Thursday 16 October 2014

Up a Gear in Music

In this Facebook Note I could highlight any number of us. For example a friend of mine here on Hayling Island, called Tim Elwell. Or myself. But I feel to say something about Jim.
Jim is no different but has been passing through excessive difficulties including losing the stream of income from his wife, when she was made redundant last Friday.  If any of you want to be blessed by some piano music download SOLO PIANO today from here

I bought it the week I heard about it, and one of my favorites is Bozeman Waltz. I began making enquiries as to how to bring Jim over for slots in the Proms in the Albert Hall, and in the case of Boseman Waltz to combine it with a cameo appearance from Strictly Ballroom which is another BBC programme.

There is some prophetic material below about music, 
but I want you to be aware that there is an attack on music and we are all the causers of it, so this is particularly a case where we cannot point to an external enemy.  I do believe the enemy is behind it, but he is using everybody.
Never has music been so ubiquitous.
But never has music been so controlled.
Never has someone else's music been free for the consumer.
Many musicians from the last generation, cannot afford to use their skills. I speak of myself. I have a classical guitar diploma. I speak of Marcus Roberts who together with Dave Fellingham have produced many songs sung here and abroad in the churches. Marcus and I both became piano tuners. Dave himself is not now as famous as Lou Fellingham his daughter in law and the band Phatfish
James May who could have been a concert pianist became a Top Gear Presenter.
Teaching instruments in the west is fast becoming a thing of the past.
In 2000 some 3000 violins were leant out by Hampshire Schools Music across the county for tuition. Only 8 years later the figure was 800 violins.
Kids don't learn instruments, they play console games.
Youtube is full of videos about the Illuminati effect. The various restrictions placed upon artists that really want to sell lots of their material.
Robin Harfouche is on one of my blog posts discussing the hoops.

This is what I believe is happening. In the same way that the devil using abortion to kill off as many as he can of the appointed sons and daughters of the Kingdom who are destined to send him off the earth, one of the big tools of the future church is music.
How do I know?Because for nearly 40 years I have been involved in the future of the earth. The Tabernacle of David.
Even more than in the Pentecostal Movement, through the ministries of R.Edward Miller, and many who he has taught, like Bible temple and Mike Herron, and Judson Cornwall, and all the early Praise Series of Albums, music has been starting to unfold in both a straight worship context and also more particularly since the 80s  in Argentina and Emsworth, as a soaking medium, or an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit reprogrammes His people from the insides.  But for this the requirements are steep.
In the Old Testament in Chronicles the criteria for worship musicians were threefold. 1. Over 30 2. skilled in music 3. skilled in the Word.
Add to those criteria some new ones:
Age now becomes: Are you a thirdleveller according to 1 John 2?   Jesus was a thirdleveller by the age of 30, that is, He was a Father in the Spirit.
Secondly the new church doesn't have pastor CEOs in the old sense, but it has elders who rule in the Spirit. And their rule "fixes" the flow of the Melchizedek order through the whole Body. Think of them "keying" the heavenly wifi in a building.
Thirdly, the musician will be familiar with things that started to happen with the first generation, like Merva    and Merla Watson in the Fountain Trust Meetings, namely healings presented themselves quite frequently. In the last 10 years Josh Mills the keyboard player has regularly experienced the supernatural while playing.

THE CHURCH IS CROSSING A LINE IN THE SPIRIT between being totally leftbrain locked, to being balanced,  WORD AND SPIRIT.  Critics  like John Macarthur have looked at the first steps of the charismatic toddlers in worship and are desiring to pan the whole thing. While mature people in Christ CAN SEE that many are being sucked right off into a New Age  fluffiness, at least some allowance has to be made for thousands and thousands of leftbrain locked individuals taking their initial steps at freeflow in the Spirit, and I think John, some allowance needs to be made after 200 years of controlled Luciferian Enlightenment education. The way my wife describes it is like the first time you try to water a hanging basket after you come back from holiday. Most of the water tips straight off!!!! It takes repeated soakings before any water actually goes through the surface of the parched topsoil.
The truth is....thousands upon thousands of people have no clue how to enjoy and move in the freeflow of the Holy Spirit, so particularly during the early stages of suck it and see, they are vulnerable.
John Macarthur needs to take extreme care that he not turn out like Sanballat and the others in Nehemiah and Ezra when the early returnees from Babylon were trying to " repair the breach and raise up the former devastations."

It's NOT THAT GOD HAS FINISHED WITH's that He is RESEATING IT ON THE CORRECT HOLIEST PLACE FOUNDATIONS....the throne of God...Psalm 91....Christ IN US the HOPE OF GLORY....the third stage of growth in 1 John 2.

