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FACT VS TRUTH - Monte Brooks

14 February 2013 at 19:07 Facebook
Whenever I tell people about agreeing with ONLY with the Truth of the Finished Works of the Cross I find that it is extremely helpful to give them examples of what I am talking about so they can start to see that we are not striving to be holy and we are not following a bunch of rules. We are simply making a covenant ONLY with Heaven so that we experience ONLY Heaven because when you are experiencing ONLY heaven you are loving God with all your heart, mind and soul and you are loving your neighbor as yourself and that continually.

"One of the most powerful and largely neglected biblical principles that most Christians still need to understand and implement within their own lives is that of COVENANT. Eternity is ANCHORED IN COVENANT. Heaven knows this, the devil knows this, and many in the world know this....but very few professing Christians seem to know or understand this truth at all!

When you enter into AGREEMENT with someone, you are entering into a form of covenant with that person. You will now partake with that person in some measure of a SHARED REALITY. Some agreements are small and seemingly inconsequential, while others are obviously of great weight and value. In the spiritual realm, ALL AGREEMENTS ARE WEIGHTY and WILL release some kind of FRUIT.

The Kingdom manifesting here and NOW is pretty much all about this idea, the tension which exists where HIS eternal truth is CRUSHING the things we have come to accept as "business as usual." In the "Christian world" -- this stuff goes to crazy levels. We have all been programmed by Dead Religion, at some point or another, to agree with LIES and to agree with stuff that may be a FACT but is not the TRUTH OF HIS PRESENT DOMINION!" (Rick Torres)

I have seen the power of this principle demonstrated over and over again.. Here are some examples:

About a year after I was set free from sin, I visited a friends profile and read many different accounts about him casting demons out of Christians. He was saying he routinely casts demons out of some really devoted Christians and I was kinda captivated by all these stories. My stance for a long time up until this point is that demons do not have access to me. But when I was reading those posts I changed what I believed [agreed with] without really realizing it. Instead of agreeing that demons do NOT have access to me, after I read this post [that I knew were real experiences] I began thinking "well I guess demons DO have access to me"

Guess what? Within 15 minutes my kids did one little thing and I blew up like Hiroshima and manifested a huge demon. It was VERY strange for me so I stopped everything and waited for some understanding. That is when it hit me that I had agreed with a LIE. I had carelessly changed my agreement after I read those stories. Can a Christian manifest demons? I have definitely seen that happen! Do I AGREE that demons have access to me?! NO I DO NOT because that is not THE TRUTH of what Jesus purchased for us with his own Blood! And I was right back to enjoying perfect peace.

Right after I changed my agreement back to Truth, I went to Rick Torres FB page and saw that he was addressing this very issue. "A Christian who has received the Lordship of Jesus Christ over their whole life CANNOT have demons." And that is when I realized that there is a BIG difference between what most people would call a "Holy Spirit filled Christian" and a person who has received the Lordship of Jesus Christ over their whole life. And I know that I am a 100% saved person who has received the Lordship of Jesus over every area of my life but when I gave my agreement to a LIE the devil was able to take advantage of it.

A few weeks later a good Christian friend of mine came over and was talking to me about how he had been attacked in his dreams lately. He said: "you know how the devil will come and attack you when you are asleep and vulnerable" and I just sort agreed in passing: "uh yeah".

Again, I didn't consciously change my beliefs I just agreed [cause in the past that happened to me pretty regularly, but not at all since I had been set free from sin.] Well that night I had HORRIFIC dreams, like over the top horrible. When I woke up I knew I had agreed with another LIE: "the devil attacks me when I am asleep and vulnerable" So I immediately took away that agreement. I said out loud "I DO NOT AGREE AT ALL that the devil attacks me when I am asleep or ANY OTHER TIME. I did not have any more bad dreams.

There is a BIG difference between knowing something has happened [a fact] and AGREEING with it. I know that sometimes things happen that are contrary to the will of God but there is a BIG difference between knowing the facts of a matter and AGREEING with something that is contrary to the will of God, because when you agree with something contrary to His will it will actually open the door to it and be instrumental in manifesting it.

My "Good Christian friend" who had been attacked with bad dreams came back over to my house. Just so you know, this guy is not your average Christian to say the least. He has been a Christian longer than I have been alive, has lived on miracles his whole life, has raised people from the dead and has generally seen TONS of crazy stuff. We were hanging out talking about Jesus when he told me a story from his younger days. He said one time a really cute girl invited him over to her house but when he got over there he was met by several other guys. The Lord said “get out now; you are a not going to walk away from this one”. So he asked where the restroom was, walked right out the back door and ran off. And his conclusion was this: “it is best to obey the Lord” I agreed with him but within 5 minutes I went from being really Super HIGH on the peace and joy of heaven to REALLY ANXIOUS. Like really super anxious and fearful and I could not shake it for the next few hours.

