Sunday 19 April 2015

Jesus instructions to His disciples in 2015

When you go into a first or secondlevel church honour the infrastructure that is there and be of the attitude to honour all men, but don't have anything to do with the infrastructure nor beliefs of those ministering, for that is the very reason the churches are undeveloped and shortcircuit God's glory.

 As when I was in my first physical body, go into these churches as often as the Holy Spirit leads ,preach,then leave almost immediately. Have nothing to do with programmes, cobbled together schemes, man made outreach programmes, any such. As the Spirit leads exercise your freedom in Me to set anybody free from distress, possession or sickness and if the Spirit lead you that way do so in great anger at any religious bondage or evil binding the church. Address tithing. Address submission to man. Address anything that is locking my free working across My Body....then scarper before they do any harm to you, and continue ministering in parks, towncentres, clearings, out of town, wherever people wish to gather and hear the Word of Life.

The struggle I had was with the firstlevellers. They knew God. They knew faith. They knew My Word and My Law, but like today they do not know Me in my essence and My ways they also know not. Today you have four types of people. People who don't know God at all. People who go to a church where the gospel is not preached. Churches where the gospel of forgiveness is preached but have no more knowledge than the Jews. And secondlevel churches where they know some of My Spirit but do not yet know how to walk in continuous revival.

These last are the most dangerous, for professing to be wise at all levels they are still children and they manifest all the bad fruit I warned you about and that subsequently Paul put in his letters.

As my Spirit leads you, continue My work of lampooning Cain religion. Now more than at any time your role is to lay the axe to the root. Take people back to the essential errors of Genesis 3. Teach and show what building on the Rock is. Teach and show what living this is like as a community. Above all at every opportunity attack the favorite charismatic phrase “we are only human”, By it they justify sin and twist the Bible to mean anything they want it to mean. Picking verses to taste, at the last they revert to psychology and the teaching of the Greeks, who were oftentimes the Tribe of Dan, the snake in the way.

Challenge schisms. Have no time for those practicing schisms rather than holding to the One Truth of the Life of God .
Challenge those who are still living in the futility of their minds divorced from the Life of God. Teach people to connect with the Life of God and to live out from that Life. Have nothing to do with controllers and compellers through fear, apart from the fear ,respect and holy relationship with their God, which is clean and without heaviness.

Teach warfare in the Spirit, teach overcoming, and address any denial of My commission to bring to the obedience of faith all nations, by relegating everything to after I come back.

 Confirm the reminders through my servant Ern Baxter that the Father said to Me “Sit at My Right hand until I have made your enemies your footstool.” “ And the Gates of hell shall not prevail against my Church, my Congregation.” Any sloping of the shoulders that denies these words and looks to My return as a way of escape is not from Me and denies the power invested in my Body as it is connected to the Head.

The manifold wisdom of God is made known now to principalities and powers through the Church. Preach Unity and the discerning of the Body. Accept nothing less. Challenge leaders in every city to accept nothing less.

 Teach growth as laid down in the 1 John 2 summary, in the Spirit principles of Corinthians and as described corporately in Ephesians.
Above all move out of My Presence, and prefer one another, honoring one another for I have made all to build up all.

Challenge all forms of pyramid thinking. Challenge all wrong forms of leadership teaching. Let leaders lead by example as I led the disciples. DO NOT LORD IT OVER ONE ANOTHER as the Gentiles approach leadership. Function always in relation to the Head and present Me as the Head overall, and with whom each interacts. Where I am lifted up and where My Presence is there will be Unity.

Real pastors teach people to connect with Me. As soon as they can see people are secure in knowing Me and know also how to move in My presence, then they are to make themselves available to others with their gifting. The current overstretched usage of the word pastor is just a cover for Gentile structures in My Church and you are to challenge these wherever you encounter them.

All Ministry is raised to bring others forth in the One Life of God, manifest by good fruit and the diminishing and removal of all bad fruit patterns. All ministers are mature, having trained their senses according to righteousness, which is nothing less than the Life of God coming in the flesh. Any other gospel is not from Me.

Where two or three gather in My Name there I AM in your midst. And then this same sensitivity is exported to the whole of your lives. Ephesians 6 Warfare can only be a reality as believers learn to speak their own Words of faith in their local churches, their families and their work.
Your authority comes out of how much you KNOW Christ in you as you in every situation in your life.
And this is the Work.....that you believe in Me. How believe? In John 6 . As the Bread of Heaven sent as a Man. Outwardly no different yet conceived directly of God. Now you too receive this very Life into yourselves though you too look outwardly no different. This is the Believing upon the same Bread. This is the work of God.

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