Tuesday 31 March 2015

Third Level Ministry anyone?

Greasy Pole
Ministry...what does a minister do?
Well if you are Evangelical you speak authoritatively about there being a God, who loves us, and we can put our faith in Him and have a relationship with Him. Nothing wrong with that. But there will be extra baggage you are required to have as you preach. A way with words. Probably quite intellectual. Quite a formal approach.
If you are charismatic you may be forgiven more in terms of style, if you are bold enough to bring some anointing...for healing, prophesying, discerning...whatever. You will be expected to show some lineage of accreditation. Some college. Some apostolic network. You will have cleaned some loos or put out chairs somewhere. And you will have some form of revelation and teaching to impart.
But what about thirdlevellers? Well the jury is out. Not many yet are really anointed. Many have come through evangelicalism and doggedly persisted and just not accepted that evangelicalism was anywhere near what the Bible actually says in the New Testament.
I'm at the point where I have known anointing, but i am completely blase about proving anything to anyone. Why? because i was in a prototype church in Emsworth which proved beyond doubt that even if there were no Shooting Stars like Benny Hinn....if we all got stuck in as a Body, most things that we believed for, happened.
No...by far the biggest credential as a thirdleveller is "Have you consciousness?" "Do you know that you know that you know that Jesus Christ is living your life?" That's what was different when Jesus spoke. It was perceived as authority, compared say to other paid ministries in the Temple or synagogues. Well I guess it sounds like authority....but really it's inner knowing. Jesus knew He was in the Father and the Father in Him.He knew He could see what the Father was doing at any point and just get in on it. This is to be grounded in Psalm 123 as an experience not as theory. To thirdlevellers style is pretty irrelevant. We are totally unimpressed by evangelicals and charismatics....why? because they mostly still refer to God out there somewhere. They speak with a third person feel of separation. Everybody is free to talk about God separately or in Us. He is both. But somehow when a thirdleveller talks about God out there....he or she still communicates God in here. Like the burning of the heart the disciples experienced with Jesus on the Emmaus road.
To a thirdleveller everyone is an expression of God going on....so they are very matter of fact about the whole concept of Galatians 2:20. It just IS SO. Others have the problem. For others it is not yet true....but it is ofcourse. It happened 2000 years ago. You just don't know it yet....but you will....and in so doing you will pass through exactly the same things we have. You are no different. And you won't like it either. But once you have it as consciousness, you too will be glad that God allowed you to be "roughed up".
Evangelicalism is the conviction of God's reality and the faith that Jesus died, really died for you.
The charismatic realm is the confidence that the Hoy Ghost's power is upon you to do things you could never do.
The thirdlevel realm is the confidence that the Overcomer....Jesus...is living your life NOW through every obstacle. The other two realms, outside meetings, still manipulate life so that it sort of works.
Preachers send their children to Rothschild schools of learning to fast track them.
Women still plaster themselves in expensive adornments so that they can be on God TV and sell their DVDs
Men and women still work for Rothschild companies and wriggle-ass themselves up the greasy poles to get all the choice posts
In thirdlevel land you realise Jesus is YOUR LIFE and He doesn't manipulate humanly....but He speaks WORD from out of your being and begins performing that work in Romans 8....setting your immediate surroundings free as sons of God that are beginning to come "into their own".

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