I KNEW I had somehow made a covenant with Hell during our conversation. I thought about what happened and realized I had agreed with another LIE. After that story I let this thought creep into my head: “Well I guess sometimes you just have to tuck tail and run, if the Lord tells you to” But Hold on now. My “friend” did not ask Jesus if he should go over there,, probably did not have the best intetions in doing so and by his own admission was not walking in freedom from sin. He got himself into a mess and God told him what to do UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES.

The TRUTH is HEAVEN DOES NOT RETREAT. The TRUTH is you cannot expect total victory all the time when you are bound by sin because Victory all the time is the consequence of receiving the Lordship of Jesus over every area of your life and refusing to agree with anything less than what Jesus actually purchased for us = HEAVEN RIGHT NOW.

This can be extra "hard" for those who have the most experience with the Lord because ALL of their experiences are under the circumstances of being bound by sin and that makes the results different than TOTAL VICTORY ALL THE TIME that the Bible talks about. If you try to enforce the victory of the Cross but you yourself are bound by sin it can result in BIG FAILURES. And those failures then try to assert themselves as TRUTH and if you agree with ANY part of them (either from your own life or the lives of others) it leads to total confusion about WHAT THE TRUTH ACTUALLY IS.

Less than victorious results are NOT THE TRUTH they are merely FACTS that are a consequence of EXPERIENCE TAINTED BY SIN. Everything that happens under the circumstances of sin bondage is a FACT but not the TRUTH of what Jesus purchased and is available NOW for all who will meet the qualifications Repent and OBEY.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and he was saying he was experiencing a lot of resistance lately everywhere he goes. I thought about my past experience [the facts] that I had definitely experienced a lot of resistance from the devil and I told him: "yeah that is normal, you ever heard that saying "new levels new devils"" but as soon as it came out of my mouth I knew it was wrong. I said: "DO NOT AGREE with that resistance thing I said; instead AGREE that it is a TOTAL HOLOCAUST on the devil wherever you go" "And I got it, thank God! In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade." [2Cor2:14MSG]

One day I was super high on Jesus. It felt like LIGHT was coming out of my face, behind my ears and inside I felt like a pure ball of light. Ephesians 5:8 took on some new meaning. “For once you were darkness, but now YOU ARE LIGHT in the Lord. Live as children of light” I was experiencing this most of the day and toward the early evening a new friend of mine sent me an email with some stuff he had written about sanctification.

All of it was about the PROCESS of sanctification. There were multiple verses from Philippians and Ephesians talking about the process of sanctification and based on the tenses they all showed that salvation is in progress being outworked. “Complete in eternity, but not yet complete in experience”. I read all the verses and of course I agreed with them since they were in the Bible, but as soon as I did, while I was still reading it, I came down 2-3 notches in the Glory.

I was feeling pretty “complete” all day when I was agreeing that it was FINISHED but when I saw those Bible verses and I agreed that it was a "process not yet complete in experience - NOT Finished" I sobered up! What in the world? That stuff is in the Bible RIGHT?! Once again I had given my agreement to something other than the TRUTH of the Finished Works. I had given my agreement to facts.

They were infallible facts contained in the Holy Bible but they were still just facts and not the Truth of what Jesus purchased with HIS OWN BLOOD. When I look back at my own experience, and the experience of ALL Christians, it is easy to see that manifesting the reality that we have IN Christ is a process, that is a fact, but I never want to give my agreement to that fact.

The "process" of you experiencing the magnitude of the victory is ONLY dependent on how long it takes you to Agree ONLY with God and OBEY. Everything but that is complete. We have been “resurrected with Him and seated in heavenly places IN Christ.” God has “delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son” (This is all past tense stuff) Our sinful nature has been REMOVED and YOU HAVE BEEN MADE HOLY. We now have a brand new PERFECT NATURE that we can choose to live from by agreeing ONLY with the TRUTH of what Jesus accomplished for us on the Cross.

It can be hard at first to discern facts from Truth especially when they are all jumbled together IN THE BIBLE. The facts it contains are infallible, they really happened, but they are not the TRUTH and i do not give my AGREEMENT to something just because it is in the Bible.

This is particularly important when it comes to things in the Old Testament.