This prophecy dates from 1989 and was one of the very few written prophecies, as opposed to the more usual spoken prophecies given in meetings. It contains some aspects which blend with the writings in the previous post.

Prophecy - with special reference to Singers and Musicians

I have opened a new door in Heaven. The way to this door is very difficult .It is difficult because of the pride of man.
But in fact it is a very simple way.
A way of faith. A way of humility.

This door is deceptively unimpressive, but in truth it is a door to great Things.
Great powers.
Great movings and stirrings of My Spirit.
As always,the singers and musicians go ahead, and their song becomes a 'way' for many to follow.

Many great individuals, (great because of My workings in them, not because anything was in any way special about them) have found their way through this door in this century. They have been responsible for great outbreaks of My Spirit over cities and lands.

They have, at times, almost singlehandedly - held the enemy at bay as he sought to prevent the outpourings of the Spirit
over the last thirty years - the very outpourings in which you yourselves were bom of My Spirit.

You need to acknowledge their work in your heart.

But, I say I open a new door, I do a new thing, in that I now call a corporate people into this place.

You enter as individuals. But you enter corporately.
Now is My time for this.

 Many will resist this move, saying that it is not necessary. They say "It has not yet been necessary, so why should it now be necessary?" But I say to you, while you were playing as children in the other place, these former individuals were baring their very breasts to the enemy, unsure of their own lives, as if giving their lifeblood, and in some cases they actually did, in order to protect you while you were still children.

The time has now come for you to grow up, to take your place, to find your life by losing it for the sake of others.
You speak of weapons now • • • but in reality, these are as but toys compared to the forces and powers I will unleash among a mature people.

Many have grown discouraged during these years of training. Many have hardened their hearts. But the scripture is true which says. Wait upon The Lord.
My word remains true.
My promises remain true.

You should fear lest you run ahead of me, lest you build what I am not building. For I build swiftly and well. My work will arise amidst your works and yours will splinter like matchsticks in front of thesolidity of My work. When I build, people stand and stare, dumbstruck.

Fear, lest you too be ashamed.

The song of My Spirit is a mighty song. You will feel the surging awesome power of My Spirit arise when there is no song. When your song has long been exhausted then I will sing.

The dance of My Spirit is a mighty dance. You will feel the surging awesome power of My Spirit rise when there is no dance. When your dancing has long been exhausted, then I will dance.

As in the Feast of Tabernacles, the Great Day of the Feast of which it is said "He who has not seen the rejoicing of the pouring out of the water, has not seen rejoicing in all his life" so shall there be a dance among men, the likes of which all history has not seen.

Chris Welch 1989

Doug Addison   - I have published several prophetic words recently stating that God is releasing a new sound from Heaven.
Many have been searching for it wondering if it is a certain type of musical instruments or style. Yes it is, but it is not limited to that.(Photo via Wikipedia)
I recently noticed a new style of worship music emerging. In fact, this new style has irritated those who do not understand it. Many people say they do not like the new worship music mentioning the word "I" as opposed to the songs' lyrics being about "Him."

A few decades ago John Wimber and the Vineyard introduced the world to worship being about HIM and not us! God's presence would show up strongly when we sang "to Him" and not "about Him."
Just as in the time of the early Vineyard, things are shifting once again over worship music. Now there is a very strong presence of God coming when we declare who we are "in Him." These are called declarations or decrees and the songs often have the words "I" or "we" in them.

Don't mistake this new sound and movement as being self-centered. It is very Christ and Heaven-centered as it powerfully brings God's presence on Earth as it is in Heaven.
This new sound coming from Heaven right now is declaration-based. As we agree with Heaven's sound and declare who we are, watch as a powerful anointing comes enabling us to be all God created us to be!

State of Music In the UK
The Priesthood
Some of the musicians trailblazing from the 90s onwards


Since the Facebook note was written and copied here, BBC Local ran an item on one of the latest trends in busking....

Live looping.
Christians have been doing this for nearly 30 years in live worship, but  initially as digital delays, then in one of the clips above (see the Priesthood  post) you will see a master, Phil Driscoll formerly of Earth Wind and Fire, and then asked to play at the inauguration of Bill Clinton, here you will see him in worship setting.

Here is a guy who is on youtube doing some of what he does live in a domestic setting. Use of loops, samplers, iphone and guitar and PC music keyboard....His solo vocal is quite similar in timbre to Jamie Cullum, but he also does a real cool backing vocal. Very talented.

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