace and Fullness of Truth. May we all love the GLORIOUS APPEARING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

In His Love,


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Anonymous said...

From my Journal: Tuesday, June 17, 2014: SON OF GOD STATUS:

On April 30th 2014 DADDY God and I were having a conversation, as I had noticed a few things concerning the Body of Christ in the Scriptures:
1. As The New Creation we are the BODY of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12-13, 27; Eph. 4:12)
2. As The New Creation we have the MIND of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16)
3. As The New Creation we are one SPIRIT with The Lord (1 Cor. 6:17)
4. As the New Creation we have been given a new FLESH/NATURE because the old one (satan’s nature) is crucified, died and IS buried. The new FLESH/NATURE, (of CHRIST) is one that rests in Hope. It is also the NATURE of ALMIGHTY GOD. (Ps. 16:9)
5. We are a BRAND NEW CREATION. (2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 6:17) One that NEVER existed before.
Then I heard HIM say to me, “What about Son of God?”
“Huh?” I asked.
“What about Son of God?” He asked again.
“Son of God?” I asked.
He said to me, “Wherever you see a Christian, you also see THE Son of God. Now say it.” I said, “I am The Son of God.” I said this a few times, and then I said, “Lord that sounds like blasphemy.” He said this to me, “The Son of God is ALSO, like the Body of Christ. It is ONE Person, many individuals; together, collectively, the Body of Christ is The Son of God. Individually you are sons of God, collectively you are The Son of God. As the New Creation you are The Son of God and have been given Son of God STATUS.” That I understood!

He went on further to say, “As the New Creation, you are so completely ONE with ME, that all of creation, the weather, the animals, plants, the devil and ALL of his curse, demons, fallen angels, giants, dragons etc., when they see you, they actually see Almighty God. Now you see yourself that way! There is ZERO difference between you as the New Creation, and Me!”

June 9th 2014: The Lord had me put these two Scriptures together, 1 Cor. 6:17 “But the one who joins himself to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT WITH Him.” And in 2 Tim 1:6 it says …”for God did NOT give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind (self-control.)” He said to me, “I have given you MY Spirit. The Spirit in you is My HOLY Spirit. We do NOT have two separate spirits, yours and Mine. But We have ONE Spirit and that ONE Spirit is OUR Holy Spirit. Our Holy Spirit is not a spirit of fear, but of SUPERNATRUAL Love, SUPERNATURAL POWER, & a SUPERNATRUALLY Sound Mind-The Mind of Christ. (Friday, July 25, 2014. I have now come to KNOW that the spirit and the heart is one of the same and therefore when it says we have the same Spirit of God, Which/Who IS The HOLY Spirit, we are also saying we have the SAME HEART of God!)...