Monday 20 June 2016

Father's Day

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Pete Cabrera Jr   Royal Family University   on Facebook yesterday
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I was raised with out a father growing up, I always felt a void in my heart my entire life. I never felt wanted or loved growing up. I felt sorry for my self beep down inside. I would cry my self to sleep as a child and I would ask my mother about my father. She never shared anything that settled me in my spirit. But one day in a closet with a rope around my neck I heard my father voice for the first time.
He said if you really want to die let me show you how to live ! He said call your mother,so I did And I gave my life to Jesus over the phone at 3 in the morning with my mother on the other line. She introduced me to my true Father in heaven and when she did that I was settled in my Spirit. To all the Fathers out their I wanted to say happy Father's Day.. Your life matters! Don't underestimate the power of your purpose! Jesus!!!!!!! From the Cabrera's in Jesus name Happy Father's Day..
Chris Welch on facebook yesterday

 I had a good Dad as many on here know.
But I pray that something of the love coming through our family and my wife Christine who, after my mum,Dad referred to as the second angel in his life.... I pray that somehow some of that orphan spirit which drove Dad could be melted away to find rest,
See at 12 I overachieved. I got 11 A's. Cost me a lot I think, because when it did nothing for the relationship my Dad and I had......obviously what psychologists would call some "performance stuff" going on there.... I then divebombed into a depression I don't wish on anyone. Seeing nothing different inside St John's Methodist Church Amersham to the rest of Amersham, i became an atheist.
God started to put the pieces together for me through Billy Graham films a year later in our local Christian outreach centre.
Spelling out John 3 and being born again is so important in the UK churches. hardly anybody knows what it is in Britain.
But the point I want to make is that God has hardwired families to Dads. Dad's are meant to have Galatians 2.20 consciousness by the time their role kicks in. We see this in the pattern given Abraham, then later Moses. Dad's are meant to naturally share God out of their own inner reality. Jesus was in essence, normal when He reached 30, without the complications of sin, and generational garbage through Adamic inheritance. And He taught the normal consciousness to all of His 12 until they too were in it and able to share it from house to house in Acts 2.
But way way up there, is this magnetic thing that Dad's are, being a picture of our heavenly Dad in incarnate form.
This is why Christianity is in three stages, abbreviated for us in 1 John 2. Forgiveness and being born again. Child stage of believing (You can be 70 years old) Young man stage of believing where you get plunged into several opposites and have to learn your inner consciousness of victory that Christ won on the Cross. In other words the young man stage is fixing you for the first time in engaging with the outer world from your very insides.
The Father stage has fixed you in knowing you are a Christ Branch of the Vine, that He is your DNA. And now in real time you can lead others, but also you enter into the direct Commissioning for which you were put on the planet, which is always way way too big for us humanly. For Rees Howells it was speaking to the three World War Dictators and bringing them down to release the planet for sharing the gospel. Since then and certainly through modern media we see every single country preached to, if with North Korea it is nearly impossible as yet.
Every dollar sports the Illuminati and masonic philosophy. Order out of chaos. They create the chaos, then they offer a Luciferian order.
To create chaos, you simply strike the shepherd.
You hit fatherhood.
You feminise him
You create adverts with him always as the nincompoop
If you are in a witchcraft family, you break the child's God consciousness by trauma associated to the Father relationship and their names : God and Jesus. You damage a child's conscience then tell them God is an angry God, not a father, and they can never ever return to Him. SRA (Satanic Ritually Abused )people are everywhere, and many are reading this.
The American and British concepts of Dad are not kingdom. They are rooted in the independent self. They are as lost as the kids are. True Fatherhood is rooted in Galatians 2. 20, and knowing that the Cross made us Christ in our form as us.

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