Monday 30 April 2018

Please help Sam Bashir get to the Church Growth Conference

Sam Bashir

Who is Sam Bashir?

Sam has been sending through photos for several years showiing his work of aiding and abetting Children's ministry in Pakistan which is Muslim.

They sometimes use the phrase Sunday school teachers, because that is a quick way of explaining to a Westerner what he is involved with.

But it doesnt quite convey what they are doing.
You see Islam has after school teaching for youngsters which is largely moral training according to Islam teaching.

Not only in Christian areas but also using  this service evangelistically with Muslims or secular Pakistanis, Christians run similar after school services to be able to teach life from a Christian viewpoint.

So these are practical and necessary academic boost training but within an atmosphere that teaches youngsters about the love of God and the Christian gospel.

Sam's work is incredibly ey and you can imagine all of them are at risk from attacks from Muslims who do not like their activities. Sam often convenes meetings of national Christian (Sunday)schoolteachers, to encourage them , teach them and make them more effective.

Sam requires monetary aid for stationery goods, Bibles in Urdu, for helping people have what is needed to live and work.

He contacted me because of this invitation to the CGI conference and it will cost him $2000 to attend.
I was quite annoyed that they were not going to help Sam get there. The advantage for Sam is that he can network with the right kind of evangelistically tuned people and let them know how this works in Pakistan.

Sam's Facebook page is here:

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