Tuesday 24 March 2015

Not linear....cyclic

For a linear brain something has to be good and its opposite bad. God doesn't think in lines He thinks in circles of completion.
Some say they find God in nature. Implying Not in human nature so not flipping churches then.
Some say they find God in gentle music so not in flipping Black church freak out when God has been delivering folk.
Some say they prefer things to be kept simple so not flipping intellectual stuff then and vice versa.
Some say they like small gatherings.....so not flipping great revivals then.
I particularly wanted to get here because Jesus worked at all levels simultaneously. My dear.....because God doesn't think linear but rather seasonally and in cycles and because He is Lord you don't get to choose anything. You will JOLLY well have seasons of dry quiet and then you will have seasons of thunderous rain and you will enjoy them both. The Gates that surround Jerusalem are often juxtaposed. Here are some.
The first Gate is the Sheep Gate....Implying the beginning relationship in Song of Songs....discipleship....home groups....individual pastoring....small....intimate.
The second gate is the Fish Gate....immediately implying early revival......loads of new people.....numerousness
The 6th gate is pretty spectacularly the Fountain Gate. The inundation of the baptism in the Spirit.
The 7th Gate is much more mundane....it's vital tho.....the Water Gate.....we need daily water to live. We have to find our own water Gate in some.very dry surroundings.
The 11th Gate is total "flash Harry" stuff. It's the gate of Ephraim....the double anointing. Among the pioneers it has only been ever reached by a handful....Yer George Jeffries...Smith Wigglesworths....John G Lake. So even if you are a shy retiring wall flower....tough.....that's what the 11th Gate is.
The 12th Gate is just the opposite....it's the prison gate. Either prison itself like Nee ....St Paul and Wurmbrand....or a confinement of some kind like Paul Cain with his ailing mother....but is itself an intercession door opener on a grand scale.
There's no either or in the Kingdom. It's life in all its abundance which means a good deal more than Rolls Royces. Gate no 9 is seasonal and its huge. It's not like the Fish Gate which is an early influx. No this is the Grand OPEN DAY.....this is when the main Eastern Gate gets opened and the complete beginners come marching in " from the East"....the rising of the sun....the very beginning of God's revelations. But we can't say....oh God I don't like those....because that's what the whole cycle has been about.....to get ready for another influx. A similar cyclic preparation phase goes on in a lady's womb. If you happen to think in linear terms....well it's just tough.....the whole of creation is seasonal.

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