Sunday 23 October 2011

Clarity Needed Here In the Body of Christ - "only our soul needs saving" ??

Hazel May LeBrun:I saw on the website that they offer counselling and life coaching and prophetic counselling... yet they obviously don't even know Jesus. They are speaking gobbledegook that has no basis in scripture. I reiterate that these people need to be rebuked soundly and publicly by other prophet/seers in the Body... because they are claiming to be that. This is sad and I marvel that those the church just eat this rat poison as if it was chocolate. I have urged the younger/newer christians especially to get into the Word... by all means, the Spirit is moving, but the Word will keep you grounded and rooted and you will recognize this kind of garbage when you see it. I've been rebuked for that too... told the scriptures aren't relevant. Um... yeah... famous last words.See more
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    •  The Seed of Christ: The Universal Good in Every Man (Just an Introduction of what is to come)

      by John Pitts Jr. on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 2:02am

      Here's what I'm working on now, all input and comments are welcomed...

      We must understand that there are no individual spirits, simply individual beams from one Light. Our individual beam of light was never lost or in need of redemption, for our Corporate Spirit was never separate from God who is the source of all light. This is seen in the fact that Eve was not formed from the dust, she was taken out of Adam, which was both male and female. Adam was a living Soul, Christ is a quickening Spirit… It was our soul that needed to be redeemed and reconciled to our Corporate Spirit, which is Christ, who was never separated from God who is Spirit. We were born unaware of the fact that we are spirit beings in flesh bodies; embracing what we experienced in flesh as identity, we fell from the reality of who we have always been; Jesus Christ awakens us to this identity!

      What we must understand that the present spiritual state of every human being is what it has always been, in Christ, but in our humanity we were unaware of it. Because of the finish work of Jesus Christ, all mankind (our humanity) has been redeemed, but not all mankind is aware of it (2 Corinthians 5:19), because they were never even aware of the need for redemption (blind/darkness). This means that all humanity is under a new order, but not all are aware or awakened to this new order (2 Corinthians 5:17). Therefore, those who are not living from spiritual identity in Christ are living under an order they are sensual aware of, which is carnality (sin and death) because that which is born of flesh is flesh, that which is born of spirit is spirit. Therefore, you must be born again (John 3); new birth (being born from above/Born of Spirit) is simply being awakened to your identity previous to the natural birth of your mother’s womb (born of flesh/born of water)

      Now, for those of us who have been awakened to this new order, new creation man (Born Again), are heralds of this good news (ministry of reconciliation). Notice, we are not called to live a life worthy to earn this divine calling; no, we are compelled to live a life worthy or reflective of this divine calling, which is our present reality whether we live from it or not (Ephesians 4:1-6)…

      More to come soon
    • Chris Welch Clarity needed here in the Body of Christ. You can see why the scriptures say..."so as if even deceive the elect." We dont see thinngs after the flesh. The wrongs and rights occur at spirit level. We were vessels of wrath. The Catholic church operating out of the mind meant that to mean our souls were rubbish bins. That was wrong. Nor was it deep enough. Vessels of wrath is at spirit level. We were containers of the spirit of the devil himself fused with our spirit. In cajoling others to "return to our original form" before the natural birth in our mothers womb, we have to be clear we preach a death. A death has to occur at the Cross of Jesus Christ who came sinless, and lived 33 years sinless, and was the Only One ever who could offer Himself as a spotless Lamb. He took away, at spirit level, the "wrath" spirit of the devil, He "took away the sin of the world". But nothing happens. The squatters remain in the house until we "see" by faith what Jesus has done, and apply His Blood personally to our physical house.As we believe in our heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, and confess with our mouths, so salvation comes to us. It is not going to church that saves us. It's not not going to church that saves us. We are believing wholly ON another's act of righteousness.Even our believing is not really any act on our part, other than opening our soiled hearts and innards to the One who brings His faith, His Presence and His Spirit. For that reason I personally am still happy with the non-scriptural "Ask Jesus into your heart", for it makes clear not even our faith comes from us.26 minutes ago ·

    • Chris Welch At some point in our Christianity our actual spirit identity has to be faced.Some like Mary Magdelan who had eight demons cast out of her,were just thankful to be alive.She came to Christ at the bottom.And you notice her spirit identity so changed that she knew ahead of time Jesus was going to be killed soon. She was one who went to the tomb and was either the first or with Jesus mother, one of the first human beings on earth to see the New Creation.Now to even move at that sensitivity you have to have had a major encounter at spirit level in your life.Notice at this stage,Peter was hardly in the running on the sensitivity stakes. What brought Peter to ground zero was the realisation that his own cocksure confidence in himself, in his spiritual identity at the core of his being was a TOTAL TOTAL load of absolute garbage, and that inreality even after 3 years high level charismatic ministry alongside Jesus under Jesus umbrella,he hadn't really learnt a thing about who he was himself. This hit him like a ton of bricks, like a freight train. He was utterly wallowing in his fallenness, when Jesus had to drill into His inner depths three times with "Peter do you love Me?". This is the thorniest,rudest seeming, most confrontative,(humanly viewed) as most insensitive thing Jesus could say. But this is how it is at spirit level. And later, this was how the Spirit of Jesus Christ later operated through Peter at Acts 2. Remember it was Peter who said, in the same probing fashion....this Jesus whom you all crucified....

    • Chris Welch So it doesnt matter how you dress things up,at some point in your Christian life sooner or later you have to face the thing you have been secretly dreading. Who are you? A vessel of what? A vessel of wrath? Or a vessel of righteousness? And if righteousness, why does my life still not function?
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