Saturday 25 April 2015

Greatest Cause of Death statistically (USA article) through Penny Kanefield

There is actually a term for this "Death by MD", 'iatrogenic death', from the Greek term iatrogeniesis, meaning 'brought forth by the healer"..
Back in the late 1990's The Nutrition Institute of America started funded an independent review of “government-approved” medicine that was published in 2006, that resulted in professor Gary Null (and others) findings report titled “Death by Medicine.” These independent researchers with no agenda outside of determining truth, found that America’s leading cause of death was not what we were being told, heart disease or cancer but was actually direct adverse reactions from "modern allopathic medicine", which of course is also directly related to the CAUSE of 99+% of all of today's cancer and heart diseases.
This independent group funded by The Nutrition Institute found that the 'iatrogenic death' rate in the US (death caused by doctors and/or medical treatments) was averaging over 783,000 a year. That’s 186,423 more deaths than those caused by heart disease and 206,309 more deaths than those caused by cancer in 2010... EASILY MAKING 'DEATH BY MD DOCTOR' THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN AMERICAN, and again that is not even counting the fact that both heart disease and cancer today (at least 99%) are a cumulative result of prior vaccines and "meds" that destroy our immune systems, destroy our bodies natural functions to fight off all diseases. .
Over a decade, these independent research scientists predicted that 'iatrogenic deaths' (death by MD Doctor) will total about 7.8 million, “more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the US throughout our entire history,” a death rate equivalent to two 9/11 events every day for the next ten years... .They and I also believe these numbers are extremely conservative (low) because most iatrogenic deaths (Death by MD Doctors) aren't reported as such: only 5 to 20% of iatrogenic deaths are reported because of CYA acts out of fear of lawsuits and because codes for reporting deaths due to drug side effects and other medical errors (BY DESIGN) don’t even exist in many cases. The number of deaths due to conventional medicine may be 20 times higher than our very conservative estimates here..
......I think Sun Tzu that once said, 'if you don't even make an effort to know your enemy you are a f'ing idiot!'.... he actually worded it like this: "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose two; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

GREAT NEWS, the World's simplest solution to this local and global crisis:

(1) it's the FED (their MEANS), and (2) we just need to wake up and STAND to end all this and simply gain back our nation!!!

"AND HOW you MIGHT ASK?" .. Well, it's all about face to face Word of Mouth speaking some simple realities.. And that message has to be simple, the fact that we are under attack by mostly foreign global enemies from within our Nation:

1. We have to know and be able to communicate to others the 'MEANS' for all this insanity. We have to identify just who they are who owns the 'MEANS' (mostly foreign global Eugenic "elite" owners of the private and totally unconstitutional "Fed Reserve") and exactly what their 'MEANS' is to allow this attack by an enemy from within.

2. WHAT IS THEIR MEANS.. that it is simply a rancid and corrupt, unconstitutional, private mostly foreign owned Central Bank that was corruptly established here in 1913. One that lends pure thin air loans to the U.S., A ZERO RESERVE bank that does not even back their own thin air loans. A ZERO RESERVE bank that has the ignorant masses, THE PEOPLE back all their thin air loans, with their personal wages and personal property. IT’S ONLY The People of the U.S. that pay for the thin air (with interest) loans UNCONSTITUTIONALLY taken out of our personal wages and personal property.. the epitome of INSANITY!

3. ESTABLISHING ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ AS THE FUEL FOR THIS CORRUPT INSANITY…. Again, it's vital we communicate that it is WE THE PEOPLE that back AND with our personal wages and personal property pay for these mostly foreign global Central Banking "elites" thin air loans and paper treasury bonds their other Central Banks (like their "The People's Bank of China" buy from our corrupted U.S. treasury.

4. EXACTLY HOW DID IT GET THIS WAY … It is important that we know and can explain how it got this way, and explain that it was in 1913 that these mostly foreign global Eugenic "elites" corrupted enough of our elected officials to CORRUPTLY pass the necessary legislation to establish them (Andrew Jackson called them a 'den of vipers') again as the Central Bank for this nation. Those rancid in corruption and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts were the "Federal Reserve Act" and the 16th (and 17th) Amendments that established their RANCID and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL IRS, all corruptly passed that fatal year 1913.

5. WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN… We must understand the meaning of all this, and exactly what is their "MOTIVE".. Their 'MOTIVE' is simple, power and control, leading eventually to total global governance, their governance over a world population that is 90% smaller than its current size, and those that survive the eugenic cleansing (currently in full gear here and all over the world) WILL BE TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT ON GOV. (their global governance) .. .. It really is like an Austin Powers movie, with Dr. Evil and Mini Me, but very real.

6. JUST WHO OWNS AND HAS TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR NATION…. We must be able to explain how they are currently and have achieved their goals of destroying our nation from within. We must understand that if ANY ENTITY (like their rancid FED) has total and absolute control of a nation’s currency and funds THAT ENTITY CONTROLS THAT NATION. This is not rocket science here we must understand this dead simple reality.

7. IF THIS IS "REALITY", HOW COME NO ONE KNOWS IT… how come our news media never mentions this or our schools never mention this or anything about this if this is “REALITY”. It is vital we understand why and exactly how this REALITY stays buried and is never spoken of, it's a simple explanation:

a. They own and control every micro fiber of our media! If one had unlimited, totally unlimited funds and wanted to keep a secret on a global scale what would you do? Yes, one would ensure that they (using unlimited personal wages and personal property) OWN AND TOTALLY CONTROL EVERY MICRO FIBER OF ALL MEDIA IN THE U.S. AND WORLD.. all news, all entertainment, including sports, all movie production, all of television, and even bill boards, all owned and totally controlled by these global “elites” of the private and UNCONSTITUTIONAL “FED Reserve”. Do you think it’s just a freak coincidence that anyone in the "news" media that ever mentions anything negative about the Federal Reserve, that they are immediately fired and never heard from again? THERE IS ZERO FREE PRESS IN THE U.S OR WORLD TODAY, ZERO!

b. They also own all major corporations across the U.S. and Globe, again our personal wages and personal property allowed unlimited funds to do so. Many of these corporations were bought out in ‘hostel take overs’ and those who refused were literally and corruptly forced out of business. Tupperware Corporation is a great example of this, a giant U.S. corporation that no longer exists today.

c. They have corruptly infiltrated every micro fiber of our education systems, starting in earnest over 150 years ago. They have corruptly established (unlimited funding from our personal wages) total control of all colleges and universities, all aspects of our entire education process, from pre-school all the way through Doctoral degrees. They of course own and control all the publishing houses that produce the text books, and corruptly ensure they are written and shaped to their eventual global agenda.

d. They of course own and control all corporations that deal with Medial, Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, air and water to ensure their EUGENICS objectives. They through their total control of our education systems have corruptly established idiot 'toxic reactionary/chemical medicine' (all MD Doctor prescribed medicine today), what people use to call witch doctor quack medicine, from quacks that traveled around in horse drawn wagons selling their magic potions, as our only form of “health care” today. Which of course is pure insanity, but it’s vital we understand why promoting insane deadly “meds” and their even more insane “vaccines” is a major piece in the overall scheme. It’s three fold: (1) dumbing down, medically contenting the ignorant masses with mind altering “meds”, (2) creating Medial dependency, as all “meds” and “vaccines” destroy our health, TOTALLY destroy our natural Immune System, creating a state where we will always be dependent on them as a provider of their dependency creating (NEVER CURING) “meds”, and (3) lowing the population, as currently their insane “meds” and “vaccines” kill on average in the U.S. alone over a quarter million innocent lives every year from direct adverse reactions, mistakes related to the meds and vaccines. Along with their accumulative effect this number of annual deaths just from their "Health Care" medical Eugenic efforts in U.S. is closer to 1.5 million (mostly innocent women and children) deaths of our annual 2.5 million death totals.. .

e. They of course own all Corporations that deal with Military, War, Weapons. Wars are one of their most favorite things in the world, and of course owning all the Corporations that provides the equipment and weapons for wars is a no brainer. These Global Cental (FED) Banking “elites” have created every war including the Revolutionary War the United States has been in. Wars are a major win win for these FED Central Bankers, they create massive debt, they kill off millions in the process, they divide people and destroy sovereign nations. They are all about the wars.. they love em.

f. Of course they own all major corporations, banks and institutions dealing with money, finance, insurance.. and through the rancid and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Fed reserve act’ they control all smaller banks and financial institutions, the few left that are still privately owned. Through this massive, rancid and unconstitutional control they created the Great Depression, and all recessions, we have suffered through since, including this current major one, with their insane "Bailouts" and "Quantitative Easing".. . All this is a means to create more and more MASSIVE DEBT, while destroying our nation via its economy, stripping the masses of their property and wealth.

g. They also own and totally control all corporations that deal with Utilities, Energy, Communications, etc. all to keep us in line, totally ignorant, and totally dependent on them.

HAVING TOTAL OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL via THEIR 'CORPORATISM', allows them at all times total control the ignorant masses, including controlling the size of the ignorant masses, while keeping us at all times totally in the dark, subservient and dependent on them..

NOW THE GOOD NEWS, and we must always end on the GOOD NEWS that solving this horrific situation and ending this enemy attack form within is DEAD SIMPLE, dead easy:

VIA FACE TO FACE, WORD OF MOUTH to ever living soul we know, we as a PEOPLE just simply need to wake up to this reality of what is actually happening to our Nation, our Children, and then SIMPLY STAND UP, uniting as a PEOPLE to ensure actual REPRESENTATION (something we have zero of today at all levels of gov.) to ABOLISH THEIR ‘MEANS’ here for this pure insanity, their rancid and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL “FEDERAL RESERVE”

....and that can be accomplished in a 15 min. session in Congress, once WE THE PEOPLE have our REPRESENTATIVES in office (and of course that will NEVER, EVER HAPPEN VOTING for any R or D EVER AGAIN at any level of our government. WE MUST ONLY ELECT PEOPLE THAT ARE STANDING WITH US, not associated with any current corrupted political party.

PIECE OF TOTAL CAKE, WE JUST NEED TO SIMPLY WAKE UP, THEN SIMPLY STAND UP, a very simple majority that will easily evolve out of a pure GRASS ROOTS movement created by simple FACE TO FACE, WORD OR MOUTH spreading these two simple truths: (1) it's the FED (their MEANS), and (2) we just need to wake up and STAND to end all this and simply gain back our nation!

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