Saturday 6 October 2012

Earth is splitting into Two.

Earth is splitting in described in Isaiah 60..".Behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the peoples, but upon you a light shall shine."

There are two deity spirits by which we live, one a false deity,but for human purposes a deity none the less, and the One True God of Gods.

 Everything since the Fall has been kept at one remove to give people a proper chance to choose. When things seemed to be going in one direction too fast....the unifying of man in the fallen spirit rising up at Babel, God split all the nations so the enemy's power would be dissipated. But at the end of the age people are being drawn to one of their two deities....with less of the remove.

In other words, as we commune with these deities only in their realm, we are being drawn into spirit. Either towards the single eye of the pyramid, which is Horus or Lucifer, or towards the Light who is known properly only in the Spirit of the Lord, in the Secret Place of the Most High Psalm 91. So people have no choice.....the world IS GOING spirit. The only choice is Spirit of the Living God or the habitation of demons.

The thirdlevel church is a separated church, getting caught up with God in the heavenlies.

In 1 John 2 we see how a believer as an individual grows. There are three distinct phases.
But in the Spirit this also births three distinct brands of church also.
The first brand of church teaches around the first area of 1 John 2....forgiveness through the Blood shed by Jesus.This is broadly, evangelicalism.

The next brand of churches represented by all pentecostal and charismatic independent churches minister in the first area to do with the Holy Spirit, roughly equating with the Holy Place in the tabernacle, and equating with Christians growing up in the faith as "young men" (both genders ofcourse).....where people commit themselves to the battle of faith against the Evil One...but as John says...all the while knowing he is already a defeated foe.

The third and last brand of churches operate in this thirdlevel understanding of Fusion and Union with God...and specifically coming home to the Father.

So while the world are coming home to their father...and some are actively working towards this according to their doctrine of 1000 points of light*L*... this will usher in the Antichrist in some manifest form. But the church are coming home to their Daddy....and celebrating the Holy of Holies as never before....entering into what John calls "knowing (a sexual union word) Him who is from the beginning". This knowing relationship is giving birth to children born in this understanding.....the very Manchild prophesied in Revelation 12.

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