Friday 10 April 2015

A Great Welmar followed by other vids

I had to remove a Welmar from HaylingIsland to Dorking. fell in love instantly with the tone. It is outstanding.

For those that may never have heard this other excerpt it is from a Mike Herron song while he was still at Bible Temple Portland Oregon.

From here 2009

This is my best known song from the 1980s in Songs Of Fellowship.
The track is off my double CD recorded with Nanette Welmans 1990
The video is rather gruelling because it was put together to highlight
how Christians and dissidents are treated in North Korea.
The person in the video is a male and has been turned upside down for illustration purposes and also that I was not there ofcourse.

These next examples contain both takes on the Life of Jacob. (Originally in this post)
Suzanne Vega's recent song and mysong from the same 1990 recording as above.

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