Thursday 13 April 2017

User Friendly URL

Well as we approach the millionth page impression or page opening on my blog it has dawned on me after 8 years, that a URL that is
080808onnowto. is not the easiest to recall!!!!
Now as most people press links in emails twitter or Facebook it's not that big a deal.... but try sharing that URL with friends!!! Hmmm. No wonder the thirdlevel message is slow to get out!!!!
So Google asked me if I'd like a more memorable URL.
So I bought one
This'll be easier!!!
My blog is not announcing a corporation cornering the thirdlevel market. How do you even do that when Jesus is our cornerstone and the One we all have to do with!!
So my blog is simply an information site!! So you can connect with Jesus yourself.
So here is the simpler URL
or simpler

existing URL links will still function

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