Sunday 29 April 2018

Dr Michael Greger Excerpt

8 April 2018 23:50
....not everyone is so magnanimous though. Others are angry.Why didn’t their doctors tell them how lifesaving our dietary choices can be? When I present decades old studies showing how easy some of our killer diseases can be reversed the audience is left thinking,
“ Wait a second. Does that mean my brother didn’t have to die?!” Or their sister or mother or best friend?
Dr Dean Ornish was publishing studies back in the 1990s proving that heart disease could be reversed. The diabetes reversal study I presented at the event that Chris ( mentioned up the page as having beaten diabetes) attended was written in 1979. It showed that people who had been living with type 2 diabetes for as long as 20 years injecting 32 units of insulin a day, could get off their insulin in just thirteen days.
Let that sink in for a moment: people with diabetes for 20 years can go off all insulin in less than two weeks . They endured insulin for 20 years because nobody told them about a plant based diet. For decades they had just been thirteen days from being free!!!🤦‍♂️
Dr Michael Greger M.D.
from how not to die series.

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