Monday 29 October 2012

On what authority do you speak?

The internet is full of these authoratative sounding guys. Carlos Iggy Shelton lampoons a lot of them. This one is called Phil Johnson and I believe pushes John Macarthur materials. John is probably a better man to listen to, but listen carefully in the Spirit as you do.

People like Phil don't have a real ministry themselves, they exist in the shadow of others some who they perceives as good, some as bad. They are little more than encylopaedias reporting on all the commonly held views about all and sundry. After 6-10 of similar blogsites, you can strongly be tempted to walk into the nearest bar and get drunk, thinking that God isn't real at all.

Praise God He is real. He speaks to our hearts, not just Phil Johnson's leftbrain, and God's Promise remains : He DOES send the Comforter to lead us into all truth. But you notice God never promised to lead our leftbrains into all truth first, which is the approach of Johnson, and this behaviour resembles a badly brought up kid shouting at his parents, demanding they behave exactly in the way and manner that he sees fit to be brought up. God doesn't ofcourse. He knows what each of us need and in what sequence. He has 9 Names of God, 7 spirits, 12 tribes worth of material, 4 completely different apostle's gospels....and a humongous load of revelation throughout all the letters and the rest of the Bible. It's too much for any leftbrain schooled in Rothschild designed education as we all in the West have received, so the first thing God does is to shift us sideways first in to Proverbs other words that we NOLONGER rely on our insight...but first and above all TRUST IN THE LORD with all our heart.

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