Here is an example of facts FROM THE BIBLE used to deliver deadly lies to someones soul that will keep them bound to sin. King David committed adultery and murdered and he still went to heaven. Therefore I could sleep around and murder and still be “ok”. IF you agree with this type of lie you are making a covenant with hell and hell will use it to gain entry to your life. You may not commit adultery or murder because of agreeing with this but you will find that agreeing with a compromising interpretation of Scripture like this will STOP you from walking in perfect freedom from sin.

I have also noticed, along these same lines, that people are tempted to agree that the experience of the Apostles is the Truth. "O well Peter sinned and was openly rebuked by Paul so you think you are not going to sin"

The “process” that I went through to enter into this experience of being free from sin and enjoying the reality of heaven on earth was really simple. First I agreed with what the Bible says about the sinful nature, that it has been crucified, circumcised, utterly destroyed, REMOVED, so that it doesn’t exist anymore AND I agreed that I am a brand new creation, having been made PERFECTLY HOLY and PERFECTLY RIGHTEOUS by the sacrifice of Christ.

THEN [and this was the hardest part] I threw out ALL of my experiences with the Lord based on 1 John 3: Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him OR KNOWN Him. So, my dear children, don't let anyone divert you from the truth. It's the person who [acts] right who [is] right, just as we see it lived out in our righteous Messiah. He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God. In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.”

I did not like that verses very much, but I have too much fear of God to disregard His Word. This passage does not say anything about EXPERIENCE. The Bible says there will be “MANY” who have lots of experience and yet Jesus will say “depart from me I never KNEW you”. How do you know if you KNOW Him? You WILL NOT SIN. So I had to admit that I did not yet KNOW Him and by doing that I effectively threw out ALL of my experience. Then I just had to decide to stop sinning, one sin at a time. Start with the sin you are planning on doing and just DON’T DO IT. Determine to hear from God what you are supposed to do in moment by moment awareness of Him and DO it.

You smash enough idols and you will find that you are in the constant abiding presence of God, then once you are there “fight” to stay there, rejecting every 'little' lie and taking every little step he shows you. I am free from sin and you can be free from sin, anyone who agrees with God and chooses not to to obey can be free from sin. That is the Gospel. But I had to throw out all of my previous experience under sin and agree with the interpretation of scripture that does NOT make ANY allowances for sin. Then I had to be stop listening to and reading Christian stuff because 99.9% of the material out there is infected with some amount of compromise that would stop ANYONE from actually walking in freedom from sin (and it can be virtually impossible to catch at first)
5D Christology

THEN you will find you can stop doing whatever God is not pleased with and positively do every little thing you know he wants you to do.  It may not be super fun or easy at first, but it is very simple and the result is always the same = HEAVEN RIGHT NOW.

Here is the TRUTH: You were a sinner before being born again.  In fact your sinful nature was so evil that it COULD NOT do right, it was incapable of even one single righteous act.  But because of what Jesus did on the Cross your old Nature was REMOVED SO THAT IT DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE and you were given a completely new nature which is the total opposite of the sinful nature so that it "CANNOT SIN".  It is INCAPABLE of even one unrighteous act. 1John 3.

“I utterly reject any theology which reduces the finished work of the Cross to less than what God Himself calls it. The scriptures clearly show that as Blood bought believers, we are no longer bound to the old nature. One may, however, choose to continue in sin from his new nature...the Christ nature...which rebellion is called "trampling the Blood underfoot." For these things the wrath of God is coming upon the planet. He has lovingly made all provision for complete intimacy with Him and yet many are still content to keep Him at arm's length.” (RCT)

When you agree ONLY with God about who you are [which is a SAINT, the opposite of a sinner] You will find that you can repent of any sin and NEVER do it again simply by choosing to.  This is very good news because the ONLY thing that can stop you from experiencing Heaven NOW is sin and the ONLY thing that is keeping anyone bound to sin is agreements with LIES.

There is not one single in my life that is not submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and it is heaven.  Jesus Christ has made every provision for us to live a life of heaven on earth, if you are not experiencing it, it is because YOU are rejecting Him and choosing to stay in control of your life.

“Here's a very simple, fail-proof litmus test as to whether something is a lie or the truth:
The lie excuses, overlooks, dismisses as irrelevant, downplays the importance of, or ignores DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD.

The truth reveals the necessity of, celebrates, magnifies, empowers and REWARDS OBEDIENCE TO GOD.

Simple, right?

So if one CHOOSES to believe that the message they are hearing or the doctrine they are agreeing with is TRUTH, even though it PROVIDES LICENSE FOR THEIR DISOBEDIENCE, in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM -- they are REBELLING AGAINST the Lordship of Christ and they WILL be held accountable for their CHOICE TO REJECT HIM.

On the other hand, if one CHOOSES to believe and AGREE with the message of the Kingdom which shows them HOW and WHY their obedience to God is so vital and important and EMPOWERS THEM TO WALK IN THIS OBEDIENCE -- we are submitting to the Lordship of Christ and we RECEIVE EVERYTHING HE IS. He is clearly revealed to our heart (innermost being) and we experience the continual and ongoing transformation of our life as we are restored to God's true and original intention for us; our true identity in Christ becomes manifest as our divinely intended REALITY IN THIS AGE! This is the ABUNDANT LIFE of PERFECT REST and absolute VICTORY that Jesus died to give us while we are still here on Earth in THIS age!” [Rick Torres]

If you are not 100% sure that your sinful nature has been UTTERLY DESTROYED by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago then check this out:

More Examples:

One time I was at work enjoying the atmosphere of heaven when a man walked into the store with several bouquets of flowers.  He had obviously had a stroke and he explained that this was how he supported himself by selling these flowers.  I thought my wife would definitely enjoy some flowers so bought some, and as soon as I handed him the money he said "Since you have blessed me I want to bless you according to Genesis 12:3 God will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you"..  And I agreed with it, even felt some Goose bumps on it, but it was not 30 min later THAT ALL HELL WAS BROKE LOOSE, customers were manifesting demons, employees were manifesting demons, I had no Authority.  I felt like crying.   I texted my wife and and said PLEASE AGREE for heaven on this place and when she did the atmosphere lightened a lot, but I was still fighting back the tears and just barely holding on.  It was bad all day.  I thought about it the whole time and when I got home I messaged Rick and asked him if I should have agreed with Genesis 12:3.   He was like "Nope that was some kinda sneak attack, cursing those who curse you is the opposite of what Jesus said"   AAHHhh of course!!  We have to agree that God will bless those who curse us.  Rick: "Yup that gives the devil major anxiety, nothing he can do with that"  BUT when I agreed that God would curse those who curse me, not only did I open up a door to hell, but the the devil was quick to send ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE TO COME CURSE ME so that they would be cursed as a result.  It was horrible.

Now after a few experiences like that you might be tempted to agree that if you miss a step all hell will break loose, But I would NOT AGREE WITH THAT IF I WERE YOU :D  That is NOT THE TRUTH.   If you disobey you might notice some things but DONT AGREE WITH ANY DEMONIC CONSEQUENCES.  If you miss a step or agree with a lie, a door is cracked open in the spirit because of it and demons might start pouring in, DON"T JUST SIT THERE AND TAKE IT.    REPENT, AGREE with the Truth and SLAM that door shut as soon as you notice.  You can recover from a missed step by doing the original thing God told you to do, or if there is no possible way to do that, then do the next thing God tells you to do.

"Never resign yourself to suffering because of past mistakes, poor choices or sin. Agreeing that "all Hell will now break loose upon your life and there's nothing you can do about it because you deserve it since you sinned," is the exact opposite of humility and repentance. True humility will compel you to agree with God as quickly and instantly as you are aware of your sin, not berate yourself or mope around in condemnation because you blew it! Self righteousness empowers the perspective that "we must now suffer the consequences of our sins" while true righteousness enables us to see ourselves JUST AS HE SEES US.

Read carefully now...

IF you sin and REFUSE to repent by agreeing with God about who HE says you are in Christ ---->YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR SIN. One evidence of agreeing with God is the freedom from condemnation that springs from being DELIVERED from the sins which once tormented you! Seeing ourselves as God sees us is absolutely necessary to walk in our true, godly identity.

Most of the what the enemy does, through lies and intimidation and distractions, is to simply gain the agreement of one's heart WITH HIS VERSION of that person, not God's version.
The process may look something like this:
1) An action against the child of God -- lies, intimidation or distractions.
2) The child of God gives their agreement to the lie, bows to the intimidation or allows themselves to be sidetracked by distractions.
3) The accuser or his demons then move in to further assault the soul (mind, will and emotions) of the child of God. His intention is to gain one's AGREEMENT that they are a "sinner, an addict, defeated, bound, helpless, hopeless, worthless, etc, etc."
That's it.
Break the cycle of sin habits and destructive patterns by refusing to give your agreement to the enemy's opinion of YOU. Instead, give your agreement ONLY to God -- agree ONLY with His opinion of you through the Cross of His own Son."  (Rick Torres)

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