Sunday 29 April 2018

No Fishing

As well as cancer and diabetes, start examining “ no go areas”. These are whole areas where the devil has put up no fishing signs.
It’s where the problems are now so culturally protected that “ the right thing or the Spirit thing cannot be done “
Jesus had to forcibly silence mourners and throw people out of the room where Hecwas praying.
When He spoke to the lame man at Bethesda He had to first break the hold of the old system over the man.
Do you want to wait around for an angel or a Benny Hinn or do you want to walk literally with Me today.
In the 90s ARTHUR BLESSITT spent the morning with Yasser Arafat, crossed the border and spent the afternoon with Benjamin Netanyahu ( or whoever was Prime Minister of Israel). Every border, blockade, scrap of BBC news, every human intelligence would have said, you don’t do that. But ARTHUR was led by love and the Holy Spirit .
Wherever you start seeing mysterious fences and the Holy Spirit is saying, they are not real,
Walk through them.
Some of the most evil fences surround our Black Ops and security services and military bases, and a whole series by Miles JOHNSTONE called just Bases is on YouTube.
How much of even this is just Tavistock Institute mindbending I don’t know, but there is some dreadful truth in there.

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