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28th December John Edwards Encourages me

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Chris Welch
28 December at 05:23 ·
What happens to males in a world that refuses to cross the Spirit barrier the other side of the altar of incense or the Feast equivalent of Day of Atonement ?
They gather in sheds doing LabAid with junked school equipment, or other sheds of voluntary work,
Or they take up saxophone in a weekly band called Sax in the City.  (Some of the activities in the UK for retired males)
Is the calling of our generation of men lost forever? Did Ern Baxter even exist?
Was there a man called Norman Grubb or John G Lake?
I thought not.

1 John Edwards
John Edwards
John Edwards Somebody asked me once if I believed in Leprechauns, ‘of course not’ I responded.........but they’re there......
Chris like Elijah felt alone on occasions there were 7,000 reserved.
Today as I travel I’m meeting all kinds of incredibly hungry souls who hunger after the deeper things of God. So....keep writing, keep explaining, keep encouraging us. We’re here....

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