Sunday 22 March 2015

Shortchanging Truth

Malcolm Smith raises a fabulous point which dovetails in with what I am trying to do with my blog.....but I am not wishing to embarrass him by joining any dots. I was reading the Lagerwalls wall and thinking about everyone getting on with everybody just as they are. In covenantal terms we are given families to work things out with....and in work we have to make things work as best we can.....but in terms of we have to do something quite specific.....We gather in the Name of Jesus and we only give to each other (acting as joints) that which Christ supplies. Nothing else is relevant. This is actually quite offensive to luvvies who want to give all of themselves all of the time. But having said that Luvvies get a raw deal in current churches because they are not yet the Body of Christ....They are run by one man and all the joints don't get to supply anything. Also when luvvies supply.....It doesn't look like what religious people expect....because they are luvvies.....and it may not fit the bill of a set preach....or worshipping or whatever. The Bible's version is gloriously unclear and just says what Christ has inworked is now supplied. Now....back to Malcolm Smith.
He raises the point that people put barriers up to what they thought Jesus could handle. He would not be confined. Down to speaking Word to a centurions servant.....but he was Roman......Down to how he treated his own disciples after they had all walked out on Him......appearing to them and then having a fish barbecue with them. In fact has anyone thought that this was the real Passover because they were too full of themselves in the upper room discourse? The point of the thirdlevel message is not the exclusive thing perceived by luvvies.....and maybe even Malcolm himself....I don't know the brother. The point is reaching ground zero is beyond all human communion......It's beyond what any human can put up with. Luvvies think they can bear with any human condition and they are still in human pride. By ignoring all forms of law the very means God uses in order for the festival sacrifice to be bound to the altar in its Romans 7 horror and holocaust.....goes way beyond what bystanders can handle.....and they must walk away save only for the odd supernaturally endowed intercession who may still just be in the frame somewhere. This is beyond human. Often it is the fact it is between man and God and there is nowhere to run.....that in that extreme xray process we see and understand the sin spirit as something supernatural and separate from us and that we were only ever containers. Going down this deep makes humans turn their head. The psalms and prophets talk about all my friends and lovers have deserted me. Apart from maybe 1 percent of churches there aren't any churches anywhere that go this deep. And rightly so. If a specially prepared people born of supernatural Isaac and established over 2000 years or so couldn't hack this sort of solidarity at such awful way is any gentile or other luvvietype going to be up for it when God Himself is overshadowing a person. But God has ordained a church that will. This church is described as having a face like the sun and having the moon under its feet. So the whole "separation" mentality has been done away with. Like in the first church people will be afraid to join themselves to such a church.....but the desperate will.....and great Grace shall be on them all. We can choose when we want to leave Babylon and which wave of returnees to be among......but rest assured they will always be the same 12 Gates we have to do with as Nehemiah. The luvvies think they can do without them. In some shape or Spirit form those gates will be there. One day I will be allowed to give my testimony but at the moment people hang their head and cry shame and walk off. They did this with Judah. They did this over Peter and Paul. Unlike the Koran the Bible spells it all out. The Koran covers over Mohammed taking a wife at 6 years of age and consummation at 8 or 9 and says nobody is even to raise the issue as he is holy. Well in Jesus case the Bible had only to explain why what many thought was sin was not at all.....things like....Jesus was not a bastard he was supsrnaturally conceived and HAD TO BE to raise a third level third stage growth people 1 John2.
So if point one is about the only sort of relating that we are required to do in the larger just Jesus going on for folk....
And point 2 was how total God's dealings are
Point three comes out of that.
To say all is Ok having only reached Romans Chapters 3 to 5 is ultimately to cheat people out of the eternity that is in man's mind and heart....the deep plumb line we all have.....and it is to also restrict what God is well able to do which is present us pure and spotless. He saves to the uttermost. He prospers our way....not just as a Bible verse we regale each other with...but like Job....after overshadowing us. This takes different forms.....and St Paul tended to Jack his prosperity in and make his way to the next town and prison cell. Watchman Nee did likewise.

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