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I am or not I am. Roel Velema and Chris Welch Title - Not to Be or Not to be

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Roel Velema
“I died, yet I live”
by Roel Velema

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me …” (Gal. 2:20).

“I died, yet I live.” Have we grasped that by revelation? As long as we say that we are perfect in Christ, but not yet in ourselves, we have not seen it. When we think that justification is a fact and sanctification a process, we have not comprehended it. When we still distinguish between position and experience, between state and style, we have not understood it. When we think that union leaves us to be irresponsible persons, we still have a way to go. When we think that Galatians 2:20 will make us better followers of Jesus Christ, we’re wrong, because this verse shows there is no dualism in union life, no urge to walk in His steps. Union links us to His responsibility, which is nothing less than our response to His ability.

“I died, yet I live” brings uttermost joy, both in the dying as in the living. I dead person cannot be an initiator. We never are called to be initiators, but responsers to His faith. We are TWO AS ONE, ‘I am’ and ‘I AM’ are ONE. ‘I am’ will never be the ‘I AM’, because the creature will never become the Creator. TWO AS ONE points to the joining in resurrection and ascension of two persons as ONE to the fullness of the I AM. I never heard this message preached in the organized church, so I guess Paul would shake his head about the spiritual state among Christians so close to the return of the Lord. Jesus said: “I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find THE FAITH on earth?” (Luke 18:8). Which faith? “… THE FAITH of the son of God …” (Gal. 2:20). The way the Greek text of Luke 18:8 is worded, demands a negative answer, a No. So, be sure to respond to the longing of the Lord to be among those who hold tightly to the truth that “I died, yet I live.” That will be an outstanding day in your life.

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Chris Welch
I am the whole thing you are the branches in the whole thing.....John 15

So yes sure we can say I AM in branch form.
Secondly He initiates as me, again in my form.
How that actually works is "I see" or "hear" inwardly as Psalm 123, a servant or waiter looking to a Master...and I can only do what I see Him operating. Or...I can only do what I have faith for....and I can only have faith for the YES, and Amen that He speaks into my inner being.

The me that died is spirit. The me that lives is spirit. The me that masquerades as a separate me is soul- powered soul. The devil's one claim to me is the amount I believe in the self-powered soul as a reality in itself.
Can I break in here to hammer something, having read this the next day.........
There is what the devil says is true....which isn't , it's a lie
And there is what is actually true.
The lie is not that we haven't a soul. The lie is that it powers iteself. That it's a soulpowered soul or selfpowered soul.  "And you shall be like god....knowing ( facts) good and evil." It's the invention of a separate middleman position. But the whole middleman thing is a lie because we just transferred to be powered (unknowingly) by Darkness. The devil has invented this illusion of being absolutely free....but in actuality he is the puppetmaster....because man is a vessel, a container for one one of two deity spirits....the usurping ruler of this world or for the TRUE RULER....the earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof, 24.

The circumcision of the Word in Hebrews 4 is a piercing to the division of soul and spirit. I used to think, as everyone did, that the soul bit was a real person. It never was real....and that is the delusion God slices away at. A separate me from God's own life.

The way back to life is in these things....
Proverbs 3.5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart....I am affirming that the Lord is the fountain and issue of life in my heart
I am not relying on my insight....which ever since Adam and Eve's eyes were "opened"....has seen a bogus double vision....and so by returning to my inner centre I return to seeing God seeing the One life going on.
By acknowledging Him in all my ways, I am taking this consciousness out of Christian meetings and special times of prayer...into everything I am.

Wait on the Lord and you shall renew your strength....and rise up like eagles....

Wait means the same in Hebrew as the Greek of "hidden" in my life is hidden with Christ in God.

When we start out we are screwing up our imagining to try and focus on some me that is in the heavenly places.

But the heavenly places are everywhere....and certainly in my spirit.

Hidden and wait in both languages means
to wrap up together like rope
to intertwine
to interlace

Probably one of the odder God experiences for me after the amazing stuff that used to happen in Emsworth meetings.....was when some of us obeyed the call to seek Him.

I made a personal commitment to wake up at 5 am....stagger down to the barn....which was our community meeting room and still hadn't been properly carpeted....can't remember whether new concrete or the old dusty rubbish concrete with cracks in...

And God said...shut up. Don't pray. Just wait.
Quite often I dozed...but not always.

It had to be one of the most frustrating things to have to do. because I mostly didn't "think" I was getting anything at all. This wasn't about Him giving me a revelation or anything new....It felt to me absolutelly purposeless.....bu t somehow you know in your centre that God is telling you to do something.

Firstly I'll say what I think was going on secondly the effect.
Jesus says....Go into your inner room, shut your door and meet with your father in secret. Shutting your door is cutting the umbelical cord to the bondage to your leftbrain. I was brought up by physics teachers and had 11 A's at school by 12 years of age. it's a wonder I was ever baptised in the Spirit I was so leftbrain.

The leftbrain is a tool but it is a demonic taskmaster.Madame Guyon also talks about this process.

One effect was a completely new authority when I prophesied. Many said it was like hearing a prophet in the Bible. The second effect was my Romans 7 struggle went into hyperspace. At the time nobody in the charismatic movement made the link and just regards you as a castoff. We know now we have to be accelerated as if in a spiritual particle accelerator to even make it through the next stage of being desperate enough to find out the real truth behind everything.

God says in Amos...."Seek Me and live."

The one at our inner centre is God. The authority He has in us is simply frightening. We are used to living in a secular bubble where nothing much happens and anything that does is caused by our physical mittens...our hands.

Now Buddhists are doing the same type of thing, but with Satan or the delusion of his bogus separate life, at their core. They say to blank your mind.

When I shut up. When I didn't pray...I was still reaching , focussing on the One True God in Jesus Christ. I wasn't blank ready for any demonic principality or Master to take me over.

Buddhism is the secular substitute for the arena of the prophetic, and spiritual power occupied by the people of God in the Bible, but not in today's churches, which is why people go elsewhere.

When we speak from our inner centre.
When we speak what we "see God doing"...or see what IS NOW in the FEELS like it us initiating...but that is because we KNOW OUR UNION....we know that apart from Him we are nothing, but He that is in us as us is MIGHTY. What we speak happens.
At which point we become really very very careful with our words.

The Christ who lives in us is a complete UNION with our spirit...
It is I, but it is Him in my branch form.
Like Michaelangelo sculpting...he had to find the angel in the rock.
We have to spiritually go through the process of finding this inner spiritual man who is not of this creation. HE IS THE SON OF MAN.
The LAST ADAM. The Adam OMEGA version. The Kingdom Come down from heaven.
And it is THIS MAN who is connected to every other branch form of Himself. But He is NOT conncted to any remaining delusion in me or any other person from Genesis 3.

Christ me is already connected with Christ Ken Dahl
The Christ Me that is intertwined and interlaced is already connected with the Christ Daniel Yordy....but it isn't at all interlaced with any of the human traditions of his Mennonite forebears.
Christ me is One with Christ Francois and Christ Lydia DuToit but He is not one with any of the gospel restrictions that they place on the entire workings of the Heavenly Tabernacle as described according to the writer of Hebrews.
Christ Me is perfectly One with Christ Pastpat Bwayo but He isn't one with the forgetfulness of the callings of God upon Israel, the true Israel in the later part of Ezekiel 28.
Christ me is perfectly one with Penny Kanefield but He is not one with any of the human traditions that Christ Penny is not doing to do with Israel

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