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The evangelism Blueprint.

First section Facebook 17th January 2018
John Stevens was part of an outreach from COLIN Urquart at Roffey. They ,the church ,had their own bus and went to minister, listen to, preach and pray for people in towns up and down Britain.
The bus was professionally kitted out. They didn’t believe in the traditional slap dash displays or the soberly dressed humourless preachers preaching hellfire in the middle of streets. Others since have participated in healing on the streets. It is possible to mark off an area in the Spirit, such that people passing through that area even without looking for it or believing anything, find themselves healed. This happened to a lady taking a shortcut through the space to reach her bank.
In Reading Elaine Trimlett Glover knows a former homeless man who is now converted who has fitted out a bus with beds for the homeless. They preach the gospel and provide support.
For several years now different groups have been doing many performances of the Passion Play. Just dramatising the gospel with the words of the gospels is extremely powerful. This was done in Havant Park with a high level of excellence.
The drawback is that it isn’t fundamentally real. The Christians who take part are only marginally connected with each other, whereas the original people lived as community for all the years during and after Jesus ministry.
Bugbrooke Uk was a community that formed in the Jesus Move around the time a lot of us were doing the equivalent of going from house to house during our teens. But while many of us were seeking God for how He would guide His Church .... and frankly .... just reveal what the Kingdom really was.... well these guys formed the evangelistic Jesus Army, and would go up and down M40 and M1 into the bigger cities of Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and down to London.
Jesus NEVER CEASED EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY..... but the thing secondlevellers don’t seem to get is that
Co former of the whole universe
Left His glory aside
Came in the likeness of human flesh but not of our sinful line...
Yet nevertheless learned manhood exoerientislly from scratch
For 30 years
Doing nothing in ministry .
Pentecostals and charismatics can’t even conceive what on earth He was doing.

What He was doing was becoming a thirdleveller as described in 1John 2.
And for that reason, while training and raising more ministries, he never ceased in evangelistic ministry from the moment He received His anointing as a priest.

The message Jesus and now us preach is subtly different from the package other Christians preach.
We preach the Kingdom of God coming now,
In us.

First and secondlevellers preach a gospel at one remove still. A gospel in a bubble that is somehow untouchable yet until after Jesus comes in the rapture.

The gospel we preach is the whole package dramatised in all the three Jewish Feasts

We preach Passover whereby the Angel of Death sees the blood of Jesus and we apply that to our whole house
We preach Pentecost and every part of the message of anointing for ministry
But we also preach Tabernacles with all its elements including
Living together having Galatians 2.20 consciousness..... we celebrate this realm in the Spirit and expect and know that it leads to more water outpouring and more ingathering of harvest.
We are not cheap in our gospel taking shortcuts. We are saying our gospel works and of itself produces the fruit that the other stages work so hard at emulating.... but never quite get to it.
They DO experience inundations
Real experiences
But JOHN 15 is at another level....
It’s the much fruit that comes out of living Out from Christ’s resurrection, from the Vine Himself


How "saved"do you have to be before sharing the secret?

Well amazingly enough Jews never did.

Noah did. He KNEW righteousness and preached it.

Enoch would have. And his "WAS NOT" would have stirred things up a great deal.

Abraham began his testimony BEFORE he had one.

He changed his name from Abram by God's personal calling to him, to Abraham or exalted Father, or father of a multitude....

and he did that before he had one kid!!!!
So there is an aspect to testimony and evangelism that is LEGITIMATE, and based on saying the crazy things we cannot see yet.

The Psalms are NOT like this....but Jews in general DO NOT PROSYLETIZE. The Psalms command that we tell of the great things of God. Jews tend to sit quite smugly on their information....

that they are called to be the top dog nation
that ofcourse the Word is true.....and have you seen the size of the fruit in our land!!!!

Canaan was a blessed land in their possession.

Queen of Sheba turned up for a visit and it says she had hardly any breath within her......she thought Israel was awesome.

Jews have a quiet knowledge that the Word works. They are steeped in Psalm 119, the fullest breakdown of the many many facets of what LOGOS, TORAH, God's Word is.

And by the way, to reduce everything to LOGOS, an intellectual conception, which is the Greek totally insufficient.

You need at least some sprinkling of the Buddhist conception of "vibration"

of the Jewish idea of bringing things to birth

of literally conceiving SEED and bringing forth  the manifestation.

Every single bit of this so far in the heavenly Tabernacle Blue Print is but OUTER COURTS religion.....but as you can see from Psalm 119, even this is not's whole of life....

it's  "Queen of Sheba busting".

So what happens when Jesus comes into this scenario and preaches step two and three....

the Jjewish Feast equivalents of Pentecost and Tabernacles....???

oh not forgetting that He turns up to tell them actually the Passover thing wasnt just about the birth of them as a nation leaving Egypt through the Red Sea.....but that really Passover was about the end of one Adamic Creation

and the introduction of a whole New thing.

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!"


It almost was not permitted by God UNTIL it was about the WHOLE NEW THING.

Jews just thought they were being expedient by not prosyletising, when it seems as good as the OUTER COURT old Covenant system was God only pressed Jesus to begin evangelism when it was the start of the complete gospel.

So what was the gospel?

Jesus said after reading Isaiah 61


Jesus, he mature man of 30,

having done nothing but mature for 30 years,

then gets the Anointing to minister

then faces the devil down to gain authority over what the devil considers his territory of Palestine.....

then is quietly reading Isaiah 61 in a normal synagogue context, when like in most Anglican churches, everybody was half asleep....

then Jesus goes and wrecks it all by stating


Now Jews couldnt state this. They couldnt preach this.

Jesus HAD OVERTURNED Genesis 3 delusion living for 30 years, then out of that consciousness as the Last Adam, coupled with the New Priestly Anointing, that had nothing to do with the Levitical system....

Jesus was declaring the total power of God to deliver people from the ROOTS upwards.

It is the POWER of GOD.

Evangelism isnt really telling people how they can go to heaven.

Evangelism isnt really telling people how they can have the Power of God blast them clean.

Because Jesus said about the second thing....

If your house is cleaned but remains deserted, then actually the first devil will call his friends and tell them what a nice place your body and life is now it has got zapped, and then, now filled with seven times as many demons, your end will be worse than if  nothing had happened.

So at the start of each gospel, Matthew Mark Luke John, Jesus is ministering in two ways:

One declaring the actual Kingdom has come, and proving it with power,

But also like in Matthew 5 and 6 leaving us in no uncertainty about the sort of thing this Kingdom means....

in terms of shedding one system, one matrix of death, for another CREATION

another COVENANT

another Spirit of POWER.

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