Sunday 29 April 2018

Thoughts and snippets in the past month

The wild patch
I have not posted a blog since April 7, but I have written daily pretty well on Facebook.So  here like the patch I am allowing to grow wild around our apple tree is a series of thoughts through the month.

On the Book of Revelation....
Revelation is not the revelation of John.
Of all 66 books it is the most incredible.
Verse 1 States it is the revelation given to Jesus Christ by God the Father and then transmitted by His servant John.
All books are inspired by the Holy Spirit, but no book or gospel claims to be a book of revelation given to Jesus Christ Himself in the heavenlies.
It’s on another level again and if we need the Holy Spirit to unseal the book of Daniel at the end, then we really need the Spirit to almost do twice the job for this last book.
It’s like Christ in us the hope of glory.
The first thing was to unencrypt that sentence from the Greek.
The next task is for the Holy Spirit to unencrypt the full meaning of that sentence to our lives.
The whole of Revelation is like this and as we read it we see snippets and more is revealed.

What  is Preterism for? Perhaps this is the real reason...

I wonder if the greatest function of Preterism is as JOHN Noe has said, to get people at least for now, on the leftbrain idea that He comes and comes and comes.
Young Christians seem only to be able to handle one thing at once , which is why 40,000 denominations, and getting people unhooked from a passive rapture idea, and pro actively expecting Jesus to come and come and come, is only good as far as I can see.
Then when He has fully come in individuals and churches you can frighten the now mature Preterists by saying
“ Revelation 22 and psalm 24 say
Speak to things and Welcome Him back”.
I guess in the Spirit we have to be devious like this.....
A bit like Joseph with his brothers when they came to Egypt.
But not as devious as Jesuits who secretly run everything but tell nobody.

On Automatic Gears in Cars ....
Brits don’t really like automatic gears, having probably a fixation about control. But the automatic system is a great way of explaining the vanity that creation has been subjected to.

Just as when a car meets a hill and the gear finds itself according to torque or whatever.....
So we currently function in a lower gear, but we can change things as Christians by rising higher.
If we are lazy our outer world chafes us into finding answers, if we press into God, Romans 8 says our environment changes anyway.
It’s very clever.

and continuing on the subject of disunity

There isn’t really such a thing as disunity.
That’s just a local problem in our own personal mind and heart.
DAvid prayed unite my heart to fear your name.
It’s useless trying to get CHRISTIAN harmony if half of us are walking around divided in our hearts.... we’ll make that more like 100% of us.

The church is a great antidote when they are moving in the Spirit. If people walk in Light all the little wrinkly bits start showing up.

It’s nearly impossible to get a body of Preterists to line up with things , because their unity is around leftbrain ideas and not the Living Presence of Jesus Christ.

I used to be stacked out with doctrines until Jesus largely ruined all of the

No Checks and Balances

In Formula 1 there are rules to stop the richest teams forever installing fresh car parts and engine parts. So for example Hamilton changed his gearbox too near the season start and had to start today’s race in 9th place under the penalising rule.

This “ evening up of the playing field “ was meant to be happening in business .
The question emerges how only 8 big corporations run all the worlds media, and how vital it is that media is free

In the OT, every 50 years there was a Jubilee year, which was like a reset button on Israelite society.

It is frightening that there is no regulation whatsoever on the thirteen ruling world dynasties. Game of Thrones ain’t no TV series.

Becoming Professional
It takes 10,000 hours generally speaking to become professional.
That’s 5 years of 40 hour weeks.
Be it concert pianist.
Be it virtually anything.
It doesn’t apply to doctors. Their training is longer, but partly because it is warped.
If a doctor spent as long rigorously learning medicine as an advanced naturopath but with an evidence base, rather than relying on synthetic drugs albeit with an evidence base,
we would start to have a breed of doctors that were really getting to grips with the food we eat, and the vitamins and minerals we need, with which our bodies can virtually repair most things, including cancer and diabetes.

Levitical Class
12 April 2018 08:37
Funny how we don’t take little moves seriously.
In Genesis 3 it was quite a small arm movement to the mouth followed by a crunch.
That is all it was and here we are still dying in our billions

If you so much as go one inch towards tithing you create a Levitical class.
If you go one inch towards infant baptism you create an Old Covenant distant relationship with God and destroy John 3 and being born again.
Look around you brother.
What Move of God has lasted more than 40 years?
The Galatians always enter and rob the people of God who buy into the false spirit.
The Moravians did a 100 year prayer meeting and evangelised the world. Many apostolic groups have kept on the boil, but most of them use the tithe and it is gradually killing them.
Our covenant is with God and not through any man, but we are allowed to give gifts freely.

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