Tuesday 2 January 2018

USA - July 4th has no basis in actual truth

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July 4th is Independence Day in the US.
It isn’t true at all.
They like us are simply a sub state of Vatican Crown rule.
Like us, they are allowed Protestant labels, but if any church is a registered church, and just about everybody has bought into the scheme just as Judas did, namely “ for money”, or contemporarily referred to as tax relief,they are in fact registered churches under the Black Pope and Jesuitry.

The Book of Daniel says we are in a “ feet version” of the image.
So it stretches from Babylon onwards like a Spacetime giant statue beginning with metals right down to our day of disguised metal rule. Iron mixed with clay.
Who was made of clay? Or mud?
Our whole race through Adam.
Flesh in the overarching sense not the sinful flesh sense.
Metal is essentially not human.
It has no give.
It is unyielding.
It has no personality.
It’s like an “idea fixe” in somebody’s leftbrain.
It’s like law without heart.
It could even be trans humanism run by computer.

The Rock hewn from the Mountain of God is able to smash the feet of iron and clay.
What’s the reference to the Mountain?

Well Moses came down the mountain with 10 unyielding tablets and a fading glory which he covered up.

So how do we get hewn like Rock from this same mountain?

We believe upon the Rock who came down from the mountain of God.... Jesus Christ.
We wait upon the Lord which in Hebrew means become entwined with like rope.

This is a prototype which most of you will also know from prayer times of your own.
But in 1983 or so God spoke to me to get up early and wait upon Him. This period was daily for weeks and months.
I wasn’t to speak, to pray, to request, to pray in tongues..... just be silent.
At 5am and not being a morning person it was up there with some of the most crazy stuff I have been directed to.
I didn’t receive anything I could pass on. Nothing outwardly was happening.
But slowly I was aware of a fire transfer in the middle of my being. A strong burning. At times quite difficult along the lines of the verse
Who can endure the fire of the Lord?

There was a fresh authority in prophecy. There was a notable occasion in a Welsh Conference calling the thing to attention.

This also was occurring with Stan Warren as he would seek God through the problems of 30 Living together with things emerging in lives

This also happened with Ian McCulloch most significantly as God called him to hive off in a caravan for I think a month.
His ministry changed after God began opening up the glory realm to him around this time..... the sort of messages we would hear for the next 30 years all round the world.

So this Mountain we are now hewn out from is real . It is the Rock of Revelation Jesus punned with Peter or Petra about.
It is the new creation
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, the new has come into being.
It is what Jesus Church is built on
And it is the material against which “the gates of hell cannot/ shall not prevail.”

2 Cor3.5 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.

It doesn’t say “Gods sufficiency is big enough, “in the sense that He comes swooping down as a wonder God Marvel Creation....

It says “ our sufficiency” is of God.


It really does help seeing the script. Once you see the One World script
A. It tells you things aren’t quite as random as they are made out to be
B. You have a script base to deliberately do the opposite
First you need to look at how we got here. Read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion... but don’t think Semites.... think obscure Kabbalist Takeover merchants
Google the Frankfurt School or read my blogpost 
Read Vatican Assassins
Read Juri Lina’s Architects of Deception
Read or watch Dr John COLEMAN on the Council of 300, the top echelon who control all the biggest infrastructures
Read my latest post on a closed lecture by an insider in 1969
Why do these things?
Well it’s a bit like young DAvid rounding the corner and seeing what his brothers in Sauls armies were doing. The big difference was that that Goliath was obvious. But what wasn’t obvious to David’s brothers was the phrase DAvid used
Who does this uncircumcised Philistine think he is? DAvid considered Gods power, the army just looked at their own.
The same for us.
You get idiots who say focus entirely on God.
What they mean is sing la la la la with your hands in your ears while Satan takes over the planet.
Or you get idiots who are overawed by all intricacies of the hugeness of the world plan and that the bankers own upwards of 500 trillion pounds.
That’s just paralysing. And idiotic.
What isn’t idiotic is to realise that God put us here on earth now rather than in heaven with our forbears to do what DAvid did, and consider God as far superior and to be like Jesus also who was incensed that the devil even try to get Jesus to worship him as ruler of the earth.
The devil only rules his own. The Earth is still the Lords and the fullness thereof. See psalm 24.1

If the Light that is within you is Darkness imagine full on Darkness....
Said Jesus
Then went on to prove it.
The law and order forces , Herod and Pilate
The religious forces , who were ostensibly all about morality and the worship of God
Killed Jesus.

The plans are always roughly the same:
Get into all forms of order and Light
The militia ,the police ,royalty , government, education and religion, then corrupt them
Then expose them
Create revulsion
And destroy them
Then bring in your own Luciferian alternative

If the light that is in you is Darkness how great is the Darkness?

(God however is not Lucifer and His plans are way above just law and order and peace, where peace only means cessation of war)

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