Tuesday 2 January 2018

1st and 2nd level situations Can be Extremely limiting

Three related Facebook Posts of mine this week:
I got nervous this week when I saw a poster on Facebook for a "deliverance Class"

Who gets nervous about secondlevellers operating in thirdlevel ministries?
I am not talking about the gifts. I am talking about ministries which have greater than church impact.
Particularly deliverance.
Some of us refer to the Dark Night of the Soul or the living experience of Romans 6 and 7 to be somewhat our Log extraction moment.
Jesus said don’t attempt splinters if you are still hampered by a wacking great log in your eye.
There is no greater log than still carting round Genesis 3 separation consciousness.
I don’t care if you have a supernatural propensity for deliverance..... my area initially was prophecy worship and worship songs.....
But would I feel happy being in that area as a definite ministry without walking right through Romans.....
And because of the very tale Jesus told of a house being cleaned and tidied, but then the demons return because it’s all clean and nice bringing 7 times as many back.
How are you going to move effectively in deliverance if you are still in the root problem that brought the whole foul condition to earth..... Genesis 3?

Can we have some thirdlevel deliverance ministries and prophets please, oh and apostles.
If only to prove to Preterists they still exist.


I divided myself off here from Francois duToit and Andre Rabe and Anne Marie for two sets of reasons. Anne Marie because she doesn't do iron sharpens iron and just like Lydia Du Toit puts up extremely positive stuff sharing the love of Christ.
In that sense you can get in anywhere with that message. ( I would recommend anybody to hitch up with all of them)
Nobody is going to be offended by somebody preaching 1 Corinthians 13.
I felt like.St Paul writes.....while Francois is ripping up the earth with Andre sharing the amazing message of the Mirror Laver you can only applaud that and think it's wonderful that Jesus Name is being lifted up.

But boy, for me, already squashed in a box for 20 years and finally let out on the internet, it was just way too confusing hanging around them all, while God is trying to take the message further to something that St Paul and the other apostles are saying. I think Francois and Andre get the basic idea that there has been a switch, but they don't seem to preach yet on the effects of the switch.

Most of Watchman Nee gets this far but that isn't because Nee didn't know more, as we can hear from any of the tapes by Witness Lee, his associate.
The sad thing is the books were all from the early notes and messages before they had been road tested and road travelled in persecuted church, and later of course prison.

So in book form the deeper Bible messages as to how Christianity works are only to be found in people like Basilea Schlink and Ed Miller and messages of Sam Fife etc.
Here's the truth guys.... the community in Darmstadt were BEYOND ANYTHING BASILEA PUT IN BOOKS. She put the effects in books like Realities.... But the mystical processes not so much. Yet when I lived with them they were sharing more of the “how's” of the deeper walk.And this wasn't theory with them.....they lived that way......But still in quite a Lutheran way, which wasn't that accessible to modern Germans and English people.

Ed Miller and Jorge Nuria Pradas were way beyond anything they put in books. Unlike Francois and Andre Rabe who you go primarily to hear , these guys could preach, and they preached stuff that people are still catching up with today, but primarily you hung around them for the way they ran meetings in such a way that God could show up.

It was allowing God direct access to His Church and the Church building up the Church as in Ephesians 4.
You were participating in the very way God dismantles His people in the manner of the Lords Prayer ready for rebuilding them.for the final section of declaration.

All the work of.God is ultimately to take people right through the material in the psalms of.Ascent 120-134 but to.rebuild them from scratch and join them together as priests 133 ready for the final climax and showdown of declaration blessing over the whole earth 134.

Charismatic meetings do early prototypes.of this but they haven't been through the processes of Romans 6and 7 in the covered portions of the Tabernacle.....the Heavenly one.
Laying the foundations of Romans 3 to 5 on a Mediterranean cruise......While necessary......It doesn't actually get you to that place of authority that Christ is taking His Church to.

When you meet a thirdleveller you are projecting your hell onto them.
Nearly everything about them is offensive.
Read your gospels will you?
Watch. Every single small phrase. The ones you glide past.
Look at how the disciples treated Jesus when they returned from shopping in John 4. They really are the ugly sisters. Jesus is Cinderella. By speaking to one “ disallowed woman, a Samaritan” virtually her whole village had come to God. And the disciples are complaining about not helping with the Sainsbury’s shopping bags!!!!

Or others in history
“Children are taught the story where Alfred is on the run from the Vikings, taking refuge in the home of a peasant woman. She asks him to watch her cakes – small loaves of bread – baking by the fire, but distracted by his problems, he lets the cakes burn and is roundly scolded by the woman. Historic-Uk

This is all any English Child is taught about the incredible Christian king. But that’s how Catholic Jesuits rewrite our histories. Good job we have early records of the Bible, think what Jesuits would do with it.
Jesus healing birds at two or levitating bears or something. Yet what the New Testament actually says, no Catholic wants to know and obey!!!!!

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