Monday 13 June 2016

Jesus' Problem

River Jordan

He had found out what Life was. Namely Spirit source Life internally from the Father.
He had learned how to live non stop from this spontaneous life.
"Guard the wellsprings of your heart for out of them flow the issues of life" and "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't rely on your insight, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths." His paths were now straight and confident enough the Holy Spirit could tell Him to down tools and begin the next phase. But what do you do when everybody calls you a bastard and will refuse to let you be a Rabbi?
Well you could do worse than see what your Spirit filled cousin is doing in the River Jordan.
There you have a problem, because John thought Jesus didn't need baptising. In fact he thought it'd be best the other way round.
But Jesus was a Jew who knew something under the old covenant about priests and priesthood....though there was anther problem.
Everywhere problems.
He was of Judah, not a Levite.
But it felt right.
So he was baptised.
And like a priest at the ceremonial washing by the Laver, now He received the real version that the olive oil anointing was pointing to.
The Holy Spirit zapped Him, then drove Him off into the desert.
40 days later He had this inner knowing He had overcome the Strong Man and certainly for His present purposes, to begin to attack his kingdom and stronghold over Israel.
What on earth do you do next? Perhaps you try your local synagogue. Not very auspicious, just one reading of Isaiah 61. But the Spirit gave Him 8 extra words.
NOW is this scripture fulfilled in your midst.
Word. Or written prophetic record. NOW.
Three real keys. Right there. Especially if you don't know where else to start from. As none of us people in the Jesus Move did when freshly baptised in the Spirit.....
so errr....what do you do. Hmmmm. Go to that denominational church I suppose? Do something. Share something. Give a gift.
Jesus first miracle wasn't even in a preaching session. It was a family or friend's wedding. the previous churches...people have talked up Jesus into a whole set of beliefs that just have no reality as you learn yourself when you come into Galatians 2.20 living. Jesus had no idea what he was doing. He was spontaneously watching the life of the Father unfold through Him. It's what all thirdlevellers will be doing.
You can't just join previous churches because they live their whole lives in dualism. They cannot trust themselves to God's spontaneous life. Not even the charismatic churches which contain an incredible number of add ons....just in case God won't show up.
Like tithing
Like registering with the Superior General
like format,
like simply being unable to recognise that God does not need to programme a speaker....for you all have God's own life, and the Holy Spirit directs the next bit of Jesus Substance to be shared.
They did this in a waiting on the Lord kind of way in the Quakers before they went Buddhist.
No....thirdlevel church life comes out of Galatians 2, 20 consciousness. What Roger Davin called "Identity precedes ministry." or something like it. Only because you now live there, you are not doing the old thing of "set hours of prayer" before hand.
Like Jesus we are saying simple things as the Spirit gives utterance to do with...."This is that that the Spirit foretold".
Which was how the church began in Acts. Very similar to Jesus first ministry words..."Now is this scripture fulfilled in your midst"
Try a leftbrain imitation of this and it will sound so corny.
NO this has to be your baby.
It has to be coming out of your wellsprings
It has to come out of your consciousness.
And here ofcourse is the rub. Up until now all churches could operate out of dualism. Out of God out there and me here a "mere human"....but not any more. That's the meaning of the altar of incense, of Romans 7.
You now speak....
You are announcing God incarnating Himself in your ministries....and as gathered saints. NO CHURCH MOVE EVER has been this specific.
Graham Pulkingham offended all my Baptist friends by saying
Jorge Pradas offended some but liberated others when in the 70s he said, what are you....a fellowship or the Church. And on that Word Emsworth Church was born.
But no MOVE has ever gone back to Genesis 3 and checked its single identity to remove all dualism. WHO ACTUALLY ARE YOU.
Christ in your form as you (Gaatians 2.20) or Old Man you and New Man you fighting it out like dogs on your schizoid turf?
Jesus said Now is the Spirit of the Lord Upon me...the spiritual me that is come from God from on high, not through human agency.
Guess what the Cross did for us????

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