Sunday 12 October 2014

The Revival Cycle

Facebook 11-12/10/2014

Chris Welch
Here's the problem with the third level.

It's not first or secondlevel.
Well that's helpful Chris!!!

Everything up until this point has been within the confines of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The first and secondlevels are still like young birds in the nest. The first Tree is where we find ourselves by default.
When we want to learn something we buy a book. We switch on TV. Now we google it. We go to university and do a course on it.
By the secondlevel things have got a bit more fluid so we go to charismatic conferences. We attach ourselves to apostles or leaders who seem to know a bit.
All operations are still organised, allbeit intermingled with more prayer.
To some little bird in a nest the whole concept of some mother bird moving in three dimensions is totally incomprehensible. What it DOES understand is when it's mother comes back now and again with a worm. Yup. it understands that bit of the third level. YUM.
So we have a growing dilemma. A shrinking nest perched precariously on a tree which simply is not big enough to house fullgrown birds. And then there's the other problem. Predators. each individual bird has to be able to stand up for itself, find its food raise its own families AND keep out of the way of predators.
So here's the dilemma!

Now Ed discovered when you take a local church right through (the cycle) the inevitable fall a nuclear revival

How do you get a first or secondlevel bird with only an understanding of YUM and moving in two dimensions round a nest, into a fully fledged, thirdlevel grown up, fully able to move in three dimensions and sort out its own life.
Now here's the thing. You're the mum. And mums are nice. Mums are loving. Mums paid a huge price to bear the offspring, protect the offspring, keep the offspring warm and feed the offspring....the word commitment doesn't even cover it.
So as David Attenborough will tell you, the mother bird continues to teach the little birds with a blackboard and chalk and like Francois and Lydia Du Toit speak very nicely and encouragingly to the little birds....
Well actually that wasn't in my Attenborough Living World DVD...
Most unlike the Dutoit's.
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"Mum's Central Heating Programme is about to end it's Cycle"

John Fina Paul Truth! That is exactly what happened in my life. The third level, which is total surrender to Jesus, is begun by Him by throwing us into the deep end The work of the cross is a beautiful thing! To experientially know Him, which is the third level, we...See More
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Tunji Ayoade Fine distinction with the Du toit Mirror
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Chris Welch The Mirror is a fantastic Labour and really is the revelation we need to carry us all the way from Romans 1 right into our new identity in 6. But it is in chapter 7 we get the reverse X-Ray that scares the living daylights out of us.....were those days not shortened none of us would experience Christ as us at all.....we'd be dead or in some asylum. Many regard us as such anyway. It's not the mirror I have problems's ministries that stop in Romans 6. The church now needs people that are all the way through and can lead others through. Ed Miller of the first to do this on a church scale. Norman had the understanding and articulation like.few others on planet earth but not the gifting nor Spirit technology to take a Spirit filled church through. I wish I knew Witness Lee but his recordings are being used on Premier Christian radio around London.....maybe as a veteran of communist prisons the sheer Grace on his life gets him through the English doors....what Ed Miller showed his that if you actually take a local church through the Feast of Tabernacles as a Spirit eventually get to the Feast of Outpouring of water.....which actually is how the church began in Acts 2.

Churches should make love more and be in first love with their Master and they'd see more babies!!!

The Jerusalem Gates again,,,,,
Acts 2 began a fresh cycle for the 3000 but for the disciples themselves it was the culmination of a whole Passover Pentecost tabernacles cycle in the Spirit over three years with their Master. Now Ed discovered when you take a local church right through the inevitable fall a nuclear revival when you hit the Feast of the outpouring of water. This lovely stage in the Spirit is both Gate no.9 or the Eastern welcoming gate to.a whole new set of believers....but for the believers themselves it's like the first three gates all at once in their experience gate one is the sheep Gate. Both forgiveness of the Lamb slain and discipleship. It is gate 2 the fish Gate(evangelism burst) cos they are busy gabbing about their own new resurrection life and it is gate 3 the Old Gate because the gate no 9 people are instructing them in the old solid truths of who God is and who Man is etc beginning a new cycle.. Ed proved that because after he had triggered the 1950s Argentine revival he went on to trigger one every decade of his life. So this is why St Paul wrote good to outsiders so that in the day of God's power they will understand.....and the seed of kindness is already laid. He spoke of the day of God's power as a certainty in the Spirit cycle. Today because were lucky to even get any of the first gates laid in the Spirit by anybody revival is still this very random and iffy occurrence......a bit like some marriages and babies !!!! Churches should make love more and be in first love with their Master and they'd see more babies!!!

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