Sunday 29 April 2018

The Millennium is about Genesis 3

The whole of the 70s and 80s was Word of Faith.
People preaching Deuteronomy 28.
Nothing wrong with that, but it’s secondlevel.
The Millennium is about Genesis 3

Jesus said I came to lay the axe to the root.
He was finding the “ root” in Peter the night before His trial.
And He repaired the root in Peter on the seashore having the fish barbecue.
Three times He asked Peter do you love Me.
This is Spirit repair for the three denials.
Interesting that the first commandment is such a repair tool huh?

Evangelicals hate prosperity preaching.
I just hate Deuteronomy 28 preaching that denies the root of our problem, which for Jew Gentile and Christian and any other faith, remains Genesis 3.

Judgment begins with the House of God.
So look out world.

In reality this means Gods foundation for building a world which He describes as
Surely as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of my glory

The foundation for this is

But that in the Spirit is described as

Yet once more will I shake the heavens and the earth as of things that can be shaken.

Understand this.... His Life in us as us can’t be shaken.

So while the rest of Facebook regularly fights about the existence of hell,
I preoccupy myself with the fact that
In Christ is no hell.
Christ in us as us cannot be shaken.

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