Thursday 25 October 2012

Thoughts on the Vision of the Church as Daniel Garcia goes to glory

Pastor Daniel Garcia who has died this week
On hearing of the death of Norita's brother Daniel Garcia (Main pastor of Los Rios de Vida, Buenos Aires and in all the other states of Argentina)and reading one of his last requests that people continue to spend long together praising and worshipping the Lord, and to not neglect the gathering together of believers my thoughts are this.
Ed Miller,Jorge Pradas and Daniel pushed open the doors of praise and worship as a pattern in the local congregation maybe more than any other series of churches on earth. But I am resolved that this is NOT sufficient. Often content to stay in the outer realms of the holy place in order to prepare for listening to preaching, may the next generation really become the advanced corps prophesied in Psalm 110 and Psalm 24. In Psalm 134 also we are shown what a huge role we have, and again in Psalm 149. We have to be expert in what up to now we are still playing with. The Melchizedek Order is where Jesus Christ rules and reigns. He has pulled down any separation at all, having His flesh torn as the veil which kept us from approaching God's throne.
He has, in these last days through decades of seeking God revealed through his servant Norman Grubb, a missionary for around 70 plus years, the exact blueprint of how Galations 2:20 works on an individual life, but as yet NO CONGREGATION ANYWHERE ON THIS EARTH has worked out this third level of operation on a corporate scale, the level of "KNOWING HIM WHO IS FROM THE BEGINNING" described in 1 John 2. This is the realm the elders before the throne operate in. But Jesus specifically told us to pray this prayer. "THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN." and again the apostle writes " AS HE IS , SO ARE WE IN THE EARTH." What this looks like in corporate form, projecting as Ern Baxter prophesied " the Community of the Trinity out from the Throne into a community of people in a space time world" we have as yet no firm idea. We have proved what it doesn't look like by creating networks of churches run by men at the top of pyramids, and have blocked the specific injunction of the New Covenant: They shall all know Me from the least to the greatest. Instead these networks have all put out their prophets, have not advanced in their doctrines and revelation, and have not pursued the worship of God into the third level, first opened recently by Ed Miller and attended to by national revival in Argentina as a sign following.
Ed Miller has proved the Third level exists.
Jorge Pradas and Daniel have proved there is such a thing as the vision of the local church.
Norman Grubb has explained how we may walk continually in this third level of knowing Christ as consciousness on an individual level.
The Psalms of Ascents (Ps120-134) however, describe a corporate rising into the Presence of God that is completely without historical precedent, yet it  takes place at a time of NIGHT in the Earth.
Isaiah 60 declares that this Darkness will cover the earth, and it describes this Darkness as GROSS Darkness. Yet at such a time shall a LIGHT ARISE on the people of God that is equally unprecedented. It is the Light of the Son of God, this time manifest incarnationally not only through the Head who is Jesus, but through His entire Body, of whom it says , He is not ashamed to call them brethren. The Son of Man shall arise suddenly, like lightning in the Earth, and it is said by Jesus of this "Son of Man "the angels of God ascend and descend upon Him."
For the rest of the church this is far fetched, but both Ed Miller's churches and JorgePradas's churches have already experienced angels among them. The foretastes of Jesus singing amongst His brethren in the congregation have already been indescribable, but this was among a people that do not yet know the third level apart from the briefest glimpses. Praise, worship and the Presence of God among a people who know Galations 2:20 as consciousness, will release a realm of Power and Glory no man can at this point fully realise, but is described obliquely in Psalm 134 when it says the saints shall BLESS THE EARTH OUT OF ZION. Earth sized blessings shall be released by such a people.

The throwing out of people such as myself and many many others.
The reluctance to press through to any kind of maturity as promised in scripture.
The Lacklustre worship of the one for whom are all jewels, riches,skills, knowledge,praise, love, adoration even our Bridegroom who honours us above all other possessions...
ALL THIS HAS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY, and simply yielding in obedience to the One who loves us, He will simply amaze us by what He can reproduce in our flesh and blood. He was , is and will always remain glorious and without parallel.
Norita his brother had written on FB
We arrived today at Heathrow airport and as we were waiting for our suitcases we received the message saying that my dear brother and pastor Daniel Garcia passed away last night. It was too late for me to go back to Argentina but as we came back home we joined with our sons, other brothers and sisters that came to greet us to give thanks for his life of sacrifice and complete surrender, together t

o his dear wife Nelly, other servants of God such as Papi and other contemporaries in the work of His kingdom.

We are rejoicing now that he is resting from his tireless work for the beloved church of the Lord. Even though he was still sick, his spirit was intact in the Lord and he was continually thinking about the Church. I heard him say a few things only weeks before passing away that will stick with me: “care for the God’s church, take care of the brothers” and also: “In the church meetings, do not rush the times of praise and worship”. Then he added: 'Don’t stop going to church”.

He was a tireless fighter, so much so that he entered with marks into the Promised Land. He recognised his mistakes but deeply trusted in the Lord his God. He dedicated time to the study of the Word and to prayer. The Word of God has been extremely important in his life of faith. Crystal clear waters from the throne of the Lord. The Lord increased those who live out and bring the Word of the Lord clearly to the lives of its people.

I always remember one of his favourite passages:

'but the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which is on the rise until the day is perfect' Proverbs 4: 18
 Hoy llegamos al aeropuerto de Londres y estabamos esperando las valijas cuando recibimos el mensaje que mi querido hermano y pastor habia partido para estar con el Señor a las 8 de la noche del dia de ayer. Era muy tarde para volver a Argentina pero al volver a casa pudimos dar gracias por su vida de sacrificio y entrega junto a su querida esposa Nelly y a sievos de Dios como papi y sus companiero
s de la obra. Estamos gozosos de saber que ahora el esta descansando de su infatigable trabajo para la amada iglesia del Señor. aun enfermo su espiritu estaba intacto en el Senior y pensando en la iglesia. Una de estas ultimas semanas el dijo entre otras cosas: "Cuiden a la iglesia del Señor, cuiden a los hermanos" y otra vez: "los cultos deben tomar su tiempo en la alabanza y adoracion". Luego aniadio: "No dejen de ir a los cultos". El fue un luchador infatigable, que aun con marcas entro en la tierra prometida. Reconocia sus errores pero confiaba ampliamente en Dios su Senior. Tomaba tiempo en el estudio de la palabra y en oracion. La palabra de Dios ha sido sumamente importante en su vida de fe. Aguas cristalinas el trono del Señor. Que el Señor aumente aquellos que viven y traen la palabra del Senior claramente a la vidas de su pueblo. Siempre recuerdo uno de sus pasajes favoritos:"Mas la senda de los justos es como la luz de la aurora, que va en aumento hasta que el dia es perfecto" proverbios 4: 18

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