Monday 13 June 2016

Apostolic Succession?

I am sure Elaine and Adrian won't mind me passing this on, because it is just what this order believe. Their order is an offshoot of Catholicism which nevertheless believes in apostolic succession, in the Papal form, which means the passing of Church authority down by recognition and ceremony since St Peter in one unbroken line.
Actually, this has a certain essence to it, certainly more than an evangelical would say, since evangelicals don't believe in apostles anyway, Without baptism in the Spirit and any concept of anointing why would they?
But here is why it is a fallacy. For example if we made it a Law that everybody in leadership had to have a connection by "zapping" going back to whoever zapped Kathryn Kuhlman, then down through Benny Hinn, to all the people he has zapped.
In genuine Holy Spirit infection terms, something like this did happen in the Toronto blessing. Randy Clark is in the picture somewhere.
But go back to the very first real "commendation we have", Jesus to Peter's confession...."Hey....flesh and blood did not reveal this, but my Father in heaven."
What was the confession?
The Divine realisation that this 'ere carpenter feller, was actually Divine....had no natural father, had come from the Father, was literally God come in the flesh.
This is spiritually discerned. This is in fact our way out.
That's why believing on Jesus saves us. It says there is something else in the Universe which came here and can remove the Adamic curse off us.
But here's the thing.....the Apostolic Word, the apostolic seed, is that we receive that same life without human father, and NOT become two of us.....rattling around in our one tin.....
Romans 6 says.....we died. There is only ONE LEFT.
THIS is the apostolic Word...this same God coming without human father in our flesh.
Jesus clearly states to the disciples who were worried some others were in a separate group....
Nobody who is for me will end up separated.....
WHY? Because the joining is in the Spirit. Whatever God does to circumcise your heart immediately joins you to people who have experienced the same. You don't need club membership. YOU KNOW HIM who is from the beginning. YOU ARE ONE with all those who LIVE FROM the ONE.
Many leftbrainers have searched deeply into things. But try living alongside them. They actually havent been circumcised yet.
When the Body lives happily side by side....then we know the New Covenant has really been formed in us. We can show each other the scars.
Jesus said "Come with Us."
He also said confidently....I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
If you My shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.
Many abide in their leftbrains in a book. Jesus said Come live with us.
And sure enough , their very failure became the Truth that the apostles needed to be totally free.
The Pope hates this talk. The Black Pope hates this talk. Because it destroys a human line of authority. The new apostolic networks are just like the Pope. If you cannot reference YWAM, or Toronto, or Bethel, or John and Carol John Arnott you are stuffed.
But this simply means they need more eyesalve to be able to see Jesus in us as us. That is the only reference you will ever need, but try telling the whole Catholic order, or the subsection which Elaine and Adrian are in?

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