Sunday 23 April 2017

Fractals and science are running parallel

Morris Cerullo says all TRUTH is parallel.
Heard of fractals?
Fractals describe our reality as totally interlinked from the small to the galactic.
In 1900 a new reality or new form of Christianity was introduced right at the time Einstein was coming up with his theories of relativity. The Christian Outpouring of the Holy Spirit was called Pentecostalism and some 60 years later continued to be rolled out in the traditional denominations.
By 1920 Einstein was NOT happy with his theories. There were things still missing. This period tends to get hushed up. Einstein actually started to quote Tesla's theory which included the concept of an "ether"
By the 1930s the spiritual ministries of apostles and prophets were re-discovered in the context of the baptism in the Spirit and the version of pentecostalism which became a major missionary movement known as Apostolic churches was formed.
By the 40s and 50s, while healing evangelists were travelling through the earth, some of these early pioneers started to see the same drawbacks that Jesus discovered. By John Chapter 6 the Holy Spirit was highlighting to Him that people were following Him for outer signs and outer needs, which although bundled within His message, wasn't actually what Jesus was sent to do, which was to lay the axe to the root.
Whether the secret science that goes on at CERN has now got to the root of the material realm, certainly public science is still tied up with rather sketch accounts of reality all propagandised by the Royal Society and the BBC. As Einstein had observed by the twenties, this is very incomplete.
By the 50s when healing evangelism was at its height, small bunches of Christians all over the globe were discovering that there was a third level to Christianity, and was the actual spiritual version that Jesus spoke and taught and imparted.
It explained the concepts inside of concepts inside of concepts way of teaching that represent Jesus parables. Think Russian dolls.
It explained missing elements in newer Christian moves that now meant something.
Fall into the ground like a seed and die....
the five foolish virgins and the five wise virgins
It explained why there is a two phase aspect to this sentence
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
So by the 1950s the Manifest Sons Movement began and people understood more of the Tabernacle blueprint in the heavenlies. There are three areas to the Tabernacle. There are three stages of Christian growth according to 1 John 2.
They MIRROR our own natural reality of children, young men and adults or fathers.
Thirdlevel opens everything inward at the same time as everything we perceive naturally. As one is being discovered so the other is opening up.
A fractal is a good picture.
Each meeting is a fractal of the heavenly blueprint, the tabernacle. Each encounter with Christ is a fractal.
If you broke open a believer on the first day they encounter Jesus you would see their spirit born complete already a complete tabernacle in its own right.
Our lives as a whole are fractals of the whole thing.
Nobody has the right to make fun of a baby because they are not adult. No one has the right to make fun of a young man because they are not at the stage of true fatherhood yet.
But what we see in Hebrews 6 is that part of an apostle and prophets job is to behave like a mother bird and destroy the nice cosy nests that are now hindering a baby bird's development. So yes, charismatic situations that have remained so now for 4 or 5 decades, you had better believe we are coming to tip them over and get the birds out to fly!!!!
This very day we have had screams on Facebook against me and people like me of
of cult leader
of asshole
when all I am doing is coming and saying excuse me....your birdsnest is now far too small and it is getting in the way of your development.
That's all thirdlevel is. Growing up. And you will find when you have grown up, that you too are a Father level type ministry who everybody calls names just about the time their cute little nest is being overturned.
Thirdlevel is the only opposite of a cult in the world.
Everybody else on earth is already inside Rothschild's Pyramid
or some baby Christian pyramid of first and secondlevellers.
The third level relates you directly to the Head, and if you and I are in the Head then we will ofcourse be bumping into each other often, but not because we are held together by strings and manipulations....but because Jesus is real, and is moving us around.

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