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Briars 5 - Infrastructure

 by Fritz Springmeier from his Facebook Page.

ORDER OF THE QUEST: How the Illuminati preserves the continuity of their plans over several generations, & implements them so they seem the natural course of events rather than a contrived script. Members of the Order of the Quest, such as Benj. Franklin, can be prominent men w/ other organizational roles.

JASON SOCIETY, KEEPERS OF THE DAWN, ORDER OF THE GARTER. I don’t know how many organizations are subsets of the Order of the Quest. Just as several groups keep order: Interpol, FBI, State Police, county sheriffs, likewise, there are several groups (or perhaps in some cases one group with several names) that work to maintain the continuity of the Illuminati plans, esp. the Great Plan (i.e. the New World Order & its One World government). The Order of the Quest is the group that is assigned the preservation of the Great Plan, but the Jason Society, the Keepers of the Dawn, and the Order of the Garter are all also involved in preserving & implementing Illuminati plans, as well as delegating roles and parts to play in the steps to various organizations, insuring the means are at hand, that the hierarchy and the wider network are properly motivated to implement it and that there is a consensus and clarity of what is being created. The Theosophical Society (evolved from Lucifer Trust) also gives us a deeper view by their teaching that the Great Plan is being implemented by the Sons of God of the Bible [fallen angels of GEN 6:2]. Within the hierarchy, the view is maintained that aliens are working with them to implement the agenda.

POLICY PROCESS. The policy process begins with a long range target event. With that preconceived end task in mind, studies are implemented in academia and the Illuminati’s policy planning groups (for instance in America these incl. CFR, TC, Brookings Inst., Business Roundtable, Amer. Enterprise Inst., Population Council, Resources for the Future, & Urban Inst.). Groups that do research along with the Policy Planning Groups but functionally are underneath the policy planning groups incl. the Rand Corporation, the Stanford Research Inst., and the Hudson Inst.. The initial research is funded through the universities & the foundations. The goal is to produce tomes of difficult to read research that supports the implementation of the end task. After the initial 10 to 15 years of research, people in the news media, academia, and the political process take note of the findings of the all this research and begin putting forth what appear to be well founded calls for the implementation of said task. Next comes the meetings of the CFR and the Bilderbergers (and other meetings) where consensuses are created among the attendees, so that everyone feels part of the final decision to be implemented. By now, the length of time from the beginning research may be 25 years. Lawmakers, seemingly following the skilled studied advice of specialist experts, enact legislation & pronouncements in line with the long range target event, which finally upfolds as if it happened naturally. What are unseen are the subtle manipulations of opinions by the use of money & mind control. After certain ways of thinking are established, peer pressure can also be applied to maintain politically correct views (or even blackmail).

POLICY PROCESS TEMPLATE REPLICATED. The same policy process we have here is implemented in other nations with various names. The equivalent of the CFR in England is the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, aka Chatham House), and Germany had the Institut fuer Auswaertige Politik. Today the European equivalents to our CFR policy planning group are under the umbrella organization of EPIN (Euro. Policy Inst. Network) in Brussels, whose slogan is “Networking the Future of Europe”.

EPIN, it now has 41 member think tanks & policy institutes: 1. Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels (steering committee), 2. CLINGENDAEL - Netherlands Institute of International Relations, The Hague (steering committee), 3. ELCANO - Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Madrid (steering committee), 4. European Institute of Romania, Bucharest (steering committee), 5. SIEPS - Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, Stockholm (steering committee), 6. Austrian Institute for International Affairs (OIIP) Vienna, 7. Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) Barcelona, 8.Carnegie Europe, Brussels, 9. Centre for European Affairs (CEA) Bratislava, 10. Centre for Economic and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) Istanbul, 11. Centre for European Reform (CER) London, 12. Centre for Liberal Strategies (CLS) Sofia, 13. Centre for Public Policy (PROVIDUS) Riga, 14. Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) Copenhagen, 15. demosEUROPA, Warsaw, 16. Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (EVI) Tallinn, 17. European Institute, Sofia, 18. Finnish Institute of International Affairs (UPI) Helsinki, 19. French Institute of International Relations (aka in fr. as l’Institut francais des relations internationales (IFRI) offices in Paris/Brussels, 20. German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) Berlin, 21. German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) Berlin, 22. Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) Athens, 23. Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, Budapest, 24. Institute for European Policy (EUROPEUM) Prague, 25. Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) Dublin, 26. Institute of International Relations (IIR) Prague, 27. Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) Warsaw, 28. Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) Rome, 29. Latvian Institute for International Affairs (LIIA) Riga, 30. Macedonian Centre for European Training (MCET) Skopje, 31. Notre Europe, Paris, 32.Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) Warsaw, 33. Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) Athens, 34. Royal Institute for International Relations (EGMONT) Brussels, 35. Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) Bratislava , 36. Think Tank EUROPA, Copenhagen, 37. University of Copenhagen – Centre for European Politics (CEP) Copenhagen, 38. University of Iceland – Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies (IIA/CSSS) Reykjavik, 39. University of Ljubljana – Centre of International Relations (CIR) Ljubljana, 40. University of Nicosia – Cyprus Centre for European and International Affairs (CCEIA) Nicosia, 41. University of Vilnius – Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences (IIRPS) Vilnius.

ILLUMINATI POLICY PLANNING GROUPS IN RUSSIA. All of the groups to be mentioned are HQed in Moscow. The first is the Council on Foreign & Defense Policy (CFDP), which was est. in Feb. 1992. CFDP’s Chrmn. of the Presidium is Sergey Karaganov (bn. 1952), who is also a mmbr. of the U.S. Trilateral Commission (since ’81), and on an advisory council of Amer.’s CFR from ’95-2005. Karaganov is said to be one of the most brilliant men in the public eye. The CFDP is very influential w/ the Russian govt. and maintains contact with people in the West & western NGOs. The next Illum. policy group in Moscow is the Carnegie Moscow Centre Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It was est. in 1993 as a branch of the CEIP in Wash. D.C. The Moscow branch publishes about 30 free titles per year. After being directed during its first years by non-Westerns, it got its first Russian director in 2008 in the person of Dmitri Trenin (bn. 1955) who worked once for NATO as well as being a mmber of London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies. Trenin’s Russian military career began as an officer cadet in ’72, & ended in ’93 when he retired as a colonel and got on staff with the Moscow branch of the CEIP. He got a history degree, & spent ’93-’94 in Brussels as a visiting professor. He writes editorials that are published in the western Press like the NY Times (for instance, NYT 6/17/’02). The East West Institute, est. in ’80, is a global think tank with offices in NYC, Brussels & Moscow. The next & last think tank to mention may not be connected to the Illum., yet it is certainly is worthwhile to mention…it’s the Centre For Political Technologies (CPT) which is tasked with managing Russia’s image worldwide. They are essentially a NGO salesperson for Russia’ reputation, w/ a permanent staff of 70, in 13 dept.s, & others hired as needed.

HISTORICAL EXAMPLES. Examples from history of long range Illuminati plans incl.: Manifest destiny, the Suez & Panama canals, a central bank for the U.S. controlled by the Illuminati (the Federal Reserve), & WW 1. (The Illum.’s Carnegie Endowment for International Peace secretly directed Pres. Wilson to prolong WW 1.) A recent example of how one can view history unfolding in a predictable sequence is the transformation from Gorbachev’s USSR to Putin’s Russia. In ’92, I went to the local Lewis & Clark college to listen to 2 Russian professors describe Russia’s current situation. They titled their talks “The New World Order”. The gist of their talks was this: Russia, after discarding communism, had fallen in economic distress that compared to the German Weimar Republic after WW 1. Just as Germany (disillusioned with the democracy of the Weimar Republic) had sought a strong leader like Hitler to save them, likewise the Russian people would naturally seek a Hitler-like figure to restore Russia. This Hitler-like Russian strongman would lead things into a New World Order, hence the title to their talks. So we can see that already in 1992, the stage was set for a “natural progression” towards a Putin-type figure. Putin was not a public figure in 1992, but he was being groomed already for the role he was to play as the future leader of Russia.

Switching to another historical example, in 1853, Japan began planning & gearing up to attack and expel the Americans out to an extended buffer zone around Japan proper. In the event, they were not able to implement this until 1941, almost 90 yrs. later. Their attack was a subplot of a larger agenda to create WW 2. Amer. economic pressure on Japan in the late ‘30’s, their reaction to our eco. embargo of ’41 with an attack on Pearl Harbor, and our decl. of war all looked like necessary steps to each side. This is how the controllers’ understanding of human nature is used to create scenarios where the reactions of people are predictable. It would take an extremely spiritual person to step above the attack on Pearl Harbor and find a peaceful alternative.

EXAMPLES OF 5-10-20 YEAR PLANS. Eyewitnesses to Illuminati meetings (coven & military) have independently spoken about how the plans they heard explained were broken down into increments, 40 yr. plans, 20 yr. plans, 5 yr. plans, etc. Similar to this are written records of Communist parties & the Mafia making similar incremental plans. Both communism & the Costa Nostra crime families are connected to the Illum., so this is circumstantial evidence that the Mafia & Communist countries’ incremental planning techniques are a reflection of the more powerful organization behind them.

SUPPRESSION OF WILD CARDS. Now it is probably clearer why so much effort is taken to suppress “technology ahead of its time”. Fine-tuned adjustments are always to be expected to any plan. Running the world on a script with an agenda is a complex balancing act. It also explains the need for large intelligence gathering organizations & the widespread detailed control.

SUMMARY. This has been an expose of the Illum.’s Order of the Quest & affiliated groups. It has covered their policy process in the U.S., Europe & Russia, and listed the groups involved. It has also described how 5-10-15-20-& 40 yr. plans are created, and why the controllers like to stabilize global change by suppressing technology “ahead of its time”.


Below is a tiny excerpt of an article illustrating the emerging policy of breaking up the age old sovereignty and value systems of the United Kingdom by immigration. As stated above this is way down the policy chain already by the time it reaches Government memorandums and policies.
"So what can we deduce from all this? Mr Neather later withdrew some of his remarks but examination of the texts shows that he had, in fact, blurted out the truth.

It seems there was a project led by Downing Street political advisers to introduce
a secret policy of mass immigration.

Their economic arguments surfaced in an obscure research document but the social objective of greatly increased diversity was entirely suppressed for fear of public reaction – especially from the white working class.

These are the very people who are now paying the price for a decade of Labour deception. What the Government now fears is that they will take their revenge on election day."

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