Friday 26 October 2012

More NOW Exhortations - Cherrie Fore Ball

Cherrie Fore Ball "I am moving in the earth, Children. I am moving in the heavens. I ammoving even in the bowels of the earth. For I am bringing great change.
I am bringing a great delight, even for you this night. For I am opening even My Chambers unto you. Step into My Chambers, for they are new. I have created them for you, and I am drawing you into the folds of My Garment. I want you to seek Me more. For as you do, My Life will pour, and I will unfold My Garment even more. For I have Chambers in store that I have desired to open and pour. But I have waited until My People would seek for more. For I do not give the precious to those that are not sincere. But I do give it to those that will draw near."

"The Changes I bring, will be in full swing by Spring, for you are in My Momentum. You are in the Cresting of My Wave. For I am moving quickly to heal, to deliver, and to save. I am moving in a great movement in the earth. Let My Chambers give birth! Open yourself to Me completely, and hold nothing in reserve! Abandon yourself to My will, and see the things that will come still, for I have Treasures for you. I have Treasures in the heavens. I have treasures in the earth, and I even have Treasures in the bowels of the earth, and as I shake all three, even the Treasures will come forth quickly, because I held them for this hour."

"Do not be moved by the shaking, but run to Me in this hour, for I am shaking My Glory in you. I am shaking My Glory through you. I am shaking My Glory out of you. I am shaking My Glory all around you, and I will shake, and shake, and shake, until everything is as I desire to make!
For I am King, and I am changing everything! Rejoice in this day, Children, for I am coming in a stronger way, and I will show My Hand to you everyday, and you will laugh, and leap, and play in My Glory each day! For I have a Rest and a Liberty for you, that will refresh you, and strengthen you, and heal you, as you come into My Chambers with Me! You will move with great, great Liberty!"

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