Tuesday 4 October 2011

Things you can do with video on your PC. Video Your Way!

Things  you can do when you dont or are unable to go the PHOTOSHOP route.
These things work very well on a PC

XARA      began selling logo animation around 10 years ago. They have expanded hugely and I use one of their programmes which includes animation at a basic level. The new programme includes web design.
Xara use a PC very efficiently and "non hungrily" so they have always been one of the fastest design tools out there.
Moyea Flv downloader

For example you can download  Delilah : Go  the official video , see the link here
Then do the same with my Go Video

Moyea Flv Editor Lite
Then after downloading this second free programme
Strip  the audio off the official site and place it onto mine

So after importing my video as you see here. Then drag the grey box down below where it becomes two brown rectangles one vido one audio.
Then you click at points 1,2,3.
1 unlocks the link between audio and video.
2 in the black area relaeases the two rectangles from each other
3 chooses the audio, which you either right click or go to the other menu to delete it.

Then you save thevideo in that video only format (because this is a limited free edition of programme) and import a fresh mp3 audio  at around 89p  and place it underneath. 
How you lock up both rectangles again  is by PRESSING the control button Ctr on your keyboard and clicking both rectangles  then pressing the LOCK button on the lefthand side of No . 1.
You now have your choice of video with your choice of audio!!

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