Friday 28 September 2012

Through the Eye of the Needle - Frances Ashcroft

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When my kids were much younger, twenty-five years ago
Unemployed, our bills past due, and rent we did owe

During that difficult time a lesson I learned
God will supply all our "needs", when money's not earned

He will not only provide, He'll always exceed
Maybe not all that we "want", but all that we "need"

He just wants us to trust HIM with all of our heart
It's HIS faith He has given, that HE did impart

"Through the eye of the needle", the Lord said we'd go
At that time when He said that, little did I know

The circumstances that HE would bring us through
But, here and now at THIS time, I think that I do

Now, the rest of this poem, to GOD is a prayer
And you may pray in agreement, if you are HIS heir

Life's burdens are easy when we take on YOUR yoke
To YOU and YOU alone, CHRIST, we only invoke

LORD, with YOUR help we'll focus upon YOU our KING
However YOU choose to, GOD, all we need YOU'll bring

Through the eye of the needle, we will enter in
Leaving all else behind us, this race we will win

As we seek first YOUR Kingdom, we let everything go
Then all else shall be added, through Christ it will flow

So, to worry, doubt and fear we will yield no more
You've proven Yourself faithful, always, here-to-fore

We've been taught through past lessons that we've undergone
YOUR Providence in our life, we can depend on

Lord, we ask, take us further than we've ever been
Through the eye of the needle, and then out again

Where covetousness and greed no longer have hold
But to YOU and YOUR Kingdom we are wholly sold

Our life for YOUR Life, Oh God, is quite the exchange
This is something YOUR Spirit can only arrange

Now in one accord, God, we give YOU our will
Trusting that all YOUR purpose in us YOU'll fulfill

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