Thursday 9 April 2015

Elaine requests specific help

....this was me up the mountain with Eric and Father Peter.
 Eric was going to commit suicide but praise God George Okoth my Co worker of REDIM CBO a non profit Community organization he counseled him and told them to go to the mountain to pray and whilst I was with them praying and reading the Bible my friend Chris Welch had sent me some money and it was just the right amount to pay for his first term of national school and that encouraged his Dad to pay for him too as he cant read and write and didn't value education but he does now and see how important it is for Eric to go to school . Now he passed his secondary school final exams and wants to go to college but he has no money so am asking for people to sponsor him. Also Morris and John his two step brothers in the same situation. they would be among the first to go to college in their community inbox me if you can help. then look for Message Top Right if it's your first time on Facebook. If you click this this will be a private message

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