Tuesday 2 January 2018

Librarians : Book Centred Knowledge of God


The real gospel is gloriously simple.
It's about love.
Librarians don't do love, because love isnt leftbrain. They just say "Ssssh"
The Power of God is gloriously simple which is why children access it.
A high proportion of kids prayers are answered.
But the leftbrain doesnt do power.
When was the last miracle you saw in a library?
Who was the last librarian you saw get out of a boat and walk on water.
You can see now why Jesus never chose Luke, the librarian, to found the Church.
And you can see why God bypassed Brits in the last 100 years when he wanted to evangelise the world through the Holy Spirit.
Of all the masses of people saved in the last 50 years, it wasnt through one librarian.
When Rory and Wendy founded God Channel, just after visiting my house looking to buy a piano, God never called them out of a library in South Africa!!!!
If you want a God project done do not call a librarian.

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