Wednesday 5 April 2017

What is the religious spirit?

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 It's kind of.a mirror to the Holy Spirit.
You cannot see both but you see their effects. In John 3 the image describing the Holy Spirit is of the wind.
So our main problem with folk caught up in religion here (on Facebook where these were two articles) is it is a spirit people have chosen for themselves to live inside, which gives them the idea that they chose the whole thing rather than be lured. By the Holy Spirit we can stab at the odd bad fruit but the person themselves have to become.weary with the whole.condition and want to leave. In an extreme.form this is true of witchcraft and freemasonry, which take the form of rituals and ordeals which suck you in further and further to demonic control. But the same is equally true of any thing labelled Christianity which isn't walking in the Light of it is today. Today is the day of salvation. The is.where the Holy Spirit lives. And God is the I Am Presence where any collective group gather in the actual.freshness of His Person. If not, like.Sardis, the church will have the name.of being alive, but are actually dead, with the candlestick removed.
In the end.....It's not even beliefs or.actions that cause us to withdraw from groups and conversations on Facebook.....It's the spirit you converse in as you discuss the Holy things of God. We don't argue. We don't fuss. While you talk in such a spirit we just back away. And if you had been in revival settings of the Fire of God you would know what you are doing, but you have probably never seen a real God event in your life. So you simply don't know the spirit in which you speak.
What is the religious spirit? Part 2
As stated in part one it's primary aim, especially in our immature state is to unhook us from the Live I Am Presence of God, the Eternal Now, the current Light of the glory of the Lord. In the Old Testament this was the Israelites following the Pillar of Cloud (of the Shekinah glory) by day and the Pillar of fire by night. Gradually the Israelites were divorced from the Presence of God until even the Ark was captured and led away, and as a memorial to the event, Phinehas's son was called Ichabod, or the glory has departed.
So is it possible to define the religious spirit and how it slowly eats away the Life of God from an individual or Move of God?
Yes it is and a spectacular example is Methodism.
I have no proof of this but in my spirit I feel that Methodism has been targeted more than most denominations because of its original threat and disturbance to the devil's plans for England.
Universities and Exeter was no exception, point out that England was so close to having a civil war. Freemasons had stirred up foment throughout Europe and America and their plans were to do the same in England. The problem was the preaching of Whitfield and Wesley. They preached the length and breadth of England. Thousands upon thousands were radically converted. Some parts of England like Cornwall actually had more Methodist chapels than Anglican ones.
The Jesuit/ freemasonic backlash against all protestant denominations, but above all Methodism has been to secretly infiltrate all seminaries with so called higher German criticism. The Luciferian dynasty that specialises in this is the Russell dynasty, which has produced, Bertrand Russell, Skull and Bones, Watchtower Movement (Jehovah's witnesses)Christ Scientist and several more directly or indirectly.
However in modern Methodism we can watch in real time how a movement that was white hot for the Lord, bringing in innumerable converts became a virtual death wish waiting to happen. This was the denomination in which I was raised before I ever heard the gospel at 13. It caused me to become an atheist at 12.
During the period that the Ark of God's presence was taken from Israel by neighbouring tribes, the outer forms of worship continued, and this is true of the Methodism I saw.
Hymns were sung, always 150 year old ones. Communion was celebrated and infants baptised just like Catholics and Anglicans, and humanist sermons were preached.
So what was eroded by the religious spirit?
The requirement to experience being born again, the insistence on an experience of grace.
The "methodical" system of class meetings was stolen by Marxists, while in Methodism it degenerated from being a vehicle of discipleship to a venue for reasoned and philosophical discussions around the Bible, which it nolonger regarded as inspired by the Holy Spirit .
instead of following the Holy Spirit as He reintroduced adult baptisms via the Baptist movement, and plurality of eldership via the Presbyterian and Brethren movements, the religious spirit eroded the organisation to being more or less identical to the Catholic/Anglican body it had come out from.
Certain Methodist splinter groups were formed, but how living these groups were, and how much the religious spirit turned their heaven/hell preaching into the heavy gothic leftbrain styling of Jesuits and Catholics, instead of a presentaion of real grace and life in Jesus Christ? Their bitter fruit is also scattered across Britain, with splits in famiiles, family feuds.etc.
The same religious spirit attacked the Brethren movement splitting it into some 30 tributaries by the 1970s. Certainly the Brethren as a Movement and the Methodists, like the Anglicans ,strongly rejected the outpouring of the Spirit through the 1900 Pentecostal movement.
A final effect of the religious spirit upon Methodism is its Que sera sera attitude to sickness, which you will see as a fruit of religiosity throughout the denominations.
Sickness is, they believe, a necessary evil, something for our sanctification, and while, certainly you go through the motions of prayer in the meetings, if as usually occurs, there is no healing, then it is assumed to be God's will.
A superb religious technique for never really exercising any faith and never having to take any responsibility, but inwardly blaming God for all.
Rob Frost in the 1980s-2000s was used to counter some of the religious spirit in Methodism and introduce people to the baptism in the Spirit. But Rob never ever quite left the intellectual realm in which Methodists operate, being a fervent believer in evolution and a lot of the other freemasonic ruses, many of which are still being uncovered. We are to use our judgment, but if our tool is not calbrated correctly in the Holy Spirit, the devil can tell us all kinds of lies with a BBC posh voice, and for sake of not losing face with our contemporaries, we will go along with it, when it is just hot air.

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