Tuesday 25 September 2012

Notes on why history is so important

Why is it important to know as much about history as we can?
Because the template of the spirit world, although it always has a different outsides changes not from generation to generation.

Just about the only missing strand missing from the trial of Jesus is drugs...or perhaps there was something we dont know about.

Britain has been built on the slave trade and the drug trade...and Royalty were right in the thick of it. One of the first uses of Kew Gardens was to develop opium production.
But just about all the other forms of manipulation on all levels were all part of Jesus trial.

Tavistock and the military, particularly military intelligence and mind control come up again and again.

Rothschild it seems is , by virtue of Satanic ritual and rape, the relation of all manner of key figures.

Tavistock seemed to have spawned Stalin and Hitler. And elsewhere I read Pol Pot. and Mao and Lenin were all trained by a related course (somehow Rothschild linked) in Paris.

This is why the same blueprint of horrendous terror emerges when dictators take over. It's basically the same plan repeated over and over again....so with the changing of American Laws by stealth today , plus FEMA camps plus enormous passenger trains being built we can know that everything is going in only one direction.

Tavistock were behind Woodstock being flooded with LSD. And the police forces were instructed to arrest nobody...this ofcourse was so a whole generation could be hooked on LSD. The other thing was that the Peace Mov't and some of the hippy philosophies had to be quickly broken before they sabotaged the Pyramids of control being set up to establish NWO.

EMI Studios isn't what we think. It was a centre of military communications equipment until Bankers saw that a new market could be developed>>>the Teenager....us...for profit...and also as leverage for controlling attitudes and overturning long established structures barricading international takeover. The Beatles actually weren't quite the success story we were told. rent a crowd was used in the beginning to kickstart their careers into stellar stardom(if you can have stellar stardom).

Why drugs. Why music?
For establishing control overtly and subliminally. How?
By rewarding and promoting everyone that was moving in a rebellious direction.
Who was Ken Kesey?
of One flew over the Cuckoos nest?
In some way involved with the Tavistock mindcontrol programme alongside Timothy Leary.
It was Ken Kesey who was commissioned to hand out all the free drugs at Woodstock.

The spirit world has a department that pushes drugs and drink.(Made sure Noah got drunk in the OT)
Why...cos they want us to have a good time?
Addictions and drugs lead to possession. Possession leads to control. The control leads to people being compromised and twisted into world takeover by demonic spirits. etc etc.

The more we discern this stuff from the past...the more we recognise the patterns recurring in different formats....and the quicker we can recognise traits such as
spirit manipulation through "comedy" like Family Guy....which is introducing my Ben to every form of
perversion sexually and drug use and total cynicism about anything to do with Jesus. I tell you Family Guy American Dad and South park are vicious....and way stronger than Simpsons...but even Simpsons has become a lot harder in the episodes in recent years. The attacks on minds are relentless.END

Some notes on modern medecine's ties with "unhealthy" influences.........
The Hitler / Pharma connection in G. Edward Griffin's"World Without Cancer"
  The book is divided into two parts, and in the second half of the book, Griffin goes on to reveal some disturbing information about an international drug cartel that came into being in the years before World War II that he says played a significant role in shaping the field of medicine in this country. This powerful cartel was cr
eated, Griffin argues, when I.G. Farben, a German-based chemical company and financial backer of Adolf Hitler, joined together with Standard Oil of New Jersey, founded by American business tycoon John D. Rockefeller, in an agreement not to compete. The partnership was largely concealed, since neither company wanted their countries to know about the relationship in the event of an inevitable second world war. In a lecture, Griffin once referred to the Farben-Rockefeller merger as "the largest and most powerful cartel the world has ever known, even though most people have never heard about it."

And so the extremely influential Rockefeller came to be interlocked with the drug industry, and under the guise of philanthropy, began donating large sums of money to America's faltering medical schools. Of course, the catch was that such schools were told the money had to be used for drug research, which would create a great profit for Rockefeller interests. In their time of need, medical schools readily complied. "When they accepted the money, they had to follow the dollar, and they designed their curricula so it favors pharmacy (and) pharmaceutical drugs," says Griffin.

This effectively gave birth to the conventional medical care system we know today, which is based almost entirely on prescription drugs and knows little to nothing about basic nutrition. "The medical schools of the United States now teach the students everything there is to know about their product, which is drugs," Griffin says, "And so [doctors] come out as highly trained drug salesmen, and they don't even know it!"

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/012923.html#ixzz27WMMmNXq

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