Tuesday 30 October 2012

Agape is a verb

Elaine came over tonight just before she goes back to Kenya. We talked about how professionals were trying to advise her the other day. Interesting how charity has gone from being agape, to a noun meaning something similar to a corporation or board. Even my African friend who thinks in terms of people being born again then when it comes to church is all about board meetings...allbeit his board mee
tings resemble worship gatherings. i say cut out the middleman....ie the boards. We're at this thorny stage all over the world, where everything God has ever done so far has been able to be mimicked, so we have a corporation package for missionary work and founding churches. Thorny, because...up until 2012 the independent self question has never ever been faced in a corporate setting. So the independent self has been co-managing churches,co-managing charities, quietly acquiescing to Rothschild Freemasonic or Round Table input and now ofcourse comes the divide of history. Nothing is ever going to be the same again.Up until now, we didn't know what was going wrong. We knew our collander had holes, we just didn't know where and why. Now we do. So what are charities and churches going to do?
Well the jury's out. Watch closely.

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