Friday 5 October 2012

Bosham Inn of the Vintage Inn Group

The Bosham Inn is where I do some cleaning work before I get into any of my own self employed work. This provides a basic income when nothing else is going on.

Any gleam or shine that is going on,if the floors don't have old bits of food,if the  restrooms look clean, smell fresh, if the bar tops reflect and the brasswork looks good.....this is down to Jackie and I, the two current cleaners who work there.
Bosham Inn is part of Mitchells and Butlers Vintage Inn Group. It is every bit of what it intends to be....a place filled with old English character where you go not only to have a drink and a great meal, but also just to relax and if you want, watch the TV in the lounge bar area. 

Let's have a look at some of how the vibe is created. The pictures today particularly reflect their "winter look". In the summer much of the eating and drinking is going on at the outside tables in the sunshine.
All kinds of interesting decor and objects make for a lovely intimate surround.

See, the brass I've shined up this morning is a bit too much for my mobile Blackberry Curve camera.
This area of the restaurant looks out onto the sunshine trap that is the conservatory area
It's midday and the bar area is still lit with candles and modern discreet overhead lighting.

The bar top and table areas are polished by us daily.
The fires provide a great focus for the eye and are wonderful on a cold autumn and winter day. Jackie and I are reclaiming the brasses which had become quite tarnished. This morning I was resurrecting some of the brass window lamps.

The middle bar area is actually a great place to gather if you are a business team looking to relax or have an informal discussion or meeting area
We are also responsible for weekly polishing of every single leather surface and all the old wooden chairbacks.
What's fascinating about maintaining a Vintage Inn vibe is that whereas the Parent Company are well able to afford new sets of furniture every few years, the whole point of a Vintage Inn is that it contains vintage antique looking surrounds. Customers like some of the uneven floorboard surfaces, such that you have to place coasters underneath some of the table legs, that the chairs are not all uniform even though their fabric is pretty uniform, that some of the tables have lost their french polish. And the whole thing is choice. If you don't like those chairs and tables you may choose ones that are still highly polished. The restaurant seats 240 and as of today's date there are still 40  places available for Christmas Day Meal.
Mitchells and Butlers/Vintage Inns and Bosham Inn have nothing to do with this blog nor any of my personal beliefs.

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