Wednesday 24 January 2018

The "Co operative" Self Employed Movement

The Antidote to Carillion

We live in a remarkable age. Local Treasures is just the business name of a local conglomerate of service trades. I don’t know how they work the finances, whether they have an app similar to Airbnb or Uber or other booking app. But they cover all small jobs that handymen used to cover as well as tutoring, all aspects of cleaning  and housework, plus bringing hot meals round, or even more grand catering for events!!!!!

That’s a concept waiting to be rolled out worldwide!!!!!! Especially as many other businesses don’t now support small jobs but deal only with bigger installations or extensions or complete refurbishment projects.
Roll on the bold self employed!!!!

I am convinced that many aspects of marketing or layers of marketing like MLM are waiting to be developed. The money and wealth is in the maths of commission fragments over several levels.
There is literally no reason one person has to be Mr Big. There can be any number of Mr Bigs organising services and products wherever they can be needed or thought up.

There are now many booking and customer management apps that can automate whatever you choose to be your money Tree .
Just as accounting software is taking over more and more of the book keeping and accounting roles...... so marketing and booking can also be increasingly used online.

The fall of Carillion
The enormous rates of modern tax servicing astronomical payments to black ops, warfare, NASA, huge interest payments to a private tier of elite.....
Are factors causing pause for reflection about which aspects of what we are doing are part of the problem and which are part of the solution.

Take just one change of one individual as an example.
Let’s call him Bert.
He’s 28 stone. Has virtually no life , being virtually house bound. He is reliant on support and the health system, and housing support.

Then he discovers he can change his diet.
He drops an initial 10 stone becoming so much more able. He also discovers the secrets of food, probiotics, and also complete nutrition ( 91 Vitamins needed to keep us in perfect health) and not the five a day veg and fruit but more like the real 9 a day we all need.
More or less written off and not that far from early death, this one individual becomes a force of nature instead. Losing more weight he feels abounding with new energy. Gets a job, or becomes self employed and master if his own life, he no longer drains the system at all, but is very much part of the solution.

And this is just one.

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