Monday 6 April 2015

Drugs or what? (Mental Health Conversation)

(Facebook 5/4/15 - Easter day)
John Madden
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I have disclosed that I work in the field of mental health and we treat many who have addictions as well. Some people have psychosis that is not at all drug related. Others have drug induced psychosis. Nevertheless I have seen anti psychotic medications work miracles on people. Sometimes quickly . Sometimes slowly. I have seen the result of those who have stopped taking their meds. In the jest of it all some claim to be Christians others not. I seriously question those in the christian community who take a strong stance against the use of psychiatric medication. I have seen first hand the effectiveness of psychiatric medication
Andy McIntosh Point taken, however I have seen just as many countless zombies medicated beyond ability to participate in normal ADL. I take just as strong a stance against anybody who dogmatically prescribes mind and body numbing meds without at least considering how nouthetic counseling principles might help the counseled. As a pastor I work with the medical professions to find balance between the two Tx modalities.
Chris Welch (who is clueless)" I like this video…/before-you-commit-sui… "
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Samantha Paradinha I agree with both comments, but tend to favor non-medicating. Drugs can be very beneficial for mental health problems. Especially, when a chemical imbalance is the problem, but often vitamins can help as well. A demonized person may benefit from drugs bc it hinders their functioning. I have seen, however, that often people are pushed to take drugs to make others more comfortable. People don't want to look at your grieving or sorrow. It is unsettling. Society, overall, wants people to be productive and work else they see no value in their existence. I can medicate my feelings and be in a zombie state or I can take drugs that push me past the lethargy so I am ('normally') functional until the point of crash and burnout. People need relationships the most. Science has proven how having a pet can alleviate mental and physical problems; how much more a true human friend? Living in the truth is life giving. The Bible says it is good to sit in the dust and consider your ways. I am sure someone would want to give that person some uppers and say get up man! You're embarrassing me!!!
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Samantha Paradinha I have done the Wellbutrin in the am and the Zoloft at night bit with the occasional ambien for sleep. Didn't really help. Had to stop the Wellbutrin for my heart (should never have been on it- oops there doc). The ambien helped me sleep when I had so much pain from a broken bone. Took cymbalta six weeks. It helped tremendously at first for sleep and stopping pain, but I almost dropped dead from the salt imbalance it caused. Soooo yeah, kind of not worth it. Colloidal silver, iodine, and a couple multi- vitamins a day plus my macrobid for uti prevent are all I need. Talking, journaling, seeking The Lord; these have helped the most.
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Samantha Paradinha Also, I must say that coffee in the am and a glass of wine with dinner are very beneficial and less jarring than meds that perform similarly. I couldn't digest my meals after chemo (months later when I was eating more than crackers), but wine w pasta went down well. (Also, the coffee helped my innards function despite all the scarring.) Oh the agonizing from the guilt I had doing that!!! When even scriptures say to have a little wine for your stomach... It is best to simply try to eat well, rest, exercise and be real. I am sure some would have given job some Valium or caffeine (don't know names for any uppers) pills, alternatively depending on which way he was bugging them at the moment. His friends sitting with him in silence for three days was at least something. No one wants to do even that, nowadays. American medicine is Allopathic; meaning proof based and reactionary. Japanese medicine is more preventative. Personally, I like to sit before I fall down. If I feel it coming on... Maybe we should encourage each other to take a break and rest before a breakdown instead of falsely bolstering someone with meds until the point of collapse. Also, seeking the root of a problem and dealing with it is better than glossing it over for decades until the dogs in the basement can be held back no longer and literally all hell breaks loose. Hmm, this the advice of most churches, in my experience. "Get over it."
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Samantha Paradinha So, coming round robin, taking meds is often the way to reach "got over it" status the quickest, yet it is not a cure. It is a stop gap measure.
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Samantha Paradinha Thanks for bringing this up.
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Samantha Paradinha So, are these the ravings of a lunatic? I am not delusional, the world is just really that f-ed up!

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