Friday 3 June 2016

The True meaning of the Crown

We as Christians don't mean to be ill-informed. We get caught up in prayer, but without knowing the legalities, we can often only perceive a fraction of what is really going on.
I am grateful for some pointers coming from different individuals in my life.
In Dr Challenors there was the history teacher who at one point had us copy down some of the odd facts concerning World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles. We asked whether we needed to know this. He replied very firmly, "you won't be tested on this, but you DO need to know this."
Secondly our headmaster Dr Loarridge, later given the KBE, explained in quite some detail the nature of maritime Law, which I still have a hard time understanding.

1990 - present day

Mr Loarridge
As the nineties began, Mr Loarridge’s time at the school was coming to an end. He had spent almost twenty years leading the way at Dr Challoner's, and by all accounts had done a sterling job, bringing the school's standard up immensely to make it one of the ‘Top 20 State Schools’ in Britain. Mr Loarridge commented at the time that 'We ought to be at that sort of level with the quality of young men at this school'. He had no intention of pushing the school any higher by dropping weaker students out of the school, though, believing it would betray the heritage of inclusion that was so intrinsic to the school's ethos, accessibility of education being key to the school's success. Mr Loarridge finally retired at Christmas in 1992, leaving behind a better school than he had started with. To this day, students will be familiar with the name, with the Loarridge centre (the library during his time at the school) named after him.  (A full account of the scandal he was embroiled in later and the considered course he took in order to deal with, but also not further destroy boy's lives can be read here,)

Thirdly, and perhaps more subtly, a preacher from Post Green Community came to Emsworth Church to lead a Passover and explain step by step how it was fulfilled through Jesus...and why the sudden change in the added words by Jesus were so significant.....THIS IS MY BODY.....THIS IS MY BLOOD....
But  he also made it clear that the Queen was a part of B'nai Brit,  I later understood  the Scottish Rite....but he probably was unable to state quite how significant all this is, certainly as early as 1982 or whenever it was.

The second video really connects with me after Bill Cooper's book (google it)  After the Flood. He also explains something about genealogies and early British and Irish history which is swept under the carpet.

Finally a statesmanly appeal. I myself don't believe a cessation of war amounts to peace. After 44 years of living with Jesus Christ and baptism in the Spirit and fire, the state of Peace that is in God is not an emotion but a force, but one , like righteousness itself which is tied up with a Blood bought Union which He Himself stooped to perform for us. In other words our delusion of self run independence contains none of a God type peace.....maybe smatterings....but SHALOM is Fulness, Completeness, which is only in a John 15 type union with God the Father in His Son Jesus Christ by the Spirit. This is not theology. It is not even "experience" which I entered into in 1972, but it is the Person of God, His very being, and what He meant when He said
YOU must eat My Body and drink my Blood to have life within you.
The Word of God speaks of a false PEACE. And a man of sin. And arranging a world where no man can buy nor sell without the mark of the Beast. This is not the Peace of God, this is coercian.
Nevertheless the warnings about the Dark Cabal are important to hear.

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