Saturday 18 June 2016

Underground Revival - By Ron McGatlin

Revival As Never Before Seen
A deep rumbling which may become the greatest revival ever has begun DEEP below the surface of natural life in the Spirit realm. This underground revival is taking place deep in the hearts of kingdom believers that have left the confines of natural life to enter the supernatural realms of Spirit God. The Spirit realm in which the pure holy LOVE of God consumes, cleanses, and makes new the sons and daughters of God into the image and likeness of God to reign as the Body and Bride of Christ upon the earth.

The term “revival” must take on a fresh new meaning to reflect this fresh deeper LOVE life that is so powerful that it dissolves everything that is not of God. Literally evil and all it has built is dissolved in the fire of the glory of the pure holy love of God. Revivals of the past have been said by some to be shallow and therefore short lived. The underground-revival may be mostly unseen. Yet the results of it will indeed be earth shaking and world changing.

Deep in the Spirit, intimate marriage-like love connections are being formed that make us one with God in Christ Jesus. All mixture is washed away by the overwhelming experience of love joining us together as one with God and with one another.

That which manmade religion sought to accomplish but could never do is being done in the deep underground revival. The kingdom life of God in Christ is now coming forth from beneath the surface in the depths of the Spirit. God is creating underground a valiant army of many sons and daughters with pure hearts equipped with the supernatural love, power, and wisdom of the Spirit of Christ Jesus abiding within them.

The pure love and union with God is forming His people into oneness with Christ Jesus. “So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.” Romans 12:5. The many mature sons and daughters of God in Christ Jesus are becoming one Spirit and members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones. (Ephesians 5:30-32). God has been waiting for this pure holy seed of the kingdom to be formed to replenish the earth with the reality of the ways and rule of heaven on earth.

The great shaking and the fire of God on the earth that destroys all that is not of God had to wait for the existence of the pure holy sons and daughters of God that are now being formed outside the camp of religion in a deep intimate relationship with God. God has been preparing a people to lift up a standard and carry the seed of the kingdom into the entire world. Without this core of pure humble holy men and women, God would not bring the cleansing fire and shaking to prepare the earth for the re-seeding of the world with the kingdom of heaven. (Isaiah Chapter 2)

God is not willing that any should perish. All that will come to Him shall be saved. Those made righteous by the blood of Christ Jesus will be saved. The greatest season of people coming to the real love and power of God that the world has ever known is just ahead of us. Multitudes are coming by the Spirit. They are not coming to join a church or any religious organization. They are coming forth to become one with Christ Jesus in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

There is absolutely nothing religious about any of this time of great harvest. Many will come from the East and the West to the Spirit Mountain of the glory of God arising from the ashes of the past to the glory of God. (Isaiah chapter 2). The Spirit of God and holy angels moving upon the people will bring instant transformation of many into pure holy people of God filled with the love and life of God. The loss of the old world and all that was in it will not even be a thought in the minds of the multitudes who were dead and now live to praise God in perfect peace and harmony on earth as it is in heaven.

Hidden by the Spirit of God from the fallen world, yet in plain sight, the mostly unseen revival will not have the showy worldly programing demonstrated in recent past revivals. Nor will it have the strong emotional appeals to miss hell fire and go to heaven of the earlier revivals. These and other historical moves of God were awesome and did the early preparation work of turning a portion of the world from natural mindedness to Spirit life in and with God.

The faith of God in Christ abiding in His people of this age will release the ultimate power of God from heaven on earth. The cloud and fire of the glory of God is beyond natural imagination. The underground rumblings will become a mighty roar of power beyond description. There will be no need for any worldly antics or programs to draw or cohere people. The world-changing power of the love and glory of God will be so gloriously overpowering in such an awe-filled presence of the majesty of God that no man can stand. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear. Every knee shall bow. Some will curse God and cry out for the mountains to fall upon them to cover them from the presence of God.

All who will turn to God with their whole hearts will be saved to abide in God and replenish the earth with the love, righteousness, peace, and joy of the Lord, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. The greatest harvest of all time is without any persuasive works of man. Evangelism is simply informing and directing desperate people toward Jesus in this harvest time underground revival.

Perfect Peace

Perfect peace does not come from a serene environment and circumstances. Perfect peace only comes in becoming one with God of all creation, the all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-powerful God of all. In God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit perfect love fills us with all life and all power which provides perfect peace and ultimate joy at all times, completely apart from any evil circumstances or events in this world. All things are possible, and love is unending; it never runs out.

In this current season, the people of the world, including many Christians, have slipped away from God and His ways so far that anyone filled with the life of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit appears to be crazy or deranged to them. At the same time the people have grown to have great tolerance for the ways of evil darkness.

True Spirit of God reality may appear as insanity to the natural thinking, secular minded people of the world and as heresy to the religiously minded pharisaical teachers. However, to the powers of darkness, it is a totally destructive force that produces debilitating fear of annihilation. Yet, to the sons and daughters of God it is serene peace, consuming love, and unlimited power to do the will of God.

Marvelous Spirit reality is seen as madness to the worldly and tyrannous to the devil, but it is a sound mind to the sons of God. A sound mind comes from God. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.

The deep underground rumbling is the kingdom of God and His way coming forth transforming the world to as it is in heaven. Thank You Jesus!

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32.

Ron McGatlin

Chris Welch facebook 18/6/16:
Ron McGatlin's word is a different way of describing the yet once more will I shake the heavens and the earth Word of the gospel. Because people don't hear the gospel doesn't make any difference.....there is no the -er power in the earth as Ern Baxter IS the power of.God unto salvation. IT IS THE SPEAR, THE SWORD GOING INTO THE EARTH, BEING CLEFT IN THE EARTH LIKE.A LEVER TO TURN IT OVER FROM THE FIRST CREATION TO THE NEW CREATION. There isn't another one on its way. The Word Given in Christ as Christ will not return void it will, it is accomplishing that for.which it was sent.
Ron is describing an underground revival. See, we are used to overhead revivals. know how to.describe this? In the sanctuary of the Lord we are used to the Pillar of.Fire, the Cloud of revival overhead. But what happens when the revival has reached to the Holiest Place.itself and now hidden inside the acacia box itself of humanity we are come now to the subterranean hidden revival of the three forms of.Word being grown on the inside of Man Himself as happened to the Christ for 30 years. It isn't going to be so visible is it? What happens when this revival , this overhead Shekinah glory of Fire and Cloud is now above this very thirdlevel, third place of the sanctuary? If our religion has been outer. If our religion has even been that of the second room, the Holy Place, this new thing is going to be totally disarming, without reference to any religion at all.......this is Man come home to His Lord, and His Lord come home to His Man. At first by overshadowing in the hidden realms of his heart, but soon extremely visible.
People say if the first church had these secrets, had men prepared as apostles as they are again now, why did we have to go through nearly 2000 years of a complete death in between. The first church still had outer religion in its core, and the New church had to come.right out of the seducer, had to put out the bondwoman, had to.receive the entire blueprint of the heavenlies direct from heaven as did Jesus, but on its own, as a demonstration of wisdom through the church to principalities and powers that said that nothing like that could ever happen. The Bride come out of heaven.

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