Sunday 1 April 2018

The first God -Ordained Stage : Self Organisation

First of two writings this Easter day. Whether the cells in our body, or the cells in our brain, the first thing is self-organisation.

First thing a civilisation has to do is organise itself. Same for the world.
But if you are plugged into the wrong spirit , yes you build a big phallic structure called Babel, but what then?
Now Freemasons everywhere are still angry about God stepping in to prevent this, seeing Him as the angry threatened Adonai cowering in fear lest humans get it together, but real Jews, real Christians and those of real inner faith know otherwise.
For like individuals learning their way in the world as I said, so much starts by organisation. Moving the counters around and storing them neatly. Or saving counters to buy more extraordinary complex counters.
But simultaneous to this first socialisation stage, we were also to be brought up in worship. Parents were always meant to be , not the final object of respect, but the leverage means by which kids scale up to what God is like.
The big scalar difference is that God is Spirit, and unlike the theft of the Buddhist, He is our Father and very much a Person. But He is Spirit.
“ Scalar difference” in that we are making our first leaps from the material to “ within the material”.
Reading between the lines.
Higgs Boson.
Melchizedek particles
The ghost in the machine
The quantum.
Kids in a non Illuminati run world, would, like Emsworth Church’s kids in the eighties be brought up within the atmosphere of all ages seeking the Presence of God together.
Dancing in worship.
I will enter into His courts with thanksgiving and praise.
Sir James Macmillan the composer and at times choir director spoke in St Andrews of the difficulty of getting volume out of Catholic boys in their English choirs.
Their Male Peer models spend their entire life using music to provoke sex hormones and love hormones. While this is a service to help our community reproduce, in our Illuminati world, music is now seen to do little else.
In worship from a young age kids learn sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
Who exalts God big time
Who leads us into all truth
Who leads us creatively as He too is the Creator
He tells us the Plan of God sufficient to its unfolding, this we call the prophetic.
In their “self organising “ years they are also beginning to learn of the quantum world.

Whatever the genuine spirit belief system, you will learn from books, and in deeper teaching, that just about all esoteric teachers, may not see the need yet of Jesus Christ the Cornerstone of the new creation, but they do know world civilisation has to rise to a new place spiritually, in order for the outer to change.
We have to rise beyond mere bean counting.
The organisation and storage of our “ counters”
House of Rothschild is pre eminent in materialism. Their dynasty has taken the organisation principle, the shifting and sorting of what is here, to the nth degree.
In the plan of God this is like the Victorian classroom monitor kindly laying out all the requirements for the class for the lessons ahead. The pencils, pens , the paper, collecting any free milk.
Rothschild has collected up many of the tools we need.
House of Rothschild , while seeking their own Solar Cult Dawn, and paying for it through the arrangement of all the wars, and repositioning Israel, and confusing us with many aspects of the concentration camps,
Have overseen the entire computer age, and through their “ secret wars “ plan, have tabulated every aspect of human life.

But to rise further we need spirituality. Now the solar cult plan is to further Genesis 3 and keep everyone pursuing “ their own false independent “ courses, and continue stripping the Name of Jesus, the true Lord, from planet earth altogether.

Instead of prayer, worship, seeking Gods face
and loving the One who gives us life eternal,
the aim is to reintroduce spirituality almost in the guise of a secular tool

The FIRST THING THAT HAPPENS when we enter proper relationship with God is that He is the I AM.... which necessarily brings us back into “ a mindfulness on acid”

We enter into Gods mind, His way of thinking.
His Plans for Incarnating Himself like Jesus through a multitude.

But for this flood tide to happen we are forgetting the first and second commandment

To love God with everything we have got
And to love each other in the same way
Knowing He it is living As Us

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