Monday 30 March 2015

Discrediting the idea of Christian community

Please be aware that Bugbrook, Waco and Jonesville HAD to be discredited.
In 1972 we fell in love with each other. BIG TIME. People all over the world. NOPE. This wasn't Hippies. That was 5 or 6 years earlier. No....this was far more dangerous to the New World Order. Thousands upon endless thousands were baptised in the Spirit that year. My wife was in Alfreton and set about leading her school to Jesus. Me too in Amersham.
My friend High Wycombe. I didn't know Christine....but those who did know each other fell in love....enough to be in each others' houses continually. My High Wycombe friend joined Bugbrooke (Jesus Army) and this was the subject of the TV programme in the 70s, which led to the discrediting programme in the 90s. The precise week I joined Emsworth Church and then Bible House community Jim Jones was getting everyone to drink cyanide.So Mum was in her car straight away to check our own community immediately. Both Jonesville and Waco it turns out were CIA jobs. Bugbrooke was the sort of midlife crisis of "rattling bones".....the sort that the disciples actually managed to live right through with Jesus and come out the other side. But one thing is for sure....House of Rothschild will not tolerate Christians behaving like Acts 2. Churches as we have them now, he will put up with and seek to secretly subvert with false agents....but if enough people start living life as the Body of Christ....that spells Termination for their entire project. Non christians are superb. They all live separately like hamsters in cages, content to work their workaday existence, never asking questions and believing everything in the Rothschild owned media....but freely to each other....well that messes the whole tax collection system via City of London and the Vatican. And that just cannot happen.

Bugbrooke or Jesus Army today